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Presentation Date Top Down Performance Management with OEM Grid Control Or how I learned to stop worrying and love OEM Grid Control 10/1/2010 John Darrah.

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1 Presentation Date Top Down Performance Management with OEM Grid Control Or how I learned to stop worrying and love OEM Grid Control 10/1/2010 John Darrah

2 © DBAK 2010 The DBA Challenge Manage complex environments –N-Tier environments with several entry points to the database or databases Manage many database environments –Fewer DBAs to manage more environments Need to respond to performance problems –DBAs must be able to track down root cause across several environments –DBAs must be able to demonstrate the problem is not database related

3 © DBAK 2010 The Past

4 © DBAK 2010 The Present

5 © DBAK 2010 How do you monitor environments? SQL Trace SQL*Plus Scripts StatsPack / AWR Third Party Monitoring Applications Users Prayer OEM (dbconsole) OEM Grid Control

6 © DBAK 2010 Which Monitoring tools are best? All of them have their place –All of the above methods have advantages and disadvantages –Use the right tool for the right situation –Dont become entirely dependent on GUIs Take a Top-Down Approach –OEM is an ideal solution for a top down tuning approach –Most of the other approaches are more suited for detailed analysis of individual problems

7 © DBAK 2010 The need for a Top Down approach In complex environments it is difficult to find the problem much less address it Database is always the performance bottleneck The good old days of client server apps (i.e easy to trace) are long gone.

8 © DBAK 2010 The WMS database is down!

9 © DBAK 2010 Top Down Approach Use Groups and dashboards to quickly identify problems in the areas you care about –Group dashboards give a high level view of targets

10 © DBAK 2010 Top Down Approach cont. Start at a high level and drill down –Quickly identify problems and drill into root cause

11 © DBAK 2010 The ERP database is down!

12 © DBAK 2010 Drilling into RAC environments

13 © DBAK 2010 Performance Tab Summary OEMs performance Page provides –High Level performance Metrics on database performance –A graphical representation of AWR data (10/11g) –Top Activity analysis and Drilldown –SQL Tuning Advisor (10/11g)

14 © DBAK 2010 OEM Performance Tab (10g)

15 © DBAK 2010 Top Activity Shows a 1-hour timeline of the top activity running on the database Displayed in 5-minute intervals Timeline graph gives the ability to look at past statements ASH and SQL Tuning available from this page

16 © DBAK 2010 Top Activity

17 © DBAK 2010 Top Consumers

18 © DBAK 2010 SQL Tuning Advisor Runs a series of what-if scenarios and data analysis to better determine plan efficiency Provides a list of suggestions weighted by % improvement Only available with 10g or 11g + Diagnostics and Tuning option

19 © DBAK 2010 SQL Tuning Advisor

20 © DBAK 2010 Our ETL ran long, what happened?

21 © DBAK 2010 Grid Control can show historical as well as real time data

22 © DBAK 2010 ASH Reporting Shows Active Session History –V$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY –DBA_HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HIST The Same report can be run from SQL*Plus –OEM Takes care of formatting and parameters

23 © DBAK 2010 ASH Reporting

24 © DBAK 2010 A Note about 8i and 9i Databases Requires additional setup –See section 10.3 of advanced configuration guide Lacks ADDM, AWR, ASH Still provides valuable information to a DBA

25 © DBAK 2010 8i and 9i Cont Snapshots of a SQL statement

26 © DBAK 2010 The web servers are crashing! Whats wrong with the database?!

27 © DBAK 2010 Interdependent Targets are grouped into Systems Different targets that fulfill a business need –Host –Database –Listener –Web servers –Load Balancer All of the targets must be available to service the system

28 © DBAK 2010 Services can monitor Systems in OEM Create Tests that run synthetic transactions Determine the availability of a service –Critical system component availability –Service availability Beacons can test service availability and performance from many locations –Internal –External Beacons give visibility to end user experience

29 © DBAK 2010 Service Test Example

30 © DBAK 2010 AD4J expands Grid Controls abilities AD4J stands for advanced Diagnostics for Java Provides the ability to inspect JVM heaps –Memory Leak detection Provides the ability to profile individual threads Provides the ability to tie a thread to a database session Fully integrated into Grid Control as of OEM 11 Service Tests and Beacons provide the what, AD4J provides the why

31 © DBAK 2010 AD4J Dashboard

32 © DBAK 2010 AD4J Active Thread Trace

33 © DBAK 2010 Beyond Performance Monitoring Performance monitoring it crucial but does not provide a complete solution –Look at present and past activities, not a look ahead –It is reactive –Tactical The complete IT shop needs to look forward as well –Capacity planning –Operational budgeting

34 © DBAK 2010 Beyond Performance Monitoring (cont) OEM Grid Control repository is essentially an ODS –Performance Metrics gathered from all targets –Configuration information about targets –Utilization regarding Targets Data from the OEM repository can be mined –What is the average utilization of the EBS servers? How is that utilization trending? –What is my breakout of different models of servers? Sun Op Center takes this concept further

35 © DBAK 2010 The Future OEM Grid Control will continue to evolve –Many recent Acquisitions will be woven into the OEM brand / framework Sun Op Center Oracle will continue to improve on the end to end top down vision monitoring solution –RUEI –Op Center

36 © DBAK 2010 Questions John Darrah

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