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SPiiPlus Feedback Tuning

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1 SPiiPlus Feedback Tuning
ACSPL+ Training Class SPiiPlus Feedback Tuning Copyright 2001 ACS-Tech80

2 Feedback Tuning Opening the Adjuster Tools pulldown menu
Copyright 2001 ACS-Tech80

3 Feedback Tuning The Tuning Adjustment Process
The MMI’s Adjuster is used to change gain levels and verify the resulting performance Specifications for the amplifier, motor, and encoders are set before tuning Amp, motor, and encoder specs can be loaded from existing database files. New hardware profiles can also be saved as database files. Velocity loop is tuned first, then the Position loop All characteristics of the amplifier / motor setup are saved to the non-volatile memory in the controller The setup can also be saved to a text file for backup or future reference. Copyright 2001 ACS-Tech80

4 Feedback Tuning Main Menu Tuning Procedure: Select axis to tune
Initial Values Safety Parameters System Setup Open Loop Verification Position & Velocity Loops Save to Flash and File Copyright 2001 ACS-Tech80

5 Feedback Tuning Initial Values Tuning Options:
Start from current values Copy values from a previously tuned axis Load parameters from a backup file Reset all values to factory defaults Click “Close” or “Start Adjuster” to return to Adjuster main menu Copyright 2001 ACS-Tech80

6 Feedback Tuning Safety Parameters
Shows status of limits, encoder errors, etc. Displays System Faults Set Position Errors, Motion Limits, Maximum Torque Copyright 2001 ACS-Tech80

7 Feedback Tuning System Setup:
Database menu button System Setup: When tuning is complete, parameters can be saved to database files for future use and / or system backup There are separate database files for Amplifier, Motor, & Encoder settings Copyright 2001 ACS-Tech80

8 Feedback Tuning System Setup: General Sets Single or Dual Loop mode
Dual Loop control enables Velocity Feedback tab Copyright 2001 ACS-Tech80

9 Feedback Tuning System Setup: Amplifier Set amplifier type:
Name of amplifier System Setup: Amplifier Set amplifier type: DC, 1 Input 3 Input, 2 Inputs Commutation by Controller 3 Input, 1 Input Commutation by Amp Set voltage & currents Comment field for database file Copyright 2001 ACS-Tech80

10 Feedback Tuning System Setup: Motor Motor Topology: Motor Type: Rotary
Linear Motor Type: DC Brush DC Brushless, AC Servo Copyright 2001 ACS-Tech80

11 Feedback Tuning System Setup: Position Feedback Encoder Topology:
Rotary Linear Encoder Type: Quadrature Up-Down Pulse-Direction SIN-COS Analog Input Encoder Frequency: 2.5 MHz 20 MHz 60 MHz Copyright 2001 ACS-Tech80

12 Feedback Tuning System Setup: Velocity Feedback
Only available in Dual Loop mode Copyright 2001 ACS-Tech80

13 Feedback Tuning Open Loop Verification
Enable motor and run axis at low speed Check motor & encoder wiring (direction) Check operations of limits Copyright 2001 ACS-Tech80

14 Feedback Tuning Position & Velocity Loop Menu Select mode
Start with default values Tune Velocity Loop first and then tune Position Loop Copyright 2001 ACS-Tech80

15 Feedback Tuning Velocity Loop Tuning Increase gain to tune axis
Use Velocity Gain for coarse adjustment Use Integrator Gain for fine adjustment A square wave path with a little overshoot at the leading edge is ideal Copyright 2001 ACS-Tech80

16 Feedback Tuning Position Loop Adjustment
Set expected motion profile parameters Increase position gain Copyright 2001 ACS-Tech80

17 Feedback Tuning Position Loop Adjustment
Increase Position Gain to get a smooth trapezoidal waveform Increase the Position Feed Forward Position Error can be displayed live Copyright 2001 ACS-Tech80

18 Feedback Tuning Main Menu Save to Flash Save to File Print
Saves tuning parameters into the controller’s non-volatile memory Save to File Saves axis parameters to an ASCII text file for backup Print Prints parameters as a text file Exit Adjuster Closes adjuster and goes back to MMI main menu Copyright 2001 ACS-Tech80

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