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Hole-In-One Enterprises Canada Ron Nowakowski, owner

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1 Hole-In-One Enterprises Canada Ron Nowakowski, owner

2 Who are we?

3 Corporate Profile Prestyl USA is a subsidiary of AGEAH (Advanced Green Energy Alliance Holding) Prestyl USA was incorporated as one of AGEAHs next generation heating technology divisions to introduce and market a new generation of healthy, energy-saving heating products

4 Corporate Profile AGEAH acquires new energy and life-sustaining technology IPs (Intellectual Properties) and commercializes these. Besides the IP it purchases, the company has obtained exclusive licenses for unique patented new energy-saving products manufactured by its Green Alliance partners

5 AGEAHs portfolio consists of: Patented new windmill designs Magnetic loss recovery technology (optimizing existing magnetic light fixtures and motors) Cold storage and food preparation LED lighting fixtures Low-profile vandal-proof LED lighting fixtures Highly efficient sewage to grey water conversion Pico and Micro cell energy generation storage and demand shifting solutions New solar technologies Proprietary new heating technologies

6 Once products are market ready AGEAH establishes one or more product-specific divisions and propagates these around the world primarily through local manufacturing facilities.

7 Prestyl USA, LLC was founded to propagate healthy eco-responsible heating solutions

8 Heating technology has evolved from cavemans simple fires To the wood or coal burning stoves of the 18 th century The history of heating

9 In modern homes we mostly see forced air systems, ….. Radiators, which primarily operate as convection units, …..

10 The history of heating …… difficult to repair in-floor radiant or Hydronic Systems, and more recently, expensive Geo-thermal systems. The latter are plagued by severe climate-related limitations.

11 The history of heating When heating systems fail to perform and people get cold they resort to using dangerous and highly inefficient supplemental heating units

12 The history of heating To fully understand Prestyls comfortable and energy-saving heating solutions we have to go back to basics…….


14 Prestyls solution…?

15 Eliminate duct or piping losses Eliminate convection losses Eliminate dust and pollen circulation Eliminate hot head, cold feet syndrome Quickly recover comfort after doors have been opened and warm room air has escaped Save energy by implementing efficient and healthy point of use heating

16 As with lighting products, Prestyls technology can be mounted on walls, on ceilings, in suspended ceilings, or hung from chains

17 Reliability and Quality With sixteen years of development and OEM deployment in harsh operating environments, it is safe to say that Prestyls thin-film technology, with a life expectancy of possibly 50 years or more, is among the worlds most dependable products available.

18 How does infrared work? A small portion of the suns spectrum is healthy infrared heat. After the sun goes down, objects that were exposed to the suns infrared warmth, especially stone and concrete, will continue to emit the infrared heat that was absorbed and stored during the suns exposure for many hours.

19 How do we do it? Just as it is with the sun, Prestyl heats the objects and people in a space, not the air. Prestyls soothing far-infrared waves heat the floor, walls, furniture, etc. Heat energy can be stored at night (when the rates are low) and returned during the day providing for energy savings of up to 50% or more.

20 Performance Comparisons Modern high-efficiency forced-air heater with auto ignition, insulated plenum and insulated ducting Older forced-air heater with standing pilot and minimally insulated plenum and ducting Ceiling-mounted Prestyl Far-IR heating panel Wall-mounted Prestyl Far-IR heating panel

21 Performance Comparisons Unit efficiency up to 97% Unit efficiency up to 78% Unit efficiency 100% Fan efficiency up to 93% Net efficiency (unit only) 90% Fan efficiency up to 90% Net efficiency (unit only) 70% Fan efficiency not applicable Net efficiency (unit only) 100% Fan efficiency not applicable Net efficiency (unit only) 100%

22 Performance Continued Net 90%Net 70%Net 100% Duct losses 18% Convection losses and warm air escaping though open doors 35% Dynamic system efficiency (energy converted to heat): 48.08% Duct losses 22% Convection losses and warm air escaping though open doors 35% Dynamic system efficiency (energy converted to heat ): 35.59% Conductive losses 15% Convection losses and warm air escaping though open doors 5% Dynamic system efficiency (energy converted to heat ): 80.00 % Conductive losses 15% Convection losses and warm air escaping though open doors 25% Dynamic system efficiency (energy converted to heat ): 60.00%

