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Developers Working Group

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1 Developers Working Group
14 April 2011

2 Welcome

3 Domestics Rest rooms Fire alarm (Stewards will direct) Smoking

4 Liv Garfield - CEO Openreach

5 Agenda 1.15pm Builders and Developers Portal
1.30pm SOD Payment Updates 2.00pm Building Policy Updates and New Sites Fibre Kit 2.30pm New Sites Product Roadmap 3.00pm NSRs and Site Office Lines  3.30pm Coffee break 3.50pm Next meeting topics 4.00pm Leading Edge Marketing 4.30pm Liv Garfield Openreach CEO 5.00pm Close

6 Caution advised Some information in this presentation relates to plans currently under development and are subject to consultation, and may be subject to change Information in this presentation is subject to change

7 Builders and Developers Portal
Kerry Nutley


9 Site Map




13 Discussion - Ideas for Future Releases
Online registration process which triggers activity planning Ability for developers to submit (upload) and share documents with Openreach Ability to interact in real time with Openreach systems to create newsites job, initiate planning activity and allow tracking of progress Track Service On Demand payments Other ideas?

14 HBF Service On Demand Payment
Didier Cordina

15 Background Building a new site from the telecom perspective involves off site and on site costs Reinforcement cost SOD payment Site office £ out £ in

16 Offsite cost also known as Reinforcement
The only element that is Chargeable at this stage is the network between the premise and the existing network 163

17 How much do we charge ? Network Reinforcement = Total scheme costs – Total Exemption Allowance The good news is that there is an ample allowance per unit i.e plot Total Exemption Allowance = No. of Units x £3,400 So for large schemes - it is unlikely that a charge might be raised

18 On site cost, also related to SOD payment
SOD payment support developers civils onsite costs Openreach provides appropriate materials / stores as per contract Developer installs Openreach material and Openreach performs a quality check Once all snagging issues are completed Purchase order is raised by developer then payment is made Openreach then installs its network apparatus end to end at its own cost 163

19 SOD payment levels pre 1st April 2011
The Service on Demand Payment is a payment that Openreach and other Telecommunication providers provide to Developers once they have installed ducts & chambers to Openreach specification when constructing a new site, so we can later provision our network apparatus The SOD agreement currently stands between Openreach and the Home Builders Federation (HBF) who negotiations the rate on behalf of their members SOD payments paid to HBF members. London £151 per Single Dwelling Unit Outside London £135 Scotland £128 North England £118 All flats across the country were - £47 Payment to be made for 4 or more plots only. Payment was done when contract was ‘’complete’’ :

20 SOD payment levels from 1st April 2011
London £151 per Single Dwelling Unit Outside London £140 All flats across the country were - £50 Payment to be made for 11 or more plots only Quality check and payment to be done every 25 plots Rates subject to review in 4 Years time. Agreement to a reference to the installation of any communications electronic apparatus (subject to survey and availability) rather than just copper to take into consideration of Next Generation Access (NGA)

21 Site Office Overview – Developer completing on-site plant
The only element that is Chargeable at this stage is the network between the site boundary and the existing network 163

22 Questions?

23 Planning Policy and New Fibre Kit
Brian Currie and Martin Porter


25 Builder’s Guide: Contents
3 Welcome to Openreach 4 How to contact your nearest newSites office 6 Make the Openreach newSites office your first port of call 8 The Openreach policy for the supply of telephony services on new developments 9 Alterations to the Openreach network 10 Avoiding damage to the Openreach underground network 11 Miscellaneous charges and how they apply 12 Making the infrastructure work for you 14 Arrangement of carriageway roadcrossings 15 Arrangement of mains services 16 Pre-formed chamber system 17 Non-standard frames and covers 18 Jointing chamber construction JBF 104/106 20 Specifications for Carriageway Chamber 22 New External Termination Point (NTE) 24 Entry into flats and business properties 26 Openreach standard wiring guide 29 Broadband provision 30 Diverse routing 30 Blown fibre tubing 31 Wayleaves 31 Lightning protection 32 The Openreach payments process 34 newSites stores list 37 newSites stores order form




29 Chris McEwan & Kerry Nutley
New Sites Product Roadmap Chris McEwan & Kerry Nutley

30 What does the Openreach New Sites solution look like?
The ultimate e2e solution for New Sites is based on the Openreach Fibre To The Premise (FTTP) technology and products. These products are already being deployed in Brownfield as part of our NGA roll-out but in many respects the New Sites solution is different. 3 main factors shape the product – the needs of our customers (Developers and CPs), the nature of New Sites development planning/build and very different New Sites service take-up volumes Openreach Story: Modular architecture “Pre-installed” ONT Remote provision of voice and data services Positive customer experience and RFT Developer Story: Increased sales Fibre enabled from start (no post sale civils or build activity) Homes Ready for the future (PAS 2016…) CP Story: FTTP Easy to consume (similar/better than Brownfield) Quality voice-over-fibre Efficient RFS and addressing solution Information in this presentation is subject to change

