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Planning an athletic facility project for Middle School Kids! Ms. Pauleys 8 th Grade Math – CTMS April 18, 2013.

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1 Planning an athletic facility project for Middle School Kids! Ms. Pauleys 8 th Grade Math – CTMS April 18, 2013




5 All Public Facilities are required to utilize an architect to design that building Architects are responsible for the Health, Safety, and Welfare of the Public regarding a facility and its site surroundings Architects design buildings! Architects also design schools, churches, museums, hotels, hospitals, stadiums, skyscrapers, and houses What does Design mean? Simply, a plan. Every building has to have a plan in order for it to be built Construction company builds the plan and the architect oversees the construction, start to finish, so that its done right!

6 Many, many things must be thought about when designing a building – how many people will use the building, what is the purpose of the building, how will the building function, and where is the best place to put the building on the site and in the city? How should a building look? What is the context of the building and what is the impact on the surrounding buildings (homes, etc) Style – many different styles of buildings Architects must be good artists and scientists when they design a building Above all, a building must be safe for the public and relatively pleasant to the eye!

7 GCISD Bond Program - $124, 500,000 bond election The Plan Funding Taxes Bonds Promotion The Vote Design Construction Measure & Plan (again) GCISD Bond Program

8 Cross Timbers Middle School Cost: $9,445,270 Site Work: Rebuild football practice field and add crown for proper drainage Overcoat track surface and restripe Building Renovations: Remove carpet and finish concrete floors in room A-3 Replace brick soffit/column and repair front door Add kitchen area for career classes Change kitchen electrical to separate breaker from SAC Replace 2 steam tables; buffet style, electric with 6 wells Replace hot holding pass thru cabinet with doors on both sides Replace refrigerated pass thru cabinets with doors on both sides Replace walk-in freezer and cooler Replace carpet in library Replace circulation desk and/or modify desk with a shorter portion for wheelchair access Replace and add lighting in library Replace gas jets in science labs Replace plumbing and drains in science labs Replace all vinyl tile in halls and common areas Provide gym speakers from main PA system Provide new sound/speakers at football field Replace 2 HW boilers with high efficiency type Upgrade VAV and MZU air handling units serving classrooms and counselors office Provide new dedicated rooftop A/C systems for gym #1 and locker area Replace pneumatic controls with DDC for VAV boxes Replace room sensors with adjustment sensor - 110. Provide DDC control for exterior lighting with local manual override Replace 2 domestic water heaters in boiler room Install water isolation valves throughout building Replace showers in all athletic areas Replace electric water heater in janitor room Replace faucets for all mop sinks Add new building emergency lighting with battery ballasts to replace emergency generator system Provide emergency lighting for old gym Replace and repair roof Reseal building joints and wet seal windows and doors 1 2 2 1 *From the 2005 Bond

9 Define the project Provide a new athletic facility for CTMS Planning a Project What sport(s)? # Students? Title 9? Room on the site? Attached to existing bldgs? City involvement? What programs are affected by this new facility? What else?

10 Identify AND include all stakeholders Superintendent (Owner) Principal(s) Teachers Students Parents / Siblings Community Mayors City Managers Planning a Project

11 Budget the Project Cost trends Material Selections Critical Local Construction Market History Inflation Escalation Contingencies FF&E Soft Costs (A/E Fees, Consultants) City Permit Review Fees City Impact Fees Environmental Fees Planning a Project

12 Design the Project Planning a Project

13 D esign the Project P resent the Project D ocument the Project B uild the Project Leave a legacy!

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