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NEW RADAR Translated by Colin Morley:

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2 NEW RADAR Translated by Colin Morley:

3 Here are the new radar devices we will be seeing soon. Rear ViewFront View Not only do they record your speed, but also the distance between vehicles.

4 Gendarmeries New « in car « radar Be sure not to overtake grey Renault MODUS and C 3s

5 Automatic Radars The government promised them this summer and - Theyve arrived!. The new generation of radars is Being rolled out across Frances major roads. More compact and more accurate, most of these devices are capable of multiple functions.

6 The New Generation is here... Determined to decrease the 4 000 annual road death toll in France, Prime Minister, François FILLON, announced the rollout of 500 new radars commencing in 2008. The total number of radars would thereby be increased to 2 000. In the course of this innovation the government asked the road safety authorities to improve the accuracy of radar devices. Company profits or real road safety? Sagem, still in charge of installing state radars has devised a new generation of automatic safety devices to catch you out.

7 MESTA Series 2000 Mesta 2000 Ultra-compact fixed camera placed alongside a main route or motorway.

8 MESTA Series 2200 Mesta 2200 Small, aesthetic modular cabinet, can be placed on a pole, a gantry or a bridge. The Mesta 2200 can be found in almost any roadside situation. trick cabinets – Identical in appearance to the Mesta 2000 and 2200 may also be in place. But beware, in some of these versions, it is possible to incorporate a mobile speed camera.

9 MESTA Series 3000 The biggest innovation is the installation of 50 specialised radar devices for the detection of traffic violations such as failure to keep at a safe distance, failing to stop at a red traffic light or ignoring a Stop sign. Very compact, these new generation devices can be positioned almost anywhere, including level crossing barriers and traffic lights. The Mesta 3000 developed by Sagem Defence is illustrated.

10 MESTA Series 1000 Mobile speed cameras are coming of age with the Mesta 1000 range, specially conceived to measure the speed of different types of road vehicles. (light vehicles, goods vehicles and motorcycles). It is guaranteed breakdown free over several million detections by its creators, and uses the very latest in speed detection technology : high definition licence plate definition day and night, very high capacity memory, wireless connection (WiFi), etc. An incomparable weapon for its compactness and discretion. Carried in the rear of Police or Gendarmerie estate cars, it can keep four lanes under surveillance with settings between10 and 300 km/h.

11 Because they are effective, The motorway police use them Because they are effective, The motorway police use them


13 This is the HEAVY artillery !!! This device is capable of recording your speed from the side, while being overtaken, while approaching from the opposite direction and from behind and of course when stationary at the side of the road – and in either direction. In future if an Audi S4 follows you doggedly... If you are sure of yourself, dont panic; if you panic, you could be close to committing an offence. So be extra careful, pay attention...!!!


15 And soon devices will be fitted to motorcyles ! The forces of law and order have boundless imagination. We already recognise their patrol cars issued with radar, now its the turn of the motorcycle police to carry this portable equipment. This follows the lead of the Belgian police who have just brought specially adapted bikes into service on the E40 and E411 motorways. These Honda Pan European bikes, distinguishable by the flashing light at front left are equipped with a camera relayed to a central computer recording traffic infringements. Dont get too complacent though. France has already bought five of these spy motorcycles.



18 Happy and Safe Motoring ! Forward this to all your English friends in France. Translation by Colin Morley services/

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