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Adams Life by Adam Smith. Adams Life by Adam Smith.

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1 Adams Life by Adam Smith

2 Adams Life by Adam Smith


4 My goal My dad and I wanted to fix cars. If we fix cars, then we wont have to pay for the labor.


6 Fixing cars Dad and I had a hard time with the water pump in my sisters car. It took about six hours to get it all done.


8 My Mom & Dad My mom and dad have known each other for thirteen years and have been married for seven years. My dad is not my birth dad, but l love him like he is my real dad. My name is Adam Smith and I am seventeen years old. I have a 2002 Chevy S-10 with 135,897 miles. My moms car is a 2013 Chevy Equinox with 10,000 miles. It is whisper quiet. My car the, S-10, ROARS and BOOMS!


10 My dad My dad has a 1988 corvette with 30,000 miles this car runs like a rocket. Someday it will be mine.


12 My dog I have a two year old English Pointer. His name is Bo Bo or little Bo or just Bo. He is my best friend.


14 My interests I have been going hunting since I was twelve years old. I never got a deer yet, but I did get a squirrel. My favorite time hunting was last year when I went with my grandpa. He will be 73 years old this year. He doesnt hunt anymore because he has a hard time breathing.


16 My Trade My mom hated the kitchen when we moved into our new house so, I decided to go into construction trades program at my school. Now I can redo a kitchen. All the cabinets look brand new, and we did the cabinets, floors and walls. It looks awesome.


18 My house My living room had this old dirty carpet. After we lived there for three years, we replaced the old carpeting with colorful new carpeting. It is very nice.


20 My sisters room My sister painted her room with pink, blue and green strips. The floor was all green with paint splatters and foot prints. My sister changed the colors and flooring of her room. It has a bamboo colored flooring and the walls are an earthy color. Now it is my room.


22 Mom and Dads room My mom and dads bedroom is very nice. They have a new bedroom set, a queen sized bed, and they got new carpet and a new TV. They could sleep there for a whole year because the room is so comfortable. I hope you enjoyed reading about my family, interests and my trade.

23 Author page Adam Smith is a junior at the Lawrence County Career and Technical Center. Adam is enrolled in the construction trades program. Adam is from the Union Area School District.

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