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Ice-O-Matic, Denver Colorado As part of our commitment to the global environment, Ice-O-Matic is devoted to sustainability in every aspect of our business.

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2 Ice-O-Matic, Denver Colorado As part of our commitment to the global environment, Ice-O-Matic is devoted to sustainability in every aspect of our business. Ultimately, to offset the carbon footprint of our factory in Denver, we use recycled materials in our packaging and manufacturing, and also recycle our industrial and office waste products. More importantly, we also plant a tree for every ice machine we sell, to contribute to the reforestation of key regions throughout the world. Our goal is to plant 150,000 trees through our Green Releaf program by partnering with the Global Releaf organization.

3 Ice-O-Matic, Denver Colorado In just a couple of months we will plant enough trees to offset the entire carbon footprint of our factory, and by the end of our program we will have planted enough trees to absorb the CO2 emissions from more than 15 factories like Ice-O-Matic each year. Trees reduce topsoil erosion, prevent harmful land pollutants from getting into our waterways, and replace air pollutants with fresh, clean oxygen. Over one year, an acre of trees absorbs the same amount of carbon dioxide as that produced by driving a car 26,000 miles.

4 Ice-O-Matic, Denver Colorado A single mature tree can absorb carbon dioxide at a rate of 48 lb. per year. That means by reaching our goal of planting 150,000 trees, Ice-O-Matic will reduce the carbon dioxide in our air by more than 7 million pounds a year! Now, you can do your part to help the environment when you buy an Ice-O-Matic ice machine.

5 Reliable Performance Carefree Operation Practical Design

6 Reliable Performance Built strong for long-lasting durability, our industry-leading features give you one of the most reliable machines available in the market today.

7 Reliable Performance Simple, time-tested components which increase reliability and make it simple to maintain because we do not use expensive computer boards or diagnostics.

8 Reliable Performance Improved energy efficiency and ice production. Ice-O-Matic was the first company to integrate a harvest assist technology to ensure consistent, reliable performance year after year.

9 Reliable Performance Weve refined the art of plating evaporators, which is one of the key components of Ice-O-Matics reliability. Electroless nickel plating resists the damaging effects of water and ice over an extended period of time. Thats why we offer the industrys only 7-year evaporator warranty when you participate in our water-filter program, (available in the U.S. and Canada).

10 The Enodis EnerLogic seal identifies machines that offer maximum ice production with minimal kilowatts per hour and water usage. The result is reduced operating costs over the life of the ice maker. Reliable Performance

11 This free feature includes a corrosion- resistant coating to extend the life of the remote condenser. Rather than charging for corrosion protection like our competitors, we provide this as a standard feature on all ice cube remote condensers.

12 We believe the ice machine should be your silent partner, working every day to provide you with high volumes of crystal clear, pure ice without a lot of maintenance. In fact, weve integrated several convenient features so you dont have to give too much thought. Carefree Operation

13 PURE ICE You get PURE ICE from every cube ice maker we build, because we integrate Agion antimicrobial into key food zone areas to reduce slime and bacterial growth inside the machine. When combined with our exclusive water filter program we offer the only 7-year evaporator warranty in the industry (U.S. and Canada only). Carefree Operation

14 Our cube ice makers incorporate an oversized condenser which is designed to operate without a restrictive air filter. Youll never have to change a clogged filter again.

15 Ice-O-Matic With a simple, 3-step cleaning and sanitizing procedure its easy to keep your Ice-O-Matic machine looking and running like new. Carefree Operation

16 F.A.S.T. 866-PURE-ICE Our F.A.S.T. Network provides factory- trained technicians for prompt, professional support when you need it most. 24/7 Support 866-PURE-ICE Carefree Operation

17 What makes an Ice-O-Matic machine better? Our customers will tell you that its the best value on the market, but we think its our practical, no nonsense design that makes a difference to you every day. Practical Design

18 Our convenient friction hinge holds the bin door open while scooping ice. Its like having three hands! Youll appreciate it every time you open the bin.

19 Practical Design Ice-O-Matic storage bins include built-in scoop holders which means youll never have to dig through the ice to find the scoop again.

20 Practical Design A FREE optional feature on many of our cube ice makers, its ideal for tight-fitting spaces. Top-air discharge eliminates the need for side air-flow clearances by directing the exhaust air out the top of the machine.

21 Practical Design The New ICE Series cube ice makers include a revolutionary cabinet design that provides full access to all components with the removal of only two simple fasteners. Its genius!

22 Practical Design Ice-O-Matic machines are 1 to 3 inches lower profile than most competitors; a feature that comes in handy for tight spaces.

23 Product Line Review

24 Sizes of 175-2200 Lbs. Daily Production Full or Half Cube Configuration PURE ICE ® Antimicrobial Harvest Assist Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Inside and Out Top Air Discharge (Free Option up to 600 lbs.)

25 400-772 lbs. daily production 32-48 widths available Slow-Melting, Quality ICE Perfect For Medical, Restaurant and Other Applications

26 488-2376 lbs. daily production Combine With Any Size Bin To Meet All Your Application Needs Slow-Melting, Flake ICE Perfect For Medical And Restaurant Applications

27 745-1345 lbs. daily production Modular Application Soft, Chewable Ice Form Highest Consumer Ratings Retains Drink Flavor Increased Customer Loyalty & Sales Stainless Auger/Bearing Design

28 255 – 1866 lbs. storage Easy-Hold hinge keeps the door open while you scoop ice. Built-in scoop holders Tight-sealing doors and Polyethylene Bin Liners improve ice preservation Height Adjustable Legs Large Door Openings Low Bin Profiles & Easy Ice Access

29 120-180 lb. Storage Stainless Steel Cabinets Fingerprint-Proof Dispensing Areas Easy Cleaning Access Available in 22 & 30–Inch Widths 30-Inch Dispenser Available With Water Filler Coin / Token Mechanism

30 Auto-Rotate Provides Reliable ICE Dispensing Direct-Dispense Ensures ICE Hits The Glass Every Time Quick-Stop Prevents Overflow



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