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21 st Century Archives: Architecting the Future Adam Jansen, CRM, MIT, MCP, CDIA DKives Consulting NDPP -- Mar 2009.

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1 21 st Century Archives: Architecting the Future Adam Jansen, CRM, MIT, MCP, CDIA DKives Consulting NDPP -- Mar 2009



4 Washington State Digital Archives 80+ million public records in the system 950 Researchers per day 130+ foreign countries in one month 25 categories of records (land, court, photos, web pages, email, audio recordings) 550 state web pages spidered – 2.5 Million web files 99.99+% Uptime 3300 state and local agencies as potential customers

5 Standards Driven Open Archival Information System – ISO Standard for electronic records archiving DOD 5015.2 – ISO Standard for Records Management Applications InterPARES – International effort to define requirements for e-archiving INCITS/V1 committee for OpenXML

6 DA Responsibilities Negotiate and accept records from producers Control to level needed for long term Understand target audience Ensure independence, understandable FOLLOW DOCUMENTED PROCESS Make records accessible

7 What is Archiving in the Electronic Age? Protecting machine readable records of enduring legal, historical or fiscal value from loss, alteration, deterioration and technological obsolescence in a environment independent from that which produced the record.

8 Shifting Media Historically records were stored on paper, kept in filing cabinets – When the cabinet was full, records sent to file room Now records stored electronically on computers – When the computer is full – add more hard drives Basic skills to manage and maintain records have been lost, replaced by infinite storage

9 So the question becomes… who takes care of the records, and do they have the knowledge?


11 Brick and Mortar Delivery Loading Dock Processing Area The Stacks Research Room


13 Records Transportation Preferred method is Internet delivery – Can be VERY slow Also accept on optical, hard drive, tape Have multiple layers of politics to satisfy Large number of small files creates problems Provide removable media devices to partner/clients

14 10 TB transfer example FIREWIRE800 @ 100MBS = 27.8 Hours FIREWIRE400 @ 50MBS = 55.6 Hours USB 1.1 @ 1.5 MBS = 1851.9 Hours USB 2.0 @ 60 MBS = 46.3 Hours SATA 1 @ 150 MBS = 18.5 Hours SATA 2 @ 300 MBS = 9.3 Hours LTO2 @ 30 MBS = 92.6 Hours SDLT 320 @ 16 MBS = 173.6 Hours Magneto Optical @10 MBS = 277.8 Hours

15 PDI Example Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection: Connection-specific DNS Suffix. : Description........... : Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Physical Address......... : 00-0D-60-3C-22-34 DHCP Enabled.... : Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled.... : Yes IP Address............ : Subnet Mask........... : Default Gateway......... : DHCP Server........... : DNS Servers........... :, Primary WINS Server....... : Secondary WINS Server...... : Lease Obtained.......... : Tuesday, August 23, 2005 8:34:25 AM Lease Expires.......... : Thursday, September 22, 2005 8:34:25 AM


17 Landing Pad Data must be clean Quarantine and recheck Outside of permanent repository Ease to send, not remove Provide secure storage until processing


19 Clean and Prep Records Verify records for completeness Send rejects back to agency Assemble records for ingestion Create/note missing metadata Workflow for file conversion – Preservation file format – Presentation file format Move into database, backup



22 Archival Storage Receive Data – Move to permanent storage Expect frequency – Confirmation and location Manage Storage – Based on policy, statistics – Monitor error logs – Ease of expanse, growth on demand Replace Media – Sampling – Life expectancy, technology changes

23 Management of Storage Store records in open, non-proprietary method The only constant is change Maintain authenticity, integrity Allow for future migration, conversion MUST be easy to expand and change Flexibility is the key!!!



26 17 th Century So long as men can breath, and eyes can see, So long lives this, and this gives life to thee. -William Shakespeare, Sonnet XVIII (1609) 21 st Century As long as the media is still readable, a drive available, the software can be loaded, the hardware still runs and file can be found!

27 Questions? Adam Jansen

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