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Welcome to the DAU Mid-Atlantic Region Chester Site. MID – ATLANTIC REGION

2 Defense Acquisition University
Mission Provide a global learning environment to support a mission-ready Defense Acquisition Workforce that develops, delivers, and sustains effective and affordable warfighting capabilities. Impact acquisition excellence through: Acquisition certification and leadership training; Mission assistance to acquisition organizations and teams; Online knowledge-sharing resources; and Continuous learning assets. Vision Enabling the DoD AT&L workforce to achieve the right acquisition outcomes DAU’s mission and vision are described here, you’ll notice other posters location around our facility. MID – ATLANTIC REGION

3 Training Tech / Student Services
Our training tech is Erica Nixon she is your day to day contact and handles the class registration and graduation functions. Also, the student services representative for the Mid-Atlantic Region is Adrianne Schmidt. Feel free to ask us any questions about your class here at DAU or let us know of any problems that arise. Adrianne Schmidt Student Services Erica Nixon Training Tech Please let us know if we can assist you!

4 Parking Guide Lines Parking - Please follow these simple courtesies to help avoid illegal or potentially hazardous parking: Park between the lines, Small vehicles should target parking spaces highlighted in red first, Large vehicles (especially Trucks & SUV’s) should avoid parking in spaces highlighted in red or any space resulting in double parking

5 Emergency Evacuation Plan
Please take a moment to observe the emergency evacuation plan in case of fire or emergency. Marked pathways indicate the closest exits from the building. Once you are out of the building please go a safe distance away to an area designated by your instructor so they can take role and check that everyone has safely left the building. Also, please note the locations of fire extinguishers and first aid kits. At the first sign of a medical emergency please grab the emergency plan from its posted position on the wall and dial

6 Evacuation Route In case of a catastrophic weather emergency please follow the marked evaluation route.

7 Inclement Weather Phone Line
In the event of weather which could effect class start times or building closure please call the Inclement Weather Line: (804) 425 – 2946 It will be updated by 6:00 a.m. Please note the weather line information, this information is also listed on student information bookmark.

8 Cell Phone Usage TURN “OFF” DURING CLASS !
Please turn off all cell phones while in the classroom and to avoid disruption to other classes we ask that you confine your calls to the lobby area or outside the building.

9 DAU Has A Business Casual Dress Code
DAU has a business casual dress code, examples of what not to wear are: please, no t-shirts, no jeans, no tennis shoes, no hats, no beach sandals or athletic apparel. DAU Has A Business Casual Dress Code

10 Restrooms The restrooms are located … As you come in the front door the restrooms are to the left and the classrooms are to your right.

11 Student Kitchen There is a refrigerator to store food. Please label food with your name and class. Use a lid to prevent spills. If you lose money in any of the machines or any personal items, please let the training tech know and she will assist you.

12 Coffee If you take the last cup, please make another pot.
Coffee and Filters are located in the Cabinets. Use two scoops of coffee per pot. Press the “Start” button only ONCE. Please be very careful, the hot water faucet is VERY HOT! If late in the day, please make certain the burners beneath empty pots are turned off. Dispose of coffee grounds in the trash can. COFFEE COST $.50 PER CUP Or $5.00 PER WEEK We have a coffee stations in all student kitchens, the cost is $.50 per cup or $5.00 per week, if you take the last cup, please make another pot. The coffee and filters are located in the cabinets above the coffee machines.

13 Non-Attribution Policy
We encourage and expect full and candid discussions during class. Our objective is to enable students and instructors to express their views freely and without concern for possible attribution or embarrassment. Please note our DAU non-attribution policy, use discretion with sensitive points/privileged information, don’t repeat content or connect speaker with views expressed and don’t embarrass another by repeating personal views such as support or criticism.

14 IT Policy DAU Policy prohibits the connection of any Non- DAU equipment to the DAU network infrastructure. This prohibition applies to all equipment not directly owned or leased by DAU.

15 Hours / Doors Normal hours of operation are 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
If you are here after hours for a class please coordinate with your instructor.

16 DAU has now provided the following in aid of illness prevention:
Hand Sanitizer in all kitchens, bathrooms and classrooms Disinfectant wipes for keyboards, and desktops These items are provided for use as needed

17 THANK YOU! We hope you enjoy your experience here at our DAU Mid-Atlantic Region Chester Site. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way. We hope you enjoy your experience here at our DAU Mid-Atlantic Region Pax River Site. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way.


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