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D.G.M. Distribution Laboratory Products We here for you !

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2 D.G.M. Distribution Laboratory Products We here for you !

3 Our Products Range General Lab Products Analytical Products Environmental Products Clinical Products Material Testing Products Chemical - Products

4 Glasswares & Consumables ST – Components Stopcocks Stoppers Clamps and Stands Scaffolding and supports Spatulas, Scoops and Crucibles Pyknometers Hydrometers Viscometers Liquid Handling Burettes Pipettes Cylinders Flasks (Iodine Filter) Vacuum Filtration Bottles Tubes Centrifuge Tubes Funnels Sedimentation Cones / Gas Analysis Homogenizers / Distillation Apparatus Chromatography Columns Mortars & Pestles Crucibles / Watch Glasses Evaporating Dishes Bags, Racks, Baskets & Trays Slide Storage, Brushes & Vials Burners, Tapes & Labels Laboratory Accessories

5 Analytical Products Autoclaves Balances Baths / Circulators Blenders Block Heaters & Climate Cabinets Freezers / Evaporators Air Compressors Gas Generators Vacuum Systems Centrifuges Incubators Ovens / Magnetic Stirrers Vortex Meter / Shakers Hot Plates / Overhead Stirrers Refractrometers Polarimeters & Laminar Flow Cabinets Petroleum and Oil Testing Process Instrumentation Rheological Instruments

6 Environmental Products pH Measurements Conductivity Meters TDS Meters ORP Meters Combination Meters Salinity Meters Turbidity Meters Chemical Test Kits Photometers Dissolved Oxygen Meter Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) Meter Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Meter Thermometers Thermohygrometers Process Instruments Accessories Weather & Analytical Instruments

7 Clinical Products Clinical Consumables Biochemistry Products Cytology - Dyes / Stains - Slides - Microscopes Histology - Blades, Waxes - Paraffin Section Mounting Bath Hematology - Blood Grouping Reagents - Hemocytometers - Tourniquets - Blood Refrigerator / Centrifuge Microbiology - Petri Dishes, Microtitre Plates - Culture Tubes, Inoculating Loopa - Colony Counters Test Strips / Test Kits - Serology and Pregnancy Kits - Blood Glucose Tests Immuno – Diagnostics - IFA Autoimmune Assays - ELISA Acute Phase Reactant Assays - Microplate Washers, Readers IVF ( IN-Vitro Fertilization ) - IVF Reagents - MicroCells - Embryo Transfer - Liquid Nitrogen Containers for Biological Materials Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology - PCR Tubes, Adapter - Pipette Tips - Filter Tips - Microplate Shaker - Incubator Hood

8 Material Testing Products Aggregates - Sample Preparation - Test Sieves - Wear and Abrasion Test - Skid Resistance Tester Cement - Sampling - Chemical Test, Fineness of Cement - Consistence, Soundness and Expansion - Air Content and Density - Mixing, Moulding Curing and Strength Concrete - Air Entertainment of Fresh Concrete - Compaction - Specimen Curing and Cutting - Compression Machines - Non Destructive Testing Soil - Samples Classification - Determination of Particle Density - Soil Consolidation - Direct Shear and Vane Tests Asphalt & Bitumen - Anaysis of Bituminous Mixture - Quantative Extraction - Marshall Compaction - Distillation of Binder Laboratory Mills & Crushers - Milling (Jaw Crusher, Rotor Mills) - Mortar Grinders - Feeders - Dryers

9 Chemical - Products Analytical Grade Anhydrous Solvents Anhydrous Solvents with molecular sieves Aquagent Pyridine Free Karlfischer Reagent ASTM Products COD ( Chemical Oxygen demand) GC Residue Solvents HPLC Solvents Inorganic Trace Analysis Molecular Biology Reagents Multisolvent Chemicals Pharmacopoeia Products pH Buffer Solutions Concentrated Buffer Solutions Volumetric Solutions

10 Contact Us Dubai : 009714-3389111 Abu Dhabi: 009712-6441837 Oman: 00968-24833872 Qatar: 00974-4328331 Al Khobar : 009663-8588406 Riyadh: 009661-2915999 Jeddah: 009662-6571777

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