23 Performance (continued) Dynamic Net 48.08% Dynamic Net 80.00 % Dynamic Net 60.00% Dynamic Net 35.59% Ceiling mounted Prestyl systems(CM) So….Prestyl typically has a 32% energy conversion advantage over high-efficiency forced air units ; and the typical advantage of 44% over older units with un- insulated ductwork…….. the conversion advantages can reach well over 50% ! Wall mounted Prestyl systems(WM) (1.25 multiplier to match CM) Here…. Prestyl typically has a 12% energy conversion advantage over high- efficiency forced air units (angle factor); and an advantage of 25% over older units with un-insulated ductwork,.... here the conversion advantages can reach well over 30% !

24 Why is Prestyl so special? The core of our heating technology is a unique proprietary alloy that features heating characteristics not found in any competitors product.

25 Environmentally responsible Prestyls heaters are constructed from pure, 100% recyclable high- quality Aluminum rolls. In total, 99% of the panels is recyclable 12 to 50% lower energy consumption than traditional heating technologies (savings depend on building type and installation)

26 Proudly creating US/CAN Jobs! Designed and manufactured exclusively for Prestyl by Ecolite Manufacturing in Spokane, Washington, USA* Exporting worldwide Distribution, warehousing, and installation jobs in Canada Note*: Thin-film element made in France; -Power cord from various countries. Looking for Can/US providers….

27 Thank You Hole-In-One Enterprises Canada and Prestyl USA, LLC Next… Product details and technical info…

28 Product details Prestyl offers its far-infrared heating panels as printed artworks (both standard and custom prints) as well as ceiling- mountable white, black or custom colored architectural units The standard is 120 or 240 volt plug-in, but the 208, 240, and 277 volt units may be ordered with flexible aluminum conduit if required by code, e.g. plenum drop ceilings spaces….

29 Product details Standard dimensions are 2 x 2 and 2 x 4 (both are designed so that these would also fit into standard suspended ceiling grids found in North America). A larger 42 x 42 unit is also available All can be hung via chain or ceiling/wall mounted.

30 Typical Installation (single units) Single panels may be wall or ceiling mounted and plugged-in when heating is needed Alternately, a switched outlet or …. (if temperature control is required), a line-voltage thermostat may be used Line-voltage thermostats can be separate plug-in units or these can be located in a wall-switch box. (please contact your dealer or electrician for details) Typical thermostat

31 One-person on-ceiling Installation With the optional S- hooks, ceiling (surface-mount) installations require just one person; this represents a 50% panel installation labor cost reduction. Rather than using a helper, the S-hooks suspend the panel while the electrical connection is made. To release the hooks lift and shake the panel until these fall to the floor.

32 On-ceiling Installation 1.Insert the flat (longer) lip of the bracket first 2.Lift the panel towards the ceiling and slide it to the left to engage the right-hand side of the bracket 3.Lower the panel so it rest son the bracket. Push the panel slightly to the right and close the latches (use a flat- blade screwdriver or other suitable tool if needed). Latch

33 Typical Installation (suspended ceiling) Depending on local codes, panels in a multi - panel system may be plugged into thermostatically-controlled outlets or hardwired. Note: Some local codes require optional flex conduit. If this is the case, panels must be ordered with the flex- conduit option, consultation required…

34 Typical Wiring (primary heating system) Zone 1 Consisting of…… One thermostat, Two 20A relays, and X-number of panels up to 3850*Watts of total installed power per relay/breaker Zone 2 Consisting of…… One thermostat, One 20A relay, and Panels up to 3850* Watts total 123123 4545 1- Breaker box; 2- Power supply; 3- Thermostat; 4- (hybrid) relay; 5- IR heating panels Note:* All power references are for a 240 Volt system; 3330 Watts for a 208 Volt system, and 4430 Watts for a 277 Volt system

