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Germfree Profile Germfree was founded in The first products were for the delivery and housing of gnotobiotic animals (germfree research). Germfree.

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1 Class III BSC Biological Safety Cabinets Designed, engineered and manufactured by Germfree

2 Germfree Profile Germfree was founded in The first products were for the delivery and housing of gnotobiotic animals (germfree research). Germfree systems have been purchased by more than 6,000 institutions and companies in the U.S. and 60 other countries worldwide. Our equipment has even gone into space. Global availability: Germfree is a major sponsor of professional associations such as the American Biological Safety Association, the Asia-Pacific Biosafety Association, the European Biological Safety Association, the African Biosafety Association, Mexican Biosafety Association, International Federation of Biosafety Associations, Controlled Environmental Testing Association and the American Glovebox Society.

3 SEA Glovebox Standard unit –available for quick ship out.
All stainless steel construction Ergonomic gloveport design Available in two work area sizes: 1065mm (Two glove) 1420mm (Three glove) Options include: Active HEPA purge airlock Exhaust blower VHP readiness package UPS back-up system GRX glove/sleeve system S.E.A. glovebox with stand, exhaust blower, and UPS- power back up (Safe - Ergonomic – Affordable)

4 Custom Class III BSC and Gloveboxes
Custom engineered for specific application Integration of special equipment Special sizes Biological and/or chemical applications All stainless steel construction Chemical resistant coatings available Ergonomic gloveport design Placement according to workflow Options include: Removable end panel for inserting large equipment Opening front window Active HEPA purge airlock Stainless steel stand Adjustable feet or casters VHP readiness package UPS back-up system GRX glove/sleeve system

5 Class III BSC designed for Mobile Laboratory Applications
Class III BSC with triple door airlock Integrated VHP (Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide) gas decontamination system. Biological and chemical exhaust air filtration systems (ASZM-TEDA carbon filters)

6 Class III BSC Environmental Test Chambers
Specialized Class III BSC systems for that provide a controlled environment for testing the effectiveness of decontamination agents and procedures in a wide range of climatic conditions Temperature and Humidity Control

7 Class III BSC Systems can be provided with additional provisions
for enhanced biosecurity. (security bars for gloveports)

8 Class III BSC for All Hazard Receipt Facilities
Germfree has designed and built specialized Class III glovebox systems for laboratories that are designed and equipped to receive unknown samples such as potential terrorist’s chemical and/or biological weapons. These laboratories are operated by the Department of Homeland Security, state and local Public Health Agencies, Police and Fire Departments, and military units of various countries. Glovebox on a cart for a State Public Health Lab California AHRF glovebox system in production

9 Aerobiology Laboratories
Germfree has designed and built specialized Class III BSC systems for leading research institutions, including USAMRIID, the Department of Homeland Security, the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, Statens Serum Institut, Tulane University, and several Regional Biosafety Laboratories (RBLs) operating under the auspices of the National Institutes of Health. US Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases University of Missouri Aerobiology Glovebox

10 Integrated Aerosol Exposure Systems
Germfree has teamed with two leading designers of specialized aerosol exposure equipment to provide fully integrated aerosol exposure systems. These systems precisely control the challenge concentration and expose a number of subject animals simultaneously to provide uniform exposures for consistent results. All work is carried out in the safety of a Class III glovebox. Fully integrated aerosol exposure system glovebox

11 Integrated Aerosol Exposure Systems
Exposure equipment integrated into the Glovebox reduces set-up time Systems designed for multiple species Gas or vapor phase generators can be integrated for simplified decontamination Nose-Only Exposure System in Glovebox

12 Animal Transport Class III BSC
Transfer cart reduces human handling and therefore stress HEPA filtered airflow through the glovebox assures a comfortable environment while in transit Gloveports on the transfer cart allow for procedures and emergency intervention

13 All Germfree Class III BSCs designed for Operator Comfort
Improved ergonomic features reduce fatigue and stress, key causes of laboratory accidents Large, angled oval gloveports provide freedom of movement Gloveports placed in angled window improve visibility Mock ups provided when integrating specialized equipment

14 Class III BSC Systems designed for Gas Decontamination
Class III BSC designed for separate and/or combined gas decontamination of cabinet airlocks and filter housings. Additional isolation of carbon filters can be provided to allow for different decontamination agents.

15 Integrated Containment Systems
Integrating multiple containment cabinets into a single system offers several important safety and economic benefits: Samples are passed between cabinets within containment Direct passage of materials saves time and reduces packaging Integrated Class II BSC, Class III BSC/Glovebox, and Class I BSC containment systems

16 Integrated Containment Systems
Double Door Autoclave integrated with a Class III BSC

17 Integrated Pass-through Autoclave
Double door autoclave manufactured by Germfree for stand alone and mobile lab applications Includes built-in steam generator Meets BSL-3 requirements 9 different programmable cycles with printer for verification of cycle time, temp and pressure Pass-through double door autoclave

18 Rapid Transfer Ports The Rapid Transfer Port (RTP) system allows the rapid transfer of samples, tools, supplies or waste between primary containment systems.

19 Class II BSC with 190mm RTP integration for sample transport from Class III BSC to Class II BSC.

20 Rapid Containment Kits (RCK)
A low cost solution for: Additional containment space Disposable containment for messy applications Field laboratory

21 Other Custom Equipment
Germfree provides a complete line of custom Class II BSC and Laminar Flow products. Pictured: Vertical Laminar Flow Class I. Div. 1 electrical (explosion proof)

22 Compliant and Tested Germfree Class III BSCs are engineered and manufactured for service in the worlds most advanced BSL-3 and BSL-4 Laboratories. Germfree Class III BSCs will meet applicable global guidelines and standards. Germfree Class III BSCs undergo rigorous testing throughout the manufacturing process. Final testing is performed at the F.A.T. (Factory Acceptance Test) and after installation certification.

23 Germfree Labs, Inc. 11 Aviator Way Ormond Beach, FL USA Phone:

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