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Poor Man’s Fiber Network

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1 Poor Man’s Fiber Network
Welcome to FISPALIVE Nashville 2014 Poor Man’s Fiber Network By: Chuck Hogg Shelby Broadband

2 Introduction Chuck Hogg President, Shelby Broadband
WISPA President and Board Member An ISP since April 2006 Largest WISP in Kentucky, covering from Southern Indiana to east of Lexington with over 140 sites serving customers FISPALIVE 2014

3 How did we figure it out? Attended nearly every fiber session I could at tradeshows Visited other ISP’s that we felt were leaders in our industry Jason Hunt, Hunt Brothers Telecom Chuck McCown, Wireless Beehive/Beehive Broadband Reviewed multiple locations in our existing service area and began planning Became a CLEC (right of ways) FOA Handbook School of Hard Knocks, we did 3.1 miles over a couple months on the first project; we just finished 2 miles in 2 weeks on our last project FISPALIVE 2014

4 Supporting Equipment 2 Forklifts ($13k) Air Compressor ($5k)
2 Missiles ($2k) Cabinets ($6k) Fitel Fusion Splicer ($6k) Corning Ribbon Fusion Splicer ($4k) Condux Fiber Blower/Pusher ($7k) Double Reel Trailer ($1,250) Ditch With JT922 ($60k) Ditch Witch 4010 ($4k) Splicing Trailer ($13k) FISPALIVE 2014

5 ShelbyBB FTTH Project Our First Deployment 18k feet
72 lots with 54+ Homes FISPALIVE 2014

6 ShelbyBB FTTH Project Vaults (17 at $170ea, $2,890)
3M Splice Cases on eBay (30 at $25ea, $750) 8k’ 6 Strand Drop Cable for service drops ($1,600) 40k’ 1-1/4” SDR HDPE Conduit ($12,800) 11k’ Armored 72 Strand Ribbon ($6,930) 6k’ Armored 96 Strand Ribbon ($4,290) 1.5k’ Armored 24 Strand Ribbon ($660) 10k’ Toneable Flat Drop 4 Strand ($1,190) And many other small accessories and items FISPALIVE 2014

7 ShelbyBB FTTH Project Total cost including labor to install single 1-1/4” duct $6,000 per mile Total cost with installation of the fiber $5,800 per mile Ground Remediation Costs $1,200 per mile Utility damage costs $500 per mile Vault installation $1,000 per mile FISPALIVE 2014

8 ShelbyBB FTTH Project Fiber splicing and preparation $1000 per mile
Project management and planning $1,000 per mile Miscellaneous costs $1,000 per mile Total cost per mile estimated at $17,600 per mile No costs were included for machines or maintenance, but we did include diesel In this project, we had approximately $5,000 in repairs due to bad/old equipment, but newer equipment had $800 in repairs. FISPALIVE 2014

9 ShelbyBB FTTH Project Served by High Capacity 24GHz AirFiber (750Mbit Full Duplex) 2 miles from our facility Actual cost of infrastructure $58k Planet Technology Metro-E Switch $800 RouterBoard 2011 for CPE $100 Average cost of install $500 Installation revenue $300 Expected yearly net revenue of $22k Break-even point approximately 3-4 years FISPALIVE 2014

10 ShelbyBB FTTH Project The 1st with Fiber WINS! FISPALIVE 2014

11 Questions?

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