35 Sizes and Specifications NominalVoltage Power Normal Extreme cold -40c Size Hertz (Watts) current (A) current (A) 24 x 24120-50/60 400 3.3 4.5 208-50/60 400 1.9 2.6 240-50/60 400 1.6 2.3 277-50/60 400 1.4 2.0 24 x 48 120-50/60 750 6.3 8.4 208-50/60 750 3.6 4.8 240-50/60 750 3.1 4.2 277-50/60 750 2.7 3.7 42 x 42 120-50/60 1100 9.1 12.4 208-50/60 1100 5.3 7.1 240-50/60 1100 4.6 6.2 277-50/60 1100 4.0 5.4

36 Panel Loads max. – non Arctic conditions: *15A120V1800W4 (2x2)or 2(2x4) up to 300 20A120V2400W6 (2x2)or 3(2x4) up to 500 15A240V3600W9 (2x2)or 4(2x4) + 1 (2x2) up to 650 20A240V4800W 12 (2x2) or 6(2x4) up to 960 30A240V 7200W 18 (2x2) or 9(2x4) up to 1450 Bkr pole(s) max load. max # (size) max #(size) sqavg. coverage *note: 16 x 16rm 256sq @3.89W/sqft with two 2.5 x 3.5 windows This is the calculated sizing that is a rule of thumb to prevent under sizing There has been many cases where more than satisfactory resulted have occurred using less panels for higher square footage….R Value and losses must always be considered!

37 Certifications All panels are: ETL listed and approved for residential and commercial applications. Conforms to UL STD 1278; Certified to CSA STD C22.2 No. 46 Export panels comply with most international certifications, including GS(Geprufte Sicherheit-Tested Safety Germany /EU), KEMA(Global Energy & Sustainability testing), NF(Norma Francais FR/EU/international standards meets safety and quality), CE(Conformité Européenne- Certified Quality), GOSTR(Gossandart Russian Safety & Mandatory Certificate).

38 System Sizing & Examples Maximum Range or Ceiling-height: <16, 9=(best,*) Typical installed power required per sq.ft : 3.5W – 5.5W Note: *Taking in all variables to calculate the proper coverage is crucial. Never an issue for oversizing, under-sizing looses the effectiveness of the system. We have a sizing calculator that defines the relationship between installed power, ceiling height, loss factors (such as doors/windows/structure), and climate. When required, although a working knowledge become very easy. Examples: In a well-insulated home with and 8 ceiling in Canada, the installed power is only 3.71 watts per square foot; in very cold climates it could be up to 5.5 watts per square foot. Including garages now! Shops with O/H cranes would mount 45 deg off perimeter wall and working areas off the path of the crane zone. etc

39 Accessories & requirements Relays: Any suitable relay or contactor will work, to minimize switching noise Prestyl recommends hybrid or electronic relays. Power supplies: For increased safety Prestyl recommends low-voltage control systems consisting of an suitable power supply, thermostats, Low-voltage controlled (hybrid/electronic) relays and control wiring. Caution: Proper sizing of the system must always be planned out and provide a single line to the client for their electrical inspectors.

40 Accessories & requirements (continued) Thermostats: Prestyl requires a thermostat with a dry loop closure on heat call. The thermostat should be programmed for as few cycles per hour as possible – use the radiant heat setting if provided (IR is a slow & steady technology, the fewer cycles the higher system efficiency) Prestyl recommends a set-back thermostat. Unlike with forced air heating, the thermostat should be set to activate at night to store the heat in the mass, and set lower during the day to save energy.

41 Accessories & requirements (continued) Relays per thermostat: When Prestyl-recommended hybrid or electronic relays are used, these only draw milliamps to activate. Most thermostats can support 10 or more hybrid or electronic relays (Please review the specifications of the thermostats and relays selected.) Optional DIN-rails/Cabinets: Nowadays, many systems are based on DIN rail standards. Most of Prestyls recommended components are available as DIN-rail mountable units that fit in optional DIN cabinets

42 Accessories & requirements (continued) Flex conduit option: Where code requires, Prestyl offers a flex conduit option for its in-ceiling systems.

