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This presentation … …is a starting point to help you present High On Info Services & its multiple offerings as a solution for your organization. ….If you.

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Presentation on theme: "This presentation … …is a starting point to help you present High On Info Services & its multiple offerings as a solution for your organization. ….If you."— Presentation transcript:

1 This presentation … …is a starting point to help you present High On Info Services & its multiple offerings as a solution for your organization. ….If you have questions about our business or benefits, please contact any ….We are High On Information & Technology Pvt. Ltd. (High On Info) based at India aiming to become preferred solution provider for SME Segment for their IT & Advisory needs

2 What is High on… We are a software company, specializes in software research and product development. We provide end-to-end business solutions that leverage technology comprehensive & out of box thinking ideas. Aim to achieve Experience, Not just another solution - At High on Info, we aim to achieve results that allow you to transform, rather than just maintain, your process & operations. Our IT services, business solutions, Product Solutions and outsourcing aims to connect to you a level of experience, no other competitor can match. You can experience your requirements being met not just on time but within budget and high on quality; means greater efficiency and responsiveness to your business; allowing you to shift investment to strategic initiatives rather than tactical functions. From aligning your IT needs to your business needs and providing an end-to-end strategy for transforming your enterprise, High On Info has the experience and expertise that you need.

3 What for we stand different... 1.Our Global Project Management & Delivery Model 2.Our Solution Enhancers… 3.Knowledge Enhancement & upgradation tools 4.Network & Partner Alliances 5.Web & Cloud Computing based platforms

4 Our Global Project Management & Delivery Model (GPMDM) TM With This unified delivery framework, We are able to Understand, analyze and identify key requirement & Key needs of the Client Arrange resources, Identify technology and estimate time for the project Select, Discuss & Close best Strategy suited to your most important business considerations, e.g., cost optimization, risk mitigation, Operational Efficiency & end Client satisfaction… Dramatcally improve in Service Quality and get assured of the highest quality of service regardless of the mix of services, technologies and locations. Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of solution by managing different streams such as Client Requirement, Discussion & Analysis, IT infrastructure services, Project Closure, etc. What for we stand different...

5 Our Solution Enhancers… We track domain and technology trends and address the most critical client needs through specific frameworks or methodologies We are in the process of becoming preferred alliance partner for leading IT product and platform companies, including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, IBM and HP, among others. With intimate knowledge of their technologies and products, we aim to get our confidence in our service delivery model Projects are conceptualized, finalized & delivered only through a unified delivery framework, which includes a knowledge management system with learning from past projects. The success of our delivery models is an encouragement of our aim to create knowledge assets from new projects that will benefit clients in the future What for we stand different...

6 Knowledge Enhancement & upgradation tools We aim to become what you expects…We are continuously engaging our resources to upgrade their knowledge, skill sets & learning's to offers you research-based solutions in leading-edge technologies that will help you meet your IT expectations and support business objectives. Our Knowledge enhancement mechanism have following components Continuous & on the floor Training Client survey, meetings & analysis Research, New Technology surveys, analysis & testing Increasing investments in Copy rights, patents & trademarks Market need assessments & relative analysis What for we stand different...

7 Network & Partner Alliances We have are in the process of continuously building strong network of strategic and solution partners & engaging experienced expert of respective fields & consultants with a joint objective of helping its customers become high-performance businesses by maximizing the value of their technology investments. Web & Cloud Computing based platforms Most of our applications support Cloud Computing model, the theme of current Software development. Our SaaS model for few of our applications makes it easier for the organisation to reduce dependency on legacy applications without increasing cost of ownership. What for we stand different...

8 Services & Offerings Overview

9 We are present in following areas of your critical need… E-Business Consulting Software Consulting Application Developments in Cloud computing environment Web Design, Development & Hosting Solutions Onshore & Offshore Development Teams Some of our product offering includes… Document Management Solution (DMS) Zigdocs Document Management Solution (DMS) Zigdocs Human Resource Management Solution HighonHRIS Human Resource Management Solution HighonHRIS Integrated Real Estate Company Management Solution HighRE Integrated Real Estate Company Management Solution HighRE Reverse Auction Enabler HighRA Reverse Auction Enabler HighRA

10 Products Overview

11 Document Management Software - Zigdocs No more traditional file cabinets and Windows network folders Find documents or files quickly when you need them Stop losing files and eliminate duplicates Easily track old versions and automate workflows and processes Keep files secure in a single central vault accessible at any time Document Comments & Reviews made easy Improve efficiency and increase productivity and customer satisfaction by getting control of your documents and information

12 Human Resource Information System- HRIS Centralizes, consolidates, and integrates core HR information into a definitive employee system-of-record simplify the decision making process Curtails time and cost consuming activities leading to a more efficient HR department Reduces paper trail and create more productive and conducive work culture Scalable & integration with Oracle & SAP ERP Valuable option for organizations that looks for a centralized, integrated and cost effective solution

13 Integrated Real Estate Company Solution - HighRE Improved accountability. Financial visibility & Fund Flow planning Improved collaboration Online status updations of key developments from source users Project overview enhancing decision making process & Improved use of available resources Quick MIS & clear communication enabling faster project completion Imperative for mid to large size Real Estate Companies doing multiple projects at Multi locations simaltenously

14 Reverse Auction Enabler - HighRA Reduce Corruption & mala-fide practices Revolutionize Material Sourcing Faster & Easier to handle Vendor mischief sweeping improvement on Cost bargains & far reaching reduction in revenue slippages Better & timely work flow management Clearly communicated quality standard & specifications streamlines sourcing hiccups A must for any size Real Estate Company looking to improve it ROI & operational efficiency cutting nuisance of middle management

15 Free tech support : – Toll-free phone support (10 am-5.30 pm IST time) – E-mail & Chat support – Submit and track support within our Product helpmenu & Delivery Model – Support will respond within 1 business day On the site support wherever required About our Technical Support

16 Few of our Satisfied Clients…

17 Experience – Experience of more than 6 years in the Industry, in business since 2005 – Domain Knowledge of multiple industries like Real Estate & Constructions, Financial Services, Hospital & Schools, – More than 30 satisfied Clients across industries Reach us at – 309, Gateway Plaza, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai – 76 – 21, Hassan Ali Building, J.D. Lane, Behind Videocon House, Fort, Mumbai - 1 Visit us at Follow us at – www.facebook/highoninfo www.facebook/highoninfo – www.linkedin/highoninfo www.linkedin/highoninfo – www.twitter/highoninfo www.twitter/highoninfo More Information about us

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