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John LabanJohn Laban 12 April 2014 + 44 7710 124487

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1 John LabanJohn Laban 12 April 2014 + 44 7710 124487

2 Value Management (VM) - how to systematically apply VM to Data Centres & Information Transport Systems in large offices in Istanbul to reduce costs by at least 33% John LabanJohn Laban + 44 7710 124487

3 John LabanJohn Laban Data Centres & Network Systems Architect Maverick Value Engineer who annoys manufacturers 30+ years experience saving money for customers Part time teacher with 300+ students in Turkey ICT Specialist in the international banking sector Turkish clients include – Ziraat Bank, KKB, POAS & ATOS Design Manager for Canary Wharf London o Istanbul International Finance Centre is a small copy About me + 44 7710 124487

4 John LabanJohn Laban What is Value Management & Value Engineering Value Management Timing Opportunities Why is there so much waste in Turkey Meeting the business requirements Simple tips on how to apply VE & VM Best Value Method to tell the time Contents

5 John LabanJohn Laban To promote Value Management To create behavioural change which reduces waste To make every one of you smile at least once To make you question what you do now To solicit new Value Engineering business So please contact me afterwards to save money My objectives + 44 7710 124487

6 John LabanJohn Laban What's important The single most important challenge facing managers today is having to do more with less survey result London Business School

7 John LabanJohn Laban Value is defined as a fair return or the equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged. Value is represented by the relationship: Value Function/Resources Function is measured by the performance requirements of the customer, and resources are measured in the materials, labour, price, time, etc., required to accomplish that function. Value for Money is defined in UK legislation What is Value

8 John LabanJohn Laban Value Management Timing Opportunities The earlier in the project, the greater the cost reduction potential and the less cost to change PlanningDesignConstructionO & M Cost Reduction Potential Cost to change Typically 30% Typically 10% When the baby is born the baby is born Source TF Group

9 John LabanJohn Laban If a bridge designer is educated by a Concrete manufacturer then the bridge will be made predominately from which of the following materials ? Steel Stone Carbon Fibre Concrete Will this bridge be the optimal Value design solution ? What will it look like ? Teaching bridge design

10 John LabanJohn Laban Concrete bridge

11 John LabanJohn Laban Manufacturer independent bridge design Results in Optimal economy form function value …….. beauty

12 John LabanJohn Laban Structured Cabling is o the forth building utility o the low voltage nervous system o an Information Transport System (ITS) Subsystem ITS Subsystems include o Structured Cabling o Cable Pathways o Spaces – Telecomms Rooms; Server Rooms; …… o Active ICT equipments for BMS, ICT & AV o Administration and more Teaching Structured Cabling Design

13 John LabanJohn Laban Why 90 metres? Who wrote standard which included the 90 metre rule ? Is there another standard that reduces the 90 metres ? Yes the TIA569 and its 100 work area 35 metre rule How many of you are aware of the TIA569 standard ? o written by an academic Where did you get your structured cabling training ? 90 metre rule for structured cabling in offices

14 John LabanJohn Laban 90 metre rule versus TIA569 Standard 180 Work Areas 60 m 30 m TR 90 metre rule Topology TE 90 Work Areas 90 Work Areas TIA569 Standard Topology

15 John LabanJohn Laban Comparison matrix 90 metre rule versus TIA569 Standard Now extrapolate for 100,000 Work Areas in IIFC (multiply above by 555)

16 John LabanJohn Laban Is Category 6A a business requirement for cabling ? What's the Function ? o To support Ethernet speeds up to 10Gbps o To do this only Category6 is required Value Function/Resources Worst Value Function/Cat6A Best Value Function/Cat6 Meeting the business requirements

17 John LabanJohn Laban Function is support of Ethernet speeds up to 10Gbps Category 6 supports 10Gbps for up to 55 metres Worldwide 99.4% of all Data Centre cables are < 55m Why is Cat6A cabling being used in Turkish Data Centres This size Computer Room supports 1,000 cabinets 50 m 55m cable Larger than any Computer Room In Turkey

18 John LabanJohn Laban Why not use 2,000 year old local technology Wind Catchers Are Mosques cool ? Do Mosques use DX ? Why are energy hungry DX cooling systems used in Turkey

19 John LabanJohn Laban Which switches are the most expensive Which servers are the most expensive Why use the most expensive products Manufacturer Brand Status adds no Value to a business ICT is just a cost of doing business Why are expensive ICT products dominant in Turkey

20 John LabanJohn Laban Telling the time in England Phone is atomic clock accurate Capital cost for time function = zero

21 John LabanJohn Laban Telling the time in Turkey – how many are wearing watches capital cost for time function starts from 22,000 TL

22 John LabanJohn Laban Engineering perfection in Turkey will be reached not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. + 44 7710 124487

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