43 Availability (Solid colors) Standard white and black panels all sizes 120 Volts Stock to 2 weeks240 Volts Stock to 2 weeks 208 Volts Special Order* 277 Volts Special Order* Custom architectural colors all sizes 120 Volts 2-6 weeks240 Volts 2-6 weeks 208 Volts Special Order** 277 Volts Special Order** Notes: At time of order, delivery can be defined accurately from stock * 208 Volts and 277 Volts may take 2-4 weeks **208 Volts and 277 Volts may take 2-6 weeks

44 Availability (Decorative) Standard stocked prints, (available in 2x2, 2x4 Only) 120 Volts Stock to 2 weeks240 Volts Stock to 2 weeks 208 Volts Special Order* 277 Volts Special Order* Additional print choices, (available in 2x2, 2x4 Only) 120 Volts 2 to 4 weeks240 Volts 2 to 4 weeks 208 Volts Special Order* 277 Volts Special Order* Customer supplied files, (available in 2x2, 2x4 Only) 120 Volts 2-6 weeks240 Volts 2-6 weeks 208 Volts Special Order** 277 Volts Special Order** Notes: At time of order delivery can be defined accurately for stock * 208 Volts and 277 Volts may take 2-4 weeks **208 Volts and 277 Volts may take 2-6 weeks

45 Availability of Accessories Prestyl USA manufactures and distributes proprietary Prestyl heating products. It does not carry or distribute third-party accessories. A recommended list of third-party accessories is in the works. Otherwise, thats decided by either the end-user, or the installer. HIO offers a fee-based cost+ purchasing service to help customer acquire third- party accessories if extensive engineering is required for their system. This is a courtesy service only; Prestyl does not warranty (or assume any liabilities for) third-party products.

46 Building requirements Like any other technology, Far-infrared (regardless of manufacturer) is limited by the laws of nature/physics A building must be reasonably weather-tight and preferably insulated The most important consideration is the floor; The floor must be well insulated, especially around the perimeter If the concrete is wet, the area of the building with the wet floor will not warm up until the moisture has evaporated. If a building stands in water infrared will not work!

47 Building requirements (continued) If an office shared a slab floor with an unheated warehouse, conduction to the unheated space will require more panels than calculated. (an insulated sub-floor in the office will solve this problem.) Buildings with old steel or aluminum single pane windows conduct cold into the building and will need to be fitted with storm windows or will require more panels than calculated Never install fewer panels than calculated. More is better, fewer panels means higher operating costs and cold people!

48 Far Infrared Highlights Comfortable (soothing warmth all over) No dust or pollen circulation (does not move the air) Prevents mold (floors walls and ceilings warmer than the air) Improves ability to learn/higher productivity (documented lower absenteeism, no noise pollution, no hot head cold feet syndrome, just a more comfortable environment) Saves energy (typical saving 20-50% or more) Environmentally responsible (almost 100% recyclable) Can be powered by renewables (lower or no carbon emissions) AC or DC (non-inverted systems)

49 Highlights Residential use, including garages Specific uses of extra high value in; Commercial – gyms and public washrooms, kitchens, clinics medical/dental, garbage areas… - Schools - Cafeterias, change/wash rooms, classrooms, nurse station…. -Agricultural - Calving stalls, pig barns, chicken coops, sterilization rooms… -Industrial - E Houses, carwashes, office and lunch trailers, C-cans, temp hoardings, material containers, job boxes, warmth on JLGs and Genie Lifts…. No more propane delivery, maintenance on furnaces or herman nelsons/frost fighters Instant set-up at site, no waiting for fuel hook up. No fire hazards or adding combustible fluids to the site. Easy change-out if ever required.

50 Thank you again! Hole-In-One Enterprises Canada AND Prestyl USA, LLC © 2011 Prestyl USA, LLC. All rights reserved No part of this presentation may be duplicated or copied in any form without the express written permission of Prestyl USA, LLC

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