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Khaled Mostafa, ABB Electrical Industries, Nov. 2012

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1 Khaled Mostafa, ABB Electrical Industries, Nov. 2012
Khaled Mostafa, ABB Electrical Industries, Nov New Trends in process Automation Power of Integration

2 What is Automatic Control ? Definitions
Automatic controls make some automatic actions based on measuring some parameters and referring to pre-defined conditions to:- 1- Avoid human errors 2- Get faster action 3- Get more accuracy 4- Insure people and equipment’s safety INPUTS LOGIC OUTPUTS

3 Process Automation Basics
Hard wiring Logic Gates Micro Controller

4 Control Systems / Hard Wiring
24 V Start S1 K1 Low Level S10.1 T1 K1 F1 Low Level S10.2 High Level S11.2 Stop S2 High Level S11.1 F1 T1 Inlet Valve SV1 Contactor K1 Run H1 Fault H2 Low H3 High H4 0 V

5 Control Systems / Hard Wiring

6 The Process Industry Hardwiring

7 Control Systems / Logic Gates
24 V Start S1 K1 K1 Stop S2 F1 Low Level S10.2 High Level S11.2 F1 Low Level S10.2 High Level S11.2 OR S / R AND Inlet Valve SV1 Contactor K1 Run H1 Fault H2 Low H3 High H4 0 V

8 Control Systems / Logic Gates

9 The Process Industry Logic Gates

10 Control Systems / PLC 24 V Start S1 K1 Stop S2 F1 Low Level S10.2
High Level S11.2 Contactor K1 Inlet Valve SV1 Run H1 Fault H2 Low H3 High H4 0 V

11 Control Systems / PLC Program

12 Control Systems Low Maintenance Cost

13 The Process Industry Operator Interface

14 Process Industry The Complete package. . .
© ABB Group April 1, 2017 | Slide 14 3BSE en B

15 Process Industry The Complete package. . .
© ABB Group April 1, 2017 | Slide 15 3BSE en B

16 Process Industry The Complete package. . .
© ABB Group April 1, 2017 | Slide 16 3BSE en B

17 Industrial Control Systems Central I/O Signals
Cables Control cabinets Field Devices © ABB Group April 1, 2017 | Slide 17 17

18 Industrial Control Systems Remote I/O Signals
Control cabinets Remote I/Os © ABB Group April 1, 2017 | Slide 18 18

19 Industrial Control Systems Field Buses
Control cabinets Field Devices 19

20 Process Industry Go Deeper in control system evaluation. . .
Initial System Cost Installation Cost Staff Training Cost Engineering cost System cabling cost Commissioning time Fault finding time System extension cost System modification cost Integration cost

21 Industrial Control Systems Technology Trends
I/O signals System I/O Remote I/O Fieldbus-devices time 2000 today system, I/O remote I/O fieldbus-bus

22 Customer benefits of field bus technology
Traditional 4-20mA % of Total cost Field bus Commissioning Testing and commissioning with remote device access 25% Saving 7% Commissioning Installation Installation wiring effort and marshalling panel 3% 26% 17% Design Simplification of P&ID Simplified documentation Design 14% 11% Procurement 44% Procurement numbers of power supplies EEx i barriers size of the equipment room lighter cable 53% This detailed cost study by BP and McDermott engineering company estimated cost savings for fieldbus technology at around 25% over traditional technology. This is an estimation study based on best practice and accumulated project implementation experience. IT made the following assumptions: Fieldbus devices had the same functionality as smart devices i.e. first generation devices. Non I.S. application. 500m home run cables, 10m drop cables. 1000 Analog transmitters, 100 analog actuators. 1000 status inputs, 500 two state outputs. Other studies show savings of 37% when maintenance considerations are taken into account =100% =75% Source: McDermott Engineering Reduction of “total cost of ownership”

23 ABB Control Systems System Selection

24 800xA - The Power of Integration Key areas for Asset Optimization
CMMS integration ONE single maintenance workflow from real time condition monitoring to CMMS Maintenance Workplace Configuration, monitoring and root cause analysis tools AM Custom built Asset monitors Calibration integration Device calibration administration Device integration using fieldbus technologies Profibus&HART, Wireless HART, FF, IEC61850 Understanding condition monitoring of connected devices and equipment Instrumentation, HV/MV/LV electro systems, vibrations, IT and process equipment What are the key areas for 800xA Asset Optimization in the big 800xA ”The Power of Integration” picture? All modern field devices, electrical equipment etc contain (often) very advanced diagnostic information which is needed from a maintenance perspective. ABB offers market leading products in instrumentation and electrification for industrial plants and therefore has a deep knowledge and understading of different type of condition monitoring. This also includes knowledge in condition monitoring of mechanical equipment, process equipment and IT infrastructure equipment. Fieldbus technology plays an important role in a control system to get access to diagnostic data from field equipment. Traditional hardwired connections limit the amount of diagnostic data that can be used for maintenance analysis. When the diagnostic/maintenance data is collected 800xA empowers the maintenance users with a specific workplace, the Maintenance Workplace. From this workplace the maintenance users can monitor equipment and make the right decisions based on real-time diagnostic data. To promote collaboration and and streamline the overall work processes related to maintenance one must connect and share maintenance data between the DCS system and a CMMS system. 800xA Asset Optimization offers a unique level of integration to CMMS (typical MAXIMO and SAP/PM). Another important part to promote collaboration is integration to calibration systems for calibration of process instrumentation. 800xA supports all required open standards to integrate to a 3:rd party calibration system. There are several systems on the market and customers often have different levels and strategies for calibration. Finally 800xA Asset Optimization offers a unique possibility combine equipment data and process data to customize any type of condition monitoring. A typical example could be that maintenance interval on an asset is a combination of equipment carachteristics and maybe the outdoor temperature. The AO SDK software enables any type of condition monitoring based on the AO framework. The result is one single way of working for all types os condition monitoring.

25 The Process Industry Ordinary Controls
Programmable Logic Control Process Control Motor Control Centers Asset Optimization Engineering Operations Information Management Quality Control Systems “Traditional” DCS/OCS Advanced Control Safety

26 The Process Industry Modern Controls
An IndustrialIT System Instrumentation & Drives Information Management Asset Optimization Quality Control Systems Safety Motor Control Centers Advanced Control And Industry Solutions Process and Logic Control Operations Engineering

27 The Process Industry Paper Mill / Stock Preparation

28 The Process Industry Power Management System
0.0 1.8 2.1 3.3 2. 50.1 1.5 4.8 3.9 MW Hz kV

29 Energy Index Improvement Sugar Industry
Khaled Mostafa, Nov. 2012 Energy Index Improvement Sugar Industry © ABB Month DD, YYYY | Slide 29

30 The Energy Index Improvement Potential Areas
Steam Generation Steam Distribution Steam Utilization Heat Exchangers Pumps and Fans Control loops & valves

31 The Energy Index Improvement Example
30% Efficiency Steam Turbines Driving Sugar Cane Mills, Fans and Pumps

32 The Energy Index Improvement Steam Turbines in Sugar Mills

33 The Energy Index Improvement Replace Steam Turbines with VSD

34 The Energy Index Improvement Electric Drives
45% Efficiency Steam Turbines to drive Electric Generators, feeding VSD

35 Electric Motors vs Steam Turbines
Higher Efficiency Flexible Control Easy Maintenance Use of excess Power Less Footprint, space saving Simple Construction

36 © ABB Group April 1, 2017 | Slide 36

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