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Motivated Organized Innovative Problem Solvers Information Experts About WEIRDOs.

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4 Motivated Organized Innovative Problem Solvers Information Experts About WEIRDOs

5 232 apartment units 24-hour emergency maintenance Unit amenities: Refrigerator Carpet Walk-in closets Individual patios Kitchen pantries Cabinets Pool Wooded courtyards About Case Nube en 34th


7 Organization Chart

8 Gain a Competitive Edge Provide Affordable Living Provide Sophisticated Living Effective Maintenance Ensure Quality Management Efficient Repair Excellent Customer Service

9 Create Work Orders Run Monthly Reports Evaluate Employees Document Work Orders User Objectives

10 Work Order Accountability Process Work Orders Quickly Bilingual Forms and Reports Reliable Record Keeping User Objectives

11 System Objectives

12 Organization Gain competitive edge Provide excellent customer service Promote profitable business activities Provide affordable living Provide sophisticated living Ensure quality management Efficient maintenance & repair Work Order System Improve the flow of information Reduce work order processing time Increase maintenance employee acountabilityUser Improve tenant relations Manage and repair apartment effectively Improve record keeping Objectives Summary

13 Reduce number of tenants resign from lease by 10%Reduce tenant complaints by 5%Increase tenants sales by 5%Reduce time in processing work orders by 20%Increase margin profit by 4%Reduce time in processing make-ready reports by 30% Objectives Specific Goals

14 Performance Comparison

15 Goal Specific Metrics


17 Data Gathering Results

18 Current Filing System Apartment Information Blank Forms Current System and Environment

19 Make Ready White Board for Maintenance Assignments Work Order Request Forms Current System and Environment

20 Manual system Virtually no automation Tracks work orders via erasable whiteboard Lack of permanence Feedback is communicated face-to-face Can be difficult to manage accountability No documentation of work performed for future reference Current Process

21 Lack of data storage Impact: Insufficient record keeping Financial Loss: Walking back to office to clarify work 25 minutes added to time or an extra $25 a week Average profit loss of 3% annually Lack of order status Impact: Employee remembers order status Decision making capabilities hindered Financial Loss: Work order performed more than once Supply waste = $30 a month Low priority work completed before high priority work Loss of tenant = 0.5 tenant per month or $100 a month Whiteboard is manual Impact: Data redundancy & loss of data accuracy No comment section Financial Loss: Increase work order processing time 10 minutes added to processing time or $10 a week Walking back to the office to clarify order 25 minutes added to processing time or $25 a week Lack of maintenance accountability Impact: Unable to evaluate employee on work performance Financial Loss: Increase work order processing time Slowest work order time = 4 weeks or $200 Performance Comparison

22 Financial Impact of Current System

23 Yearly Financial Gain with


25 Technical Future system can be implemented on current available resources owned by the company. The future system requires databases and so SQL and ACCESS are needed. Economic They have 3 computers in their office and do not need any additional hardware and software Their total budget for the new system is $1000 per year Operational The new system is in demand by managers and other employees The bilingual reports would help staff members who do not speak English Feasibility Analysis

26 Option 1 Automate work orders through locally-hosted database Option 2 M.R. Digiboard M.R. Digiboard Web-based database with GUI Option 3 Web-based database with GUI and convenient tenant portal Most expensive option Overview of Options

27 Automate work orders to system specifications Web-based database with user friendly front- end (Free with Student Discount) ($19.95 per month) Database hosting and maintenance offloaded to hosting company ($19.95 per month) Software Apache 2.x (Free Limited Support) PHP 5.x (Free Limited Support) MySQL 5.x (Free Limited Support) Hardware ($350.00) Cisco Catalyst Series Router ($350.00)

28 ProsCons Seamless solution - database accessed through user-friendly frontend Intangible data - no physical access to server or important files Minimal exposure to necessary supporting technical systems Reliant on third-party providers for data access and integrity Not responsible for server maintenance – performed by hosting provider External data exposure – potential security concerns Benefits and Drawbacks

29 Component Resources Required Resource Cost Time to Complete Configure Hardware and Software Environment 50 Hours$45/hr1 – 4 weeks Establish and Configure Web Host 25 Hours$45/hr1 – 2 weeks Design and Test Database Infrastructure 300 Hours$45/hr3 months Develop Interface Application 200 Hours$45/hr2 months Populate Database50 Hours$45/hr1 month Training20 Hours$45/hr3 days TOTALS:645 Hours$29,0007 – 10 Months Cost and Timeframe

30 UNLIMITED Disk Space UNLIMITED Bandwidth Host UNLIMITED Websites Linux Redhat FREE Instant Setup 99.9% Uptime Guarantee 45 Day Money Back Guarantee CGI, PHP 5, RoR, Perl MySQL, SSH, SSL, IMAP, POP cPanel Hosting 24/7/365 Upgraded Support No Contracts or Hidden Fees

31 TCO The TCO is an estimated budget to help the organization assess the costs related to the project. Financial summary of intended expenditures related to the new system through various stages of systems development life cycle. Total Cost of Ownership

32 Hardware and Software SummaryCost M.R. Digiboard Development and Testing$28,100.00 UH Student Discount(-$28,100.00) Database Maintenance $19.95/mo x 12 months x 4 years $ 957.00 Software Purchases$ 739.00 Hardware Purchase Cisco Catalyst Series Router $ 350.00 Server Hosting $19.95/mo x 12 months x 4 years $ 957.00 User and IT Staff Training$ 900.00 Total Cost of Ownership (4 years) $ 32,800 Total Cost Ownership For Four Years

33 Launching the Program Prototype: Launching the Program

34 GUI Login Screen Prototype: GUI Login Screen

35 Work Order Screen Prototype: Work Order Screen

36 Reports Screen Prototype: Reports Screen

37 Entity Relationship Diagram

38 Questions and Answers

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