31 What does the Openreach New Sites solution look like?
Customer Experience Consistent with FTTP Brownfield for CP/EU New requirement to support site developer/agent – site plans, phasing, build co-ordination, manage SOD payments Plan &Build Modular architecture based on 32 way split/blown fibre Flexible approach to support new sites environment Phased approach to build Build up to splitter node Plot Call-Off Build up to ONT Register ONT serial number Prove basic connectivity (Sync between ONT/OLT) Ready For Service/Support address matching post plot call-off Builders guide to provide recommendations on build options L2C Analogous to FTTP Brownfield “home move/existing ONT” scenario Remote delivery of services - data/FVA/Multicast T2R Re-use existing capabilities – Test & diagnostics etc. Accommodate new network architecture – Main Fault Locations

32 New Site Product Development
Fibre Voice Access Tactical New Sites Deploy Fibre to the Premises GEA to New Sites (Greenfield) premises with a copper underlay Deploy Tubing Only to New Sites New Site P&B Status/Developer’s Portal New Sites Network Design Strategic New Sites - Plan, Build & Record Strategic New Sites - Plot Call-off Strategic New Sites - In-fill Strategic New Sites - L2C Strategic New Sites - T2R Futures Anchor product Further fibre alternatives for mixed/commercial premises Home wiring propositions Smart metering Information in this presentation is subject to change

33 New Site Deployment Tactical deployments underway –
Copper underlay/fibre overlay sites All other sites future enabled, including tubing Early view of Strategic New Sites deployment plan - 2 or 3 phase roll-out Phase to 5 sites November 2011 to October 2012, target 200 to 500 planned, 50 plots called-off, 25 occupied by July 2012, limited copper contingency (built-in but not offered) Phase 2 - significant additional sites starting March 2012 building up to national roll-out March All Tactical New Sites activity ceases (Copper Underlay process & tubing deployment) and in-progress developments switch to FTTP on strategic deployment Information in this presentation is subject to change

34 Discussion Point What other products and services do you require? IRS
Network for smart metering Internal Wiring Kit cupboards

35 November Pilot Request
We are looking for: 5 sites across NGA footprint Sites to have plots MDUs and SDUs on site Mix of demographics Mix of building type, commercial, residential, signage, bus stops Plans to be received by November, Openreach plans will be returned by end of December Circa 20% occupancy in July Involvement in pre design meetings Partnership working on site Feedback on lessons learnt In return: Support of subject experts across Openreach Your input into building new products and service First mover advantage of new fibre only service Introduction to CPs Collateral for show home marketing if required SOD payment Information in this presentation is subject to change

36 Announced Exchanges For More Information
Information in this presentation is subject to change

37 New Sites Rep and New Site Office Lines
Phil Orr

38 Service Delivery to Site Offices
Industry complaints to the OTA about service delivery to site offices – long lead times and high cost. Working group with UKCG established: Root cause analysis of failed jobs Site distribution points introduced Site survey fee (in advance of order) trialled, but limited demand at the time Jobs cancelled by systems – systems improvements made. Process trial to reduce internal hand offs and reduce survey time to <5 days. Working with the UK construction group representatives monitor live orders Information in this presentation is subject to change

39 Order Monitoring Live order monitoring exercise tracking orders submitted by the UKCG. On completion, learning will be used to drive further process improvement. Learning so far…. Learning point Update Owner Status Site office orders on hot sites process to be clarified Site offices on hot sites to be progressed as hot site orders. Openreach Closed. Use of excessive LADs when no/minimal network build required. Business improvement manager appointed In progress Default LADs (20/30 days) used. No specific calculation. Policy to be clarified. ECC and LAD entered incorrectly (wrong format) FLOW system errors – orders not processed Under investigation Order entered with unrealistic CRD/appointment (March – site ready until May) CP Pending Why escalate jobs when not delayed or failed? Information in this presentation is subject to change

40 Process Improvement Trial
Site office survey process is not working: too many internal hand-offs lead times >12 days site office survey priority in planning work stacks Taking advantage of Network Investment transformation to focus field planners on site surveys Survey appointment with site representative within 1 working day Excess construction charges and line plant available dates calculated no later than the day after survey Survey lead time reduced from 6.91 (baseline before trial) to 4.35 working days. Maximum lead time reduced from 49 days to 22 days. Next steps Process refinement to enable more accurate performance measurement, continue trial. Develop national measure to sustain process improvement June 2010 April 2011 (trial) Information in this presentation is subject to change

