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Health & Safety Induction Department of _______________.

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1 Health & Safety Induction Department of _______________

2 University of Bath Employers Duty of Care The University owes a duty of care to: –Its employees –Contractors or partner organisations and their employees –Others who may be affected by its work activities (Students/Visitors/local community) The University must: –Provide a written health and safety policy and statement –Assess risks to employees, customers (students), partners and any other people who could be affected by their activities –Arrange for the effective planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of preventive and protective health and safety measures –Ensure they have access to competent health and safety advice –Consult employees about their risks at work, current, preventive and protective measures

3 University of Bath Employees Duty to Co-operate Health & Safety is the responsibility of everyone You have a duty of care to: – yourself –Others around you –Others who may be affected by what you do or dont do You should not interfere with anything which has been provided for your (or others) health, safety and welfare You must use any personal protective equipment provided and as instructed You must co-operate with your employee in respect of Health & Safety You should report any work situation that you believe presents an immediate danger You should report any shortcoming in the employers protection arrangements

4 University of Bath Managing Health & Safety Policy –Safety Policy –Safety Manual of policies Organisation –Identified roles and responsibilities Planning –Risk assessments and risk control system Implementation –Training –Control measures Monitoring –Incident reporting, Audit action plans, Inspections Review and Audit –Programme of Departmental audits and inspections

5 University of Bath Roles and Responsibilities Vice Chancellor (Responsible Officer) ultimate responsibility University Secretary –Chair of Health & Safety Committee –delegated responsibility from the VC Head of Department –main responsibility for operational health and safety of the Department Head of Health, Safety & Environment (Competent Officer) –provides strategic legal advice to senior managers –develops policy, procedures and guidance to support Departments Technical Manager/Safety Co-ordinator –manages risks from work and Departmental activities Employees –responsible for their own safety and others who may be affected by their actions

6 University of Bath Fire Safety Keep fire exits and routes clear at all times Store flammable materials as directed Control ignition sources Keep fire doors closed when not in use Do not smoke in or near buildings Dont interfere with the fabric of the building Think Fire!

7 University of Bath Fire Evacuation Fire alarm –Audible test every Wednesday in specific locations –On discovering a fire, activate the alarm by pushing a red call point –On hearing the alarm evacuate the building by nearest available route and proceed to the assembly point. –Collect personal possessions only if you can do so very easily and quickly. –Wait at the assembly point until informed otherwise Fire drills –Minimum every twelve months but can occur without warning Fire Wardens –Minimum of two in each building. Larger buildings have minimum of two on each floor. –Recognisable by hi-visibility vests Assembly Point –?

8 University of Bath Equal Opportunities Trembler fire alarms available from Estates Fire safety signage in braille Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (please ask your Department if you think you may need one). Available from University Health, Safety & Environment Information in graphic form wherever possible Ramped access Rest rooms available (Wessex House/3 South)

9 University of Bath Incident Reporting An incident could include but is not limited to a road traffic accident, assault, near miss, fire alarm activation, fire All accidents, near misses and incidents should be reported as soon as possible using the approved incident form. –To prevent recurrence –To implement control measures –To comply with legislation First Responders (Security) will attend all incidents –If requested to do so by phoning 666 –If fire alarm activated First Responders will attend all fire alarm activations

10 University of Bath First Aid First Aiders –dial 666 and ask for a first aider –all first aiders are fully trained and have access to a first aid kit –do not use first aid equipment unless you are qualified and authorised to do so by the University Health, Safety & Environment Unit Plasters may be provided by your Department for preventing infection or contamination Defibrillator available on site –Sports Training Village and Security (dial 666)

11 University of Bath Health & Wellbeing Wellbeing Fair Mental Health –Stress Management Occupational Health –Health surveillance –Occupational Disease Information and support is available so please ask your Department if you think you need it. Prevention is always better than cure!

12 University of Bath Workstations Your workstation should be suitable for you –Workstation assessment required upon induction, routinely or after significant change (your assessor is ?) Workstations include: –Desk, chair, computer, telephone, monitor Keep tidy –Dispose of rubbish and aim for a clear desk policy Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (WRULD) –If you already suffer from a WRULD please let your line manager/supervisor know –If you have been given advice about how to use your workstation then please follow it –Co-operate with your Workstation Assessor

13 University of Bath Electrical Safety Extension Cables –Use wisely –Never use more than one extension cable at a time with each appliance –Avoid using extension cables with high wattage appliances such as kettles Portable heaters –Water and electricity dont mix! –Only use earthed three pin plugs –Dont cover Appliances –Portable Appliance Testing routinely between 6 months and 5 years depending on the risk

14 University of Bath Housekeeping Keep floors clear to avoid slip, trip or fall Tidy and restrict cables to prevent them from becoming a hazard Clear up spills immediately Try and keep books and files no higher than eye hieght

15 University of Bath Manual Handling Before you lift, assess the: –Weight, shape and size –Distance you need to travel –Surface beneath you –Environment (wet or cold which may affect your grip) Break it into smaller loads if possible. Get help if you need it. Use lifting equipment provided. Dont lift if in doubt!

16 University of Bath Risk Assessments Read before you act Understand the risks Ask if youre not sure Implement control measures identified

17 Specific Hazards Department of _______________

18 University of Bath Lasers Power –Most lasers at the University are of low power –Lasers used for research may pose a higher risk but access to them is limited to authorised users only Visibility –Laser beams are never obvious and can only be seen if scattered by dust or smoke –Most lasers are embedded in equipment and as such are controlled

19 University of Bath Chemicals Keep quantities to the minimum required. Store flammable chemicals in fire proof cabinets or in external storage which is well ventilated and away from combustibles Transport with care Always label containers Always wash your hands after handling chemicals. Do not eat, drink or smoke in the labs. Always dispose of waste correctly

20 University of Bath Fume Cupboards Close the sash when not in use –To prevent spread of fumes –To reduce energy usage Keep the sash at the lowest height needed to work –To protect you and others from splashes or reactions –To contain any reaction Expensive to install – they are not store cupboards!

21 University of Bath Checklist You should now know what to do if: –You hear the fire alarm –You discover a fire –You need to report an incident –You need first aid treatment –You need support for a health condition –You need a workstation assessment You should now be aware of: –Your legal responsibility –Good housekeeping –Specific Departmental hazards –Risk Assessments

22 University of Bath Further Information Health, Safety & Environment website –Central policies and advice including Safety Policy –Library of generic and specific risk assessments –Guidance and self-training presentations –Information –Templates for assessments and incident reporting etc Quarterly Newsletters –Available from the website –Notice boards Department –Risk assessments – Departmentally specific –Local training, information and instruction

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