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Aquariums, Stands and Canopies Review September 27th, 2012

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1 Aquariums, Stands and Canopies Review September 27th, 2012

2 Majesty Stands & Canopies
Entry level pricing Extensive Range of the most popular sizes For aquariums from 10 gallons to 265 gallons Majesty Canopies can be used with Vintage Pine and Newport Stands. Top opening canopies. Okoume hardwood plywood and solid wood construction – Fully Assembled Water resistant finish in black and oak, coordinated with stands Storage cabinet – sump and canister compatible, with generous storage areas Majesty launched in 2010 to replace the Pine Majesty Range Reason: To refresh the outdated look of Pine Majesty Smooth panels and finish instead of vertical board paneling

3 Vintage Pine Stands Entry level pricing
Limited Range - for most popular tank sizes Stands: 3 sizes for rectangular tanks x 2 finishes = 6 skus 30” x 12” ” x 13” ” x 18” Coordinates with the Majesty canopy line Solid Spruce Wood Construction - Fully Assembled Water resistant finish (black and oak) Storage cabinet – sump and canister compatible. Vintage Pine was “re-launched” late in January 2011 Reason: Some customers stated that they preferred the vertical board paneling over the smooth panels used on the Majesty range

4 Newport Stands Pricing: Medium-Level Pricing
Black matte finish wood cabinet stands with recessed panel door and nickel-polished handle – traditional design for a variety of styles and uses Made of solid wood spruce trim with Okoume (African hardwood) plywood Canister and sump compatible Fully assembled Coordinates with the Majesty canopy line 4 sizes: 20x18 – fits 27 cube 30x12 - fits 20L, 29, 37 48x13 - fits 40E, 55, 60 48x18 - fits 75, 90, 110

5 Monterey Stands & Canopies
Premium/Best Range – Premium fine furniture grade Range - for rectangular tanks 75 gallons to 265 gallons 6 sizes for rectangular tanks all with matching canopies Made of Okoume hardwood plywood with poplar trim Fully Assembled Water and stain resistant finishes (Black & Red Oak) Storage cabinet – sump and canister compatible. Monterey Stands and Canopies are premium to meet the high quality expectations of consumers investing in larger tanks. History: Monterey replaced the Prestige range in 2009

6 Simple Modern Stands Simple Modern Stands: for Cubes and Columns -
2 foot prints (20” x 18”; 30” x 18”) Made of Multi Density Fiberboard (MDF) Composite Easy Open Smoked Glass doors allow for accommodation of any size canister filter One shelf inside cabinet Open back Fully assembled Competitively priced for good value

7 Deep Dimension Aquarium Stands
4 Aquarium sizes: 150 G, 200G, 250G & 300G Monterey Stands available for all 4 sizes of DD aquariums Made from Poplar Finishes available: Black ( 36x36, 48x36, 60x36, 72x36 Red Oak (48x36, 60x36, 72x36) Matching Canopies available 200G Black 48x36 300 G Red Oak 72x36

8 Cube Aquarium Stands Cube Aquarium Stands: 5 Cube Aquarium sizes:
25 cube, 27 cube, 45 cube, 60 cube, & 93 cube Ventura Stands for Cubes 3 footprints (18” x 18” 24” x 24” 30” x 30”) Two finishes - Black and Red Oak Made from Okoume hardwood plywood with solid poplar trim Mid-priced Stands – now shipping with open top as shown in black photo 27 Cube – 20x18x20 Newport or Simple Modern Stand available for this size cube Ventura Simple Modern Newport

9 All Cube Tanks except 27 available with or without OverFlow
Cube Aquariums 25 Cube 18x18x18 45 Cube 24x24x18 60 Cube w/OverFlow 24x24x24 All Cube Tanks except 27 available with or without OverFlow 93 Cube CornerFlo 30x30x24 27 Cube 20x18x20 w/ Newport Stand

10 Geometric Aquariums and Stands
Hexagon Aquariums: 2 Aquarium sizes: 27 Hex, & 60 Hex Majesty stand available for both Column Aquariums 3 sizes – 37 column, 20x18x24 47 column, 20x18x30 56 column, 30x18x24 Stands – 20x18 – Newport; Simple Modern 30x18 – Simple Modern; Majesty Pentagon Aquarium 1 Aquarium size: 44 G Pentagon black Majesty Stand – available in black and oak 47 Column w/ Glass canopy 37 Column w/ Glass canopy

11 Curved-Front “Euro” Aquariums and Stands
3 Aquarium sizes: 28 Euro, 46 Euro & 80 Euro 4 different style aquarium stands available (but not for all sizes) 80 Euro Monterey Stand – Red Oak 28 Euro with Heartland Stand 46 Euro with Majesty Stand – Black only 80 Euro with Monterey Stand and Canopy - Black

12 Half Moon Kits and Stand
Half Moon Aquarium Kits and Stands 3 Aquarium Sizes: 10G, 20G & 30G 10 g kit contains tank, full cover, LED white/moonlight light, internal power filter, 50 W heater 20 & 30 g kit combos contain tank, full cover, LED bar white/moonlight light bar Half Moon Aquarium Stand fits both 20G and 30G tank sizes 10G Half Moon Kit 20 G Half Moon Kit 30 G Half Moon Kit 20/30G Half Moon Stand

13 Aquarium and Stand Warranties
Tank Warranties For tanks 2 ½ Gallon to 10 Gallon – 1 year For 10G Hex and anything 14 Gallon or larger– Limited Lifetime Warranty Stand Warranty Limited 2-Year Warranty for defects in materials or workmanship

14 75G Deluxe ReptoHabitat

15 New Arboreal Deluxe ReptoHabitats – coming in November

16 THE END – Thank you!

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