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Serviced and or repaired around 250 vehicles Past graduates can be found in practically all automotive repair shops in the highlands. Four former students.

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2 Serviced and or repaired around 250 vehicles Past graduates can be found in practically all automotive repair shops in the highlands. Four former students have their own successful automotive repair shops in the area This year has seen the highest non-traditional rate for the program. A total of 11 females in the program Three students plan to continue their training in a trade college, one of these students is a female Chris Canterbury placed 2 nd in the District Skills USA Automotive Servicing Competition,

3 Business Law students explore various categories of business and personal law. Their study becomes real when they observe circuit and district court CIS students learned the use of Microsoft Office 2010. One project was to design and print Christmas cards for a local nursing home Guest Speakers talked with students on topics like insurance and the importance of planning. Students also talked with a JRTC graduate that gave them a personalized view of what is involved in managing and supervising people

4 Building Maintenance Students Spruced up JRTC Electrical students helped build two new booths to increase the space they have to work Building Maintenance class continued to make dog houses out of donated materials for community dogs Built Wooden Chairs Built Corn Hole Games Robert Moore was 2 nd place in the Residential Wiring. He received a $175.00 pair of boots and bag as a prize.

5 Neal Seldomridge & Eric Barbour Won the Stock Market Game for the state of Virginia and went to the International Conference in California Team of Nehemiah Vance, Tanner Seay, Neil Seldomridge, and Eric Barbour were Regional Winners in the Economic Challenge & Financial Challenge. Field trip to Washington DC for a Career Day

6 Daily learning experiences of researching, writing, and planning creative, developmentally appropriate learning activities for children Preschool students get started with technology early on Anyone who spends anytime in the preschool can give witness to the teamwork and responsibility level of the student teachers Earned First Aid & CPR Certifications

7 Chase Halterman was a state Skills USA Officer and district culinary arts champion. Hope Nicely, was the district Skills USA president Kennedy Brooks 2 nd Place in district Commercial Baking Rebecca Boothe 3 rd place in district Commercial Baking Olivia Price was the district champion in Food Preparation Assistant District Food and Beverage Service 1 st place Allison Aldridge 2 nd place Hope Nicely 3 rd Place Khalil Carter Produce many meals throughout the year Culinary Arts students earned the ServeSafe Certification Cater several dinners throughout the year.

8 Carpentry Made Numerous Outbuildings Carpentry helped to restore tables for the Library at Alleghany High School Ryan Coats was 2 nd place in the District Carpentry Competition Repaired furniture for local nursing homes Built several Cabinets for several groups

9 Senior Achievements All Earned OSHA 10 Hr. Cards All Passed NOCTI Written Assessment 30 Dual Enrollment Credits Earned 7 Hands on Welding Qualifications Team of Cole Murray, Austin McAllister, and Matthew Canterbury were district & state champions in Welding Fabrication. They were 6 th at nationals.

10 Numerous Guest Speakers, Hospice Director, Massage Therapy Director, Emergency Services Director, Practical Nursing Program Director, DSLCC Student Services First Aid Certification for Juniors and CPR Certification for the seniors Twelve students attended the fall HOSA leadership academy Nine students participated in the state HOSA competition Angel Shiflett was 5 th in Human Growth and Development Sarah Church was 5 th in Job Seeking Skills

11 Skills USA donated food for the food pantry. Won the Skills USA state award for the most items collected at the state competition. Donations to Christmas Mother Winter clothing for children in Head Start Provided activities, materials and gifts for Evan Groves during his hospital treatment

12 Made donations to the American Heart Association in memory of Mark Keith and the Alleghany Humane Society in memory of Carol McGuire-Bishop Made a donation to the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Relief Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army Salvation Army Angel Tree BINGO at the Brian Center

13 PICTURE OF WELDING OSHA STUDENTS Mr. Graham, Mr. Huffman and Mr. Ray are all certified to teach OSHA classes. Their students go through the training and receive their 10 OSHA card

14 Enrollment – 388 (351 AHS)First Semester, and 345 (312 AHS) Second Semester 90 Dual Enrollment Classes Taken (85 AHS) 80 JRTC Certificate Completers (72 AHS) 116 State Program Completers (106 AHS) CNA Testing – 13 out of 13 passed (13 AHS) NA3SA Testing – 8 out of 11 passed (7 AHS) NOCTI Testing – 25 out of 31 passed (22 AHS) ServSafe Testing – 9 out of 10 passed (8 AHS)

15 Educational Technology Center Annual Work Order History Report July 2001- June 2013 DateAlleghany County Public Schools Covington City Public Schools Jackson River Technical Center Total 7/1/01-6/30/029551321261213 7/01/02-6/30/0369492112898 7/1/03 – 6/30/0469321664973 7/1/04- 6/30/05886255331174 7/1/05 – 6/30/06755305431103 7/1/06 – 6/30/07785370481203 7/1/2007 – 6/30/2008 680299371016 7/1/2008- 6/30/2009 59120744842 7/1/2009 – 6/8/2010 60927348930 7/1/2010 – 6/3/2011 59030378966 7/1/2011- 6/30/2012 650 276961022 7/1/2012- 6/30/2013 54429976919

16 Overview of AHS in the Alternative Placement Program 2012-2013 School Year 2012- 2013 2011- 2012 2010- 2011 2009- 2010 2008- 2009 2007- 2008 2006- 2007 2005 - 2006 Projected Graduates: 16* 26* 28* 19 20 12 11 22 Passed GED: 7 5 3 6 2 2 2 2 Dropped for Attendance, Ret. to home school. 2 0 2 3 0 2 12 11 Dropped for Behavior/ Performance: 0 3 3 1 0 1 1 4 Turned 18 and dropped out. 4 6 6 1 8 3 n/a n/a Transferred: 2 3 5 3 5 2 7 8 Continuing Education: 37 32 36 30 23 30 27 26 ISAEP For information only, not included in total. (6) 3 (3) (2) 0 0 0 0 Total: 68 78 83 63 58 50 60 73 23 total graduates Any student who quits coming to school after turning eighteen, or who is dropped from the program is referred back to AHS and the Student Graduation Team. * This includes students who may need one more SOL test, or planned to take one summer school class.

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