41 Planning Structural Changes
Information in this presentation is subject to change

42 Next DWG and Feedback

43 Coffee

44 CEO Openreach Liv Garfield

45 Openreach has come a long way within BT Group in 5 years
Openreach is created to stimulate competition and innovation LLU hits 1.5m milestone as Sky and Talk Talk enter the market Major price cuts in access and backhaul Significant infrastructure build, LLU, WBC Ethernet NGA 4m Homes Passed with Fibre and roll out accelerating NOW A better business Large scale Investment in the network Announcement of ground breaking NGA plans- GEA is born FTTC launched , BT Infinity comes to market Other CP’s prepare to Go to market 1st Developers Working Group At BT Tower New Site FTTP Strategy discussed here at the Emirates

46 In 12 months we have created a strong fibre presence working with CP’s as Openreach accelerates the infrastructure delivery programme 4 million+ premises already passed > 400 exchanges live > 10,000 cabinets live On track for 10 million premises passed by end 2012 and 66% of the Country by 2015 Openreach’s products (GEA) have been accepted as “fit for purpose” by industry. > 500 customers and 12 ISPs trialling FTTP in Milton Keynes and North London Full FTTP launch scheduled for 11/12 DETI* deployment in Northern Ireland completes in May Cornwall deployment is well underway. BT Infinity is establishing itself as both a consumer and a business brand

47 Now we want to work together with you to make Fibre Broadband a reality in all new homes and businesses

48 To Summarise We understand that you have choice of telecommunications provider Openreach enables you to provide choice of telecommunications provider on your sites We want to work across the industry in Partnership to build a fibre future for the UK We want to work with you to shape that future So to summarise New sites is on my agenda. I have been working with Kevin, Kerry, Didier and the team now for over 6months in my previous role as CEO BTG Strategy. I know and understand the competitive market, and that you have choice. However no other network provide enables your occupants the choice of communication providers like Openreach. We support over 498 CPs and with Right Move promoting broadband speeds on their website, broadband is becoming a criteria for home choice, like the kitchen and the schools. As well as new sites being on my agenda, with a programme as large as Next Generation Access that clearly is too. It is important to me that we work with you to get the product right. Your involvement into the trials and being here today to input into the new sites product and roadmap is vital. Openreach and I am are committed to a partnership. I know we need to address some legacy issues that have been causing you frustration. Working in my in BTG role - I have overseen the service on demand payments an issue we have addressed that with HBF, and Didier has updated you on today I know and understand your frustration on the delays of getting temporary site lines delivered to site offices. I am keen that Phil moves ahead to roll out the improvements to the process and get national stability as soon as possible as he has discussed We know we have more to do, but I hope you will see over the next 6-8months through the creation of new sites account team, and a renewed focus from our Service Delivery team, you are starting to see improvements coming through So this is an exciting future and I hope this is one we can shape togther


50 Leading Edge Market Insight
Mel Budd

51 GB Construction Output - Trends and Forecast
Mel Budd of Leading Edge – Construction Forecasting & Market Research Specialists 14th April 2011

52 Introduction to Leading Edge
Marketing and research consultancy, founded in 1988 Specialists in the construction sector Our core services to clients include: Market and sales forecasting Market research Marketing strategy Customer service measurement and benchmarking Worked with Openreach in 2010

53 Example clients – housebuilders & building contractors
Ashe Construction BAM Construct Beard Ltd Bowmer & Kirkland Bouygues Cosmur Construction Costain EPS plc ETSU Contracts Geoffrey Osborne Gratte Brothers Interserve Rail Kier Group Leadbitter Miller MITIE Morgan Est plc SGB Contracts Shanks Waste Willmott Dixon

54 Construction output

55 Construction output back on track?

56 The last quarter in 2010 showed first decline for over a year
actual figures Source: ONS

57 Significant differences in growth rates by region

58 Construction forecasts

59 Different types of forecasting models
Causal forecasting model Time series forecasting model Qualitative forecasting

60 Example of output from forecasting model

61 Speedy Hire sales forecasting model
R squared 0.96

62 One dominating factor in construction sector forecasts

63 New and R&M (repair and maintenance) construction output
Source: ONS and Leading Edge

64 Output in 2011 is forecast to be 2.3% lower than 2010
Source: ONS and Leading Edge

65 Some sectors will see growth on the 2007 peak
Source: ONS and Leading Edge

66 Residential – housing and flat development trends
Source: DCLG & Leading Edge

67 Residential and offices will take a greater share of output
Source: ONS & Leading Edge

68 Our view on the next 2 years in the construction sector
It’s going to get worse before it gets better BUT Companies focussing on the right sectors and regions can still see revenue growth, but margins will be tight How does this compare with your view / experience?

69 Delivering a better understanding of customers and markets
Leading Edge - Delivering a better understanding of customers and markets

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