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Premium Wall Shelving & Storage Easy to Install – Tough to Beat Commercial.

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2 Premium Wall Shelving & Storage Easy to Install – Tough to Beat Commercial

3 Versatile, Stylish, Economical Commercial Lifetime Shelving & Storage for Work, Home & School Wall Shelving With Timeless Options

4 Patented Design & Engineered Commercial 11 Gauge Steel, 3.05mm Commercial Lifetime Shelving & Storage for Work, Home & School

5 Powder Coated Durability Lateral 6mm Support Wires every 4 Commercial Lifetime Shelving & Storage for Work, Home & School

6 1-800-689-9055 TrakRack Products are Great For: Commercial Builders Office Work Areas Retail Outlets Storage Facilities Warehouse Managers Laboratories Facility Managers Homeowners Residential Builders Garage Door Dealers Professional Organizers Schools & Dorms Lumberyards Professionals

7 1-800-689-9055 Closets Pantries TrakRack Goes Anywhere! Garages Basements Play & Media Rooms Clean Rooms Warehouses Libraries Studios & Condos Utility Rooms Offices & Work Stations Foyers Laboratories Dorm Rooms Retail Stores File Rooms

8 1-800-689-9055 The TrakRack Advantage Easy to Install Only the top rail is secured to the wall Vertical rails slide into place that you determine Vertical rails are coupled to each other NOT screwed into the wall like competitors Easy to Change

9 1-800-689-9055 The TrakRack Advantage Built for Strength and Durability Mount inside Steel Buildings Competitively Priced Versatile Design 1200-1500 lbs on 20 brackets on 24 inch centers No walls, no holes, no worry

10 1-800-689-9055 The TrakRack Advantage Easy to change configurations Hang clothes rods from all brackets Absolutely stronger than products available in the big box retail stores

11 1-800-689-9055 Easy to Install Install the horizontal rail by simply using a drill, everything else just slips into place. The heavy duty horizontal rail is designed to anchor into top wall plates of wood, metal studs, masonry or concrete. 1/4 mounting holes are positioned every 8

12 1-800-689-9055 The Vertical Rails The vertical rails attach to the horizontal support with one simple step. Engineered for a secure fit Use as adjustable studs Able to mount complimentary products, ie; pegboard, plywood backboards & many organizational components

13 1-800-689-9055 Vertical Extensions Extensions are available to accommodate any height you desire. Vertical rails are 2 ft. and 4 ft. in length Extensions come in 2 ft. and 4 ft. lengths Extensions are coupled together not screwed into your wall Mix & match for any wall height

14 1-800-689-9055 Multi Purpose Brackets Lock in Place Brackets come in three sizes to accommodate 12, 16 and 20 shelving. Brackets can be turned over in a downward angle & shelves reversed for a display layout

15 1-800-689-9055 Also Available: Closet Rod hangers fit all brackets in both flat and display positions Cabinet Brackets for hanging cabinets Bracket Clips for mounting wood, metal, melamine and even glass shelving.

16 1-800-689-9055 Competitors 48 wire shelf on TrakRack 16 brackets & verticals adjusted to a 40 span. Sturdy Construction No other wall shelving on the market can beat the strength and durability of TrakRack. This is how a competitor holds two 36-pound cinder blocks using only two brackets,

17 1-800-689-9055 TrakRack – Built Tough And this is how TrakRack handles two 36-pound cinder blocks on our two brackets:

18 1-800-689-9055 TrakRack – Built Strong

19 1-800-689-9055 TrakRack – Built To Last (8 blocks @ 36 lbs each = 288 lbs, 40 span.)

20 1-800-689-9055 Horizontal Rail, 3.05 mm vs 1.897 mm 11 gauge vs 14 gauge Vertical Rails, 2.656 mm vs 1.897 mm 12 gauge vs 14 gauge 1.25 x 1.25 vs 1 x 1 Brackets, solid 3.05 mm vs rolled 1.897 mm Positioned in either flat or display mode vs N/A Adaptable to wood, metal & glass shelves vs N/A Wires are oversized 4 & 6 mm vs 2 & 4 mm Lateral Wire spacing every 4 vs 6 TrakRack vs Competiton

21 1-800-689-9055 Now You Have A Choice! Big Retail Box Competitor TrakRack

22 1-800-689-9055 Competitively Priced Lets take an 8 wall and install 3 rows of wire shelving.

23 1-800-689-9055 4064 78 Parts List @ MSRP (1)40 Horizontal Rail @ $11.42 ea. (1) 64 Horizontal Rail @$16.00 ea. (Must cut off 6 to make 8 wall) (18)16 brackets @ $5.70 ea. (6)48 X 16 shelves @ $22.82 ea. (6) 78 verticals at $18.26 ea. 32 pieces total: $376.50 The Competition (Theirs only go 6 down the wall.)

24 1-800-689-9055 Parts List @ MSRP (1) 96 Horizontal Support Rail @ $20.00 ea. (9)16 Brackets @ $7.00 ea. (3) 96 X 16 shelves @ $38.50 ea. (3) 48 verticals @ $11.00 ea. (3) 48 extensions and couplers @ $15.00 ea. 19 pieces total $276.50 13 fewer parts and $100 less! The TrakRack Way 96

25 1-800-689-9055 Drop Ceiling with Metal Studs or Wood Top Plate? Secure Mounting In All Applications

26 1-800-689-9055 Why Pay More for a Lower-Quality Product? What Can TrakRack Hang For You?

27 1-800-689-9055 TrakRack Commercial Easy to Install Sturdy Construction Competitively Priced Re-Usable

28 1-800-689-9055 TrakRack Commercial Architects Commercial & Residential Builders Homeowners & Re-Modelers Professional Organizers Developers & Property Managers Garage Door Dealers Lumberyards Storage Facilities Warehouse Managers Schools & Hospitals TrakRack Is Your Wall Attachment System Our Main Feature … We Hang Things On Walls For:

29 1-800-689-9055 TrakRack Commercial TrakRack Is Your Wall Attachment System Our Best Advantage is our readiness to Custom fit from the factory We ask the Questions, Which makes the most sense when trying to meet a $100 Budget? 1.$75. 00 of materials + $25. 00 labor ? 2.$50. 00 of materials + $50. 00 labor ? 3. Extra time to trim + wasted materials paid for but never used ? 4. A finished product that appears seamless or one of many pieces? 5. Custom vs field fit ? TrakRack gives you more product for your investment.

30 1-800-689-9055 TrakRack Commercial TrakRack Is Your Wall Attachment System Our Best Advantage is our readiness to Custom fit from the factory Installation is clean and quick More of your money stays in the project Value can be appreciated by occupants. Most importantly TrakRack systems allow for future modification to switch from wire to solid shelving without changing brackets TrakRack will fabricate custom sizes per project resulting in substantial savings for man hour installation and eliminating extra freight charges & waste

31 Filling the need of home builders, owners & re-modelers, commercial developers & property managers, universities, research centers & hospitals Commercial TrakRack is a product that more people need to have in their hands; that is what makes the difference, their personal satisfaction & excitement will help spread the word.

32 Now is the Time … Space is Getting More & More Expensive. TrakRack economically increases square footage for storage & lets you maintain control of your custom space for the future! Commercial

33 Your clean & efficient solution for organizing areas at home, work & school. For More Information visit: or call: 1-800-689-9055 Bruce Cloud, Jr. Commercial, General Manager Commercial Lifetime Shelving & Storage for Work, Home & School

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