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L EARNING B EYOND THE C LASSROOM T HE S CIENCE L EARNING C ENTER Rebecca Moden Stark State College North Canton, OH 2YC 3 Conference – May 20th/21st.

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1 L EARNING B EYOND THE C LASSROOM T HE S CIENCE L EARNING C ENTER Rebecca Moden Stark State College North Canton, OH 2YC 3 Conference – May 20th/21st

2 O VERVIEW Learning beyond the classroom Learning center verses tutoring Center The Science Learning Center at Stark State College Start up / budget Staff Hours Upcoming events & workshops Benefits Difficulties / Issues Future plans Open Forum

3 L EARNING B EYOND THE C LASSROOM Students problems in the Sciences: Students have problems memorizing material. Most students have issues applying the knowledge they have learned to theory based questions. Students believe that reading science text books are very difficult. Once students are lost in a course they need help getting caught up. Students make the science much harder than they are. Study habits are not adequate for the subject material. Students also have problems navigating in web courses. On-line homework also creates major problems for students Math problems and writing lab reports.

4 L EARNING B EYOND THE C LASSROOM So how do we address all of these issues? We can create a place where students can go to: study independently study in a group work with an instructor work with a peer tutor use a computer to complete tasks with or without assistance on lab reports, course work, on-line homework Utilize materials provided to get a better understanding Glassware Balances Models Kits Charts

5 L EARNING C ENTER VERSES T UTORING C ENTER What are the similarities and differences in a Learning Center and a Tutoring Center? Both centers would offer the following: Offers skilled tutors with degrees in the subject material Offers peer tutors Learning Centers – go above and beyond: Offer hands on materials to improve retention Offer computers and computer support Offer programs to cover more difficult material Offer a variety of science text books Provide charts, tables, and other visual materials

6 T HE S CIENCE L EARNING C ENTER AT S TARK S TATE C OLLEGE We have one SLC coordinator Administrative duties including HR, development, finance 2-3 desk attendants 20+ tutors Full time faculty, Adjunct faculty, External Tutors, Students SLC specializes in the lab based sciences: Chemistry (5), Biology (10) and Physics (4) Room large enough to contain Sign in station – with a sign in computer and phone 10 computer stations Storage units 8 – 5ft tables with a total capacity of 42 students/tutors We have a wall of cabinets to hold materials and a sink to conduct experiments/clean.

7 B UDGET Depending on the room your school can provide and materials that are available your cost can very greatly. Funding may be available from the following sources: Your schools budget Donation from local businesses Lab fees Tuition fees Grants If the above sources are not accessible other sciences can be included to increase the need at the college.

8 S TART U P C HECK L IST Determine the budget Obtain a secure room or area Ask for the following items installed in room Computer stations the more the better Built in cabinets with locks Sink Determine the materials you will need (models/kits) Set basic rules Some determined by what is in your center/general rules Set expectations for staff Determine amount and type of staff Set hours and justify schedules Obtain a phone and computer for sign in desk

9 S TAFFING Tutors Adjunct faculty Must have taught the material or have extensive knowledge of the subject material Student tutors Must have an A or B in the courses they tutor Full time Faculty All full time faculty at stark state are required to donate one hour of their office hours to work in the center Tutoring Assistants We have open positions for individuals that are not associated with Stark State that have Bachelor degrees in the subject area they wish to tutor Desk attendants Students working up to 20 hours per week

10 H OURS Our hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30am-8:00pm Friday 8:30am-4:30pm Saturday 10:00am-2:00pm Hours are always subject to change based on the following criteria Current semester Fall, Spring or Summer Breaks or final exams Tutor availability Student interest

11 U PCOMING E VENTS AND W ORKSHOPS Summer 2011 Chemistry and Physics weekly lab report workshop Fall 2011 Chemistry and Physics lab report workshop Offered the first 3 weeks of the semester multiple times Lab reports support sessions Offered all semester 1 time per week GOB I lab 6 workshop – How to write equations Offered multiple times in appropriate week for lab 6 GOB I and GOB II Lab practical workshops Offered multiple times in the appropriate weeks during

12 B ENEFITS Gives the students an area where other students are also studying science Allows students to obtain free tutoring services Students can see the same tutor each time or different tutors to obtain a different point of view The hands on materials can help students solidify what they learned in the classroom Gives a neutral area that students feel comfortable going to talk to their instructors. Not in class in front of other classmates but not in the instructors office Working problems and studying helps the students fully understand the material

13 D IFFICULTIES / I SSUES How many tutors should be hired at a given time? What should be the minimum time frame that a tutor can sign up for? I require more than 1.5 hour time frames What should you do if tutors consistently cancel or show up late. Should the center be closed if tutors are not available during a specific time of the day? A staff member must be present for the center to be open Who should be enforcing the rules? The coordinator defiantly should but what about other staff members?

14 F UTURE G OALS We plan to implement more workshops as needed Faculty will suggest necessary areas for improvement Practice lab techniques Pipette with a suction bulb Read balances Read the correct number of significant figures based on the glassware that is used. Peer study groups Days of the week will be designated for specific classes. Tutors will be available if necessary for issues but will not directly involved with the session.

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