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John C. Schneider and Frank M. Davis

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1 John C. Schneider and Frank M. Davis
Insect Rearing Education at Mississippi State University: Past, Present and Future John C. Schneider and Frank M. Davis Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Entomology and Plant Pathology

2 Dr. Frank M. Davis 4 October 2011
MSU Adjunct Professor of Entomology (Emeritus) USDA/ARS Research Entomologist (Retired)

3 Insect Rearing Education at Mississippi State University Is Worth Your Attention
Five favorable reviews; 352 copies sold/distributed by 31 October 2011 Total of 317 students from 26 countries, including 38 states within the USA 2011 MSU-IRC Workshop Frank Davis Louella Castrillo Muhammad Chaudhury Norm Leppla John Schneider Mike Caprio Tom Riddell Instructors not shown: Bill Fisher and John Reinecke Italy Switz. Neth. Costa Rica Brazil Canada

4 Organization of Presentation
Past/Present: History of MSU Insect Rearing Center (MSU-IRC) Insect Rearing Workshop Insect Rearing Book Graduate Student Education Pritam Singh Library Future: MSU Course in Insect Rearing Insect Pathology Faculty Position General Insect Rearing Workshop Specialized Insect Rearing Workshops

5 History of MSU Insect Rearing Center (IRC) (www. irc. entomology
History of MSU Insect Rearing Center (IRC) (

6 Basement, Lyle Entomology Building
MSU IRC Basement, Lyle Entomology Building [315 m2 (3,400 ft2)] Diet Prep Work Room (in vitro) Work Room (in vivo) Rearing Rooms (DDC) Cold Room Autoclave Clean Air Hood (picture) AH Reach-in, Environment- Controlled Cabinets Freezers Stor. Office Nook [15.2 m (50 ft)] [22.6 m (74 ft)]

7 MSU-IRC: Time Line Construct Basement Facility MSU Rearing Committee Formed CBB Workshop WS: XIV WS: X WS: XI WS: XII WS: XIII WS: VI WS: VII WS: VIII WS: IX WS: III WS: IV WS: V Wkshop: I, II 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 Constr. Rearing Annex Upgrade HVAC Adiabatic Humidifiers Install DDC System Singh Library Donated Book Begun 2004 2005 2006 2007 2003 2011 2008 2009 2010 2007 PhD Student Begins Book Published Visiting Scholar Arrives PhD Diss. Defended 2012 2013 2014 2015 2011

8 MSU-IRC Workshop: Principles and Procedures for Rearing High Quality Insects
John Reinecke Muhammad Chaudhury Louella Castrillo Bill Fisher Frank Davis Norm Leppla Bill Fisher John Schneider Mike Caprio

9 Why is the MSU Insect Rearing Workshop a Success?
Large Pool of Unmet Need for Insect Rearing Education High Level of Satisfaction of Attendees Focus on networking Red carpet treatment at a reasonable cost

10 MSU EPP Insect Rearing Book Principles and Procedures for Rearing High Quality Insects


12 Self-publishing a Textbook
Advantages: Disadvantages: High demand on editor/coordinator’s time Start to finish requires a long time Control of pricing retained Greater percentage monetary return Control of “in print” decision

13 Graduate Education in Insect Rearing
Sarah Self, Ph. D. (almost)



16 Supporting a Ph.D. Student in Insect Rearing
(It wasn’t easy.) Grad Res. Asst. (MSU EPP-IRC): 1 VI VI ‘08 Grad Teach. Asst. (MSU CALS): 1 VII VI ‘09 Grad Res./Teach. Asst. (MSU EPP-IRC): 1 VII VIII ‘10 Mississippi Cotton Incorporated State Support grant proposal: Denied MSU Strategic Research Initiative grant proposal: Denied Southern Region IPM Center grant proposal: Denied Grad Res. Asst. (MSU BCH-EPP/MAFES): 1 IX VII ‘11 National Cotton Inc. (Pat O’Leary) equip. grant: Funded

17 Dr. Pritam Singh Insect Rearing Library
Dedication: October 2006


19 Future of Insect Rearing Education at the MSU Insect Rearing Center
MSU Undergrad/Grad Course on Insect Rearing Resident and online? Principles and Procedures for Rearing … used as text! Insect Pathology/Rearing Faculty Position Position endowed by industry contributions? Next generation of leadership for the MSU-IRC? Specialty workshop: Microbial Control in Insect Rearing? Specialty Workshop: Black Soldier Fly Mass Rearing?

20 Alfredo Llecha, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
MSU Visiting Scholar 2010 MSU Insect Rearing Workshop student June 2011-May 2012 MSU Visiting Scholar

21 Black Soldier Fly [Hermetia illuscens
(Diptera: Stratiomyidae)] Prepupae

22 1.7 kg/0.045 m3/18 d = 1 m-ton/4.8x102 m3/d (3.75 lb/1.6 ft3/18 d = 1 ton/1.5x103 ft3/d)

23 Conclusions The keys to success in insect rearing education include: (1) teamwork (2) enthusiastic/optimistic attitude The pool of persons willing to pay $1,050 for the 5-day MSU Insect Rearing Workshop is not close to being exhausted. The initial printing of 1,000 copies of the book Principles and Procedures for Rearing High Quality Insects should last (at least) until a revision is needed. Funding a graduate student in insect rearing can be difficult.

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