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Airstream Project: Day 1 (9/17/2012) Monday

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1 Airstream Project: Day 1 (9/17/2012) Monday We received the Airstream at around 10 am. Rescued from a junk yard, our ’ Soviern is in fairly good shape, all considered.

2 Airstream Project: Day 1 (9/17/2012) Monday We start our examination. Otherwise known as exploratory surgery!

3 Airstream Project: Day 1 (9/17/2012) Monday We asses the interior to determine the strategy. It is in original condition except for a standard toilet replacing the camper variety. There are rodent droppings EVERYWHERE. Every drawer has PILES. Everything is coated in a thick layer of nicotine and grease. The mechanical systems are shot.

4 Airstream Project: Day 1 (9/17/2012) Monday We have to cover our noses & mouths to go inside. The smell is horrific. This is pretty much what I expected after looking at several Airstreams to restore. The outsides look pretty good, but the insides are 100% shot. Just as well. I’m looking for a project.

5 Airstream Project: Day 2 (9/18/2012) Tuesday Half way though the second day and we’ve removed all cabinetry and built-ins and are tearing the plastic walls from the bathroom in the rear.

6 Airstream Project: Day 2 (9/18/2012) Tuesday Not too bad for 2 days work. I have my measurements, so I’m off to work on a plan. My parameters are a bit different than most folks restoring an Airstream.

7 Airstream Project: Day 3 (9/19/2012) Wednesday All interior “skins” have been scrubbed with degreaser/disinfectant and have been removed, rolled up and stored for reapplication. Very messy work.

8 Airstream Project: Day 4 (9/20/2012) Thursday With the inner skin removed, wiring and insulation gone. We start to attack the flooring. This is worse than we thought as it is UNDER the walls which are bolted to the steel frame beneath. Lots of small cuts, chiseling and cursing.

9 Airstream Project: Day 5 (9/21/2012) Friday Decided to do some layout on the floor before removing it completely to come up with a viable plumbing plan, now that we can see some of the steel structure beneath. This may alter the placement of key plumbing fixtures. We don’t want to cut through any major support beams.

10 Airstream Project: Day 5 (9/21/2012) Friday Unveiling the proposed floor plan: I will move the kitchen from the center to the front. I can add a peninsula/dining counter to separate it from the “living room” The living room occupies the center of the Airstream and features a large entertainment area with flat screen TV flanked by two floor to ceiling storage cabinets and a full sized proper sofa. There will be NO overhead cabinets anywhere except the two storage cabinets in the living room. Through a doorway (with or without door?) is the master suite. The bathroom is small but efficient with wall to wall mosaic tile, house style toilet, corner sink and a seat (hiding the wheel well). The bedroom beyond features a queen size bed with a dresser and flat screen TV.

11 Airstream Project: Day 5 (9/21/2012) Friday Unveiling the floor plan: The peninsula will have a fold up/fold down dining table at 30” high. The Queen size bed will be a Murphy bed, folding into the back wall. From the bottom of the bed-frame will be a fold down desk with space for a bulletin board, file folder storage, etc. To each side is a 12” wide x 14” high front to back storage area that houses computer printer and supplies. The bed will rest on this when opened. These storage areas double as night stands for the bed when open.

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