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Data Center Relocation Can Be a Moving Experience Rob Lyons Consultant, Resilient Systems, Inc.

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1 Data Center Relocation Can Be a Moving Experience Rob Lyons Consultant, Resilient Systems, Inc.

2 Data Center Relocation Applies equally to various office infrastructures Back-office servers Network routers, switches, gateways Telephone systems Desktop systems

3 Data Center Relocation Up-front planning is the key The farther ahead you know the details, The fewer and shorter disruptions you will have. 12-18 months is a good target

4 Data Center Relocation Move team partnership Facilities - computers are office equipment, like desks and chairs IS services - phones, computers, and printers – just about everything that has a wire to it Victims - unless its on their desk, they don't want to know things changed Coordinator - official organizer and keeper of the plan

5 Data Center Relocation Relocation costs in perspective Estimated that over 40% of a companies employees move in a year It costs around $1000 to move an employee IT relocation can be much higher when we factor in security, power, A/C, network wiring, fire protection

6 Data Center Relocation 1. Simple tote and cable - also call "flash cut 2. Shift replicated resources 3. Leapfrog through data replication 4. Treat move as a mock disaster 5. Multi-site clustering allows rolling relocation

7 Data Center Relocation 1. Tote and cable Works best when scheduled downtime is plentiful Consists of Shutdown Un-cable Carry it to the destination Plug it in Start it back up Used for workstations, single user or test systems

8 Data Center Relocation Destination site needs Power Capacity (UPS) Connector type Cable length Climate A/C capacity Humidity requirements User access Screen, keyboard, work surface Network Special (FDDI, F/C, modem lines)

9 Data Center Relocation Best practice: Label and mark all previously used connectors Make full data backup to protect from mechanical failures Document verification tasks to know when system is done

10 Data Center Relocation Gotcha's Cabinets need to fit through doors, halls, and vehicles Network routers must be updated for new location Operations responsibility transition (backup, reboot, access) There is no easy fall-back solution since the previous room is empty

11 Data Center Relocation 2. Shift replicated resources Implemented through the use of redundant services which are placed on an extended network that spans both old and new sites Desirable where network can bridge sites and permit multiple concurrent functions Internet proxy server Print server DNS or DHCP server Redundant web servers

12 Data Center Relocation Best practice: Test with limited accessibility before enabling general public Keep old server available for a few days in case fall-back is needed Short term rentals may reduce costs - rental can be used as live system while real system is moved to destination

13 Data Center Relocation Gotcha's Some users may have set a specific IP address Watch for performance changes due to new network topology

14 Data Center Relocation 3. Leapfrog with data replication Based on storage controller ability to construct and maintain a remote copy Short downtime needed to change IP address and location of disk master copy of data Based on the idea that the key part of the move is getting the data to the new site Preferred for use with database servers or mail server

15 Data Center Relocation

16 Best practice: Use automated scripts, if possible, to effect the storage configuration steps Create and hold full backup at original site for protection until new site is fully operational

17 Data Center Relocation 4.Treat move as a mock disaster Schedule annual DR test to be full function relocation May require extensive hardware investment or rented systems

18 Data Center Relocation Best practice: Separate physical relocation from cut-over where possible Couple technology advancements that will not create high risk Test new system under simulated load prior to switch-over Use incremental back-up on previous copy of data to minimize downtime System freeze window for application changes

19 Data Center Relocation 5. Multi-site clustering allows rolling relocation Based on O/S ability to maintain remote copy of data with simultaneous access from both sites. Zero downtime Prior preparation used to make single member RAID1 sets

20 Data Center Relocation

21 Best practices: Set initial system parameters manually to match old settings rather than use automatic tuning Schedule cluster member reboot to clear old device names Watch network traffic shift for any new bottlenecks

22 Data Center Relocation General Server Relocation Milestones Move preparation Inventory systems Label used ports & external cables Construct drawing of system at initial and destination location Verify new site has all connections and that they are operational

23 Data Center Relocation Physical move tasks Perform full backup Perform orderly shutdown (log system output) Break down configuration into transportable units Install available shipping brackets Attach inventory labels to each unit Move units out

24 Data Center Relocation Physical move tasks (cont.) Locate and organize units at destination Inspect units for damage or handling issues Position equipment for re-installation Re-cable units Perform basic health checks Verify environmental considerations Initiate startup (capture system output to a log files) Verify system is operational

25 Data Center Relocation Final thoughts If you must fall-back, you have still gained the knowledge of what it takes to succeed next time If the system mostly works, it is usually better to fix the few issues than it is to fall-back and do it all over again

26 Data Center Relocation Questions

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