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State of Tennessee Department of General Services Mission: To provide essential centralized services to support the daily operation of State government.

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1 State of Tennessee Department of General Services Mission: To provide essential centralized services to support the daily operation of State government.

2 STATE OF TENNESSEE DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL SERVICES CENTRAL PROCUREMENT OFFICE PRE-BID CONFERENCE SWC 433 Digital Hybrid Key Telephone (DHKT) Systems RFI Event: #32110-7321 February 20, 2014 1:30PM Morrow Conference Room *Please Sign In

3 Agenda Welcome & Introductions Disclaimer Tentative Schedule of Events Terms and Conditions Diversity Business Specifications Bid Evaluation Additional Question and Answer

4 Welcome and Introductions Event Coordinator Richard Kotler Department of General Services Central Procurement Office 312 Rosa L Parks Avenue, 3 rd Floor Nashville, TN 37243 615-253-4723

5 Disclaimer All answers provided during the Pre-Bid are not official until the State amends the solicitation. Questions must be submitted in writing prior to the Written Questions & Comments Deadline in order to receive an official answer from the State. Central Procurement policy has been revised to where pre-bid conferences are no longer recorded.

6 Tentative Schedule of Events 1. Pre-Bid Event Posted11:00 A.M.February 11, 2014 2. Pre-Bid Conference Held1:30 P.M.February 20, 2014 3. All Written Question Due4:30 P.M. February 25, 2014 4. State Response to written Questions4:30 P.M.February 28, 2014 5. Sourcing Event Posted2:00 P.M. February 28, 2014 6. Sourcing Event Closing2:00 P.M.March 7, 2014 7. Bid Analysis Complete-March 14, 2014 8. Vendor(s) Recommended-March 19, 2014 9. Contract Awarded - April 2, 2014 10.Awarded Vendor will Receive Contract-April 11, 2014 11. Contract Term Begins-May 1, 2014 12. Initial Contract Renewal Date-April 30, 2015

7 Event Details 1. Standard Terms and Conditions 2. Special Terms and Conditions 3. Specifications 4. Evaluation Model Lines and Details

8 Terms and Conditions Bidders Should Review All Standard and Special Terms and Conditions. Below are selected Terms and Conditions. Not all Special Terms and Conditions will be covered. Please, hold all questions on Terms and Conditions until the end of this section.

9 Terms and Conditions Term of Contract - Multi-Year, pg. 6 of Terms & Conditions Total Number of Years if all Options are exercised: 3 Start Date: May 1, 2014 Initial End Date: April 30, 2015 Final End Date: April 30, 2017

10 Terms and Conditions Volume, Multi-Year, pg. 6 of Terms & Conditions The total purchases of any individual item on the contract are not known. The Central Procurement Office has attempted to give an accurate estimate of probable purchases of each item from the current contract period and projected estimates for the new contract period. The Central Procurement Office does not guarantee that the state will buy any or all estimated amounts of any specified item or any total amount. Projected Spend New Contract Period : 1st 12 MONTHS: $ 285,000 2nd 12 MONTHS: $ 285,000 3rd 12 MONTHS: $ 285,000

11 Terms and Conditions Single Award, pg. 10 Terms & Conditions Single Award Award by Line Item Award by Grouped Lines Award Criteria, pg. 10 of Terms & Conditions An award shall be made to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder considering the following: - Ability to Perform - Conformity to Specifications -Lowest Cost

12 Terms and Conditions Fixed Bid Percentage for contract period (no changes allowed), pg. 8 of Terms & Conditions Bid percentage (%) discount or surcharge amount per line item must be fixed for the entire term of the contract. Fixed Bid Price for Contract Period (No Price Increase Allowed), pg. 9 of Terms & Conditions Bid prices must be fixed for the term of the contract, except the state shall be advised of and receive the benefit of any price decrease in excess of five (5) percent automatically. The vendor/contractor must provide written price reduction information within ten (10) days of its effective date.

13 Diversity Business Language concerning Diversity Business with the State of Tennessee can be found on pages 15-18 in the Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions Jessica Starling Diversity Business Liaison 615-532-0352

14 Specifications Below are a listing of highlighted specifications. Not all specifications are covered below. It is the Bidders responsibility to review all specifications. Please, hold all questions on specifications until the end of the section.

15 Analog and Digital Centrex Telephones: -Analog/Digital phones must be industry standard Color coordinated coil hand set cords no less than 12 feet Line cord no less than 14 feet with modular plug termination - Digital Centrex add on modules/accessories: 18, 22 and 36 Button modules Stand/Backplate for module/telephone connection AC power adapter Cordless Telephones Specifications

16 Cordless Telephone features: 5.8 GHZ Digital Technology Caller ID Call Waiting Handset and base speakerphone capability Belt clip & headset jack capability Minimum 30 name & number phone directory Wall mountable Mute Conference calling on multi-unit models Specifications

17 Answering Machine Requirements Digital recording caller ID compatibility Voice prompts Time/day stamp Call screening Skip and repeat. Specifications

18 Headset Units and Accessories: Base and power for hard wired headsets Top of ear – dual receiver for hard wired headset Band type single receiver for hard wired headset Adapter, AC power supply for amplifier 9 hour talk time for battery usage Headset, wireless, office, range up to 350 feet, over ear style, security, privacy, 64 bit digital Up to 0.75 oz weight Headset, wireless, office, bluetooth capability, range standard 33 feet, over ear style, 0.75 oz weightcompatible for use with HL 10 lifter Specifications

19 Specifications Catalog Requirements: IP, Digital, Cordless and Analog Telephones Single line answering machines Headsets Audio conferencing equipment Only Items within scope of contract with accessories Compatibility with existing product base Warranty of 2 years- vendor to maintain data base of equipment and serial numbers Delivery: 5 to 30 business days or less

20 Below is an explanation of how to bid on this Sourcing Event. Do not bid any lines in Edison. Instead complete and attach the evaluation model. Prospective bidders should follow registration instructions in the RFI package in order to be eligible to bid on the upcoming event for this SWC. Paper Bids are acceptable, online bids preferred. Evaluation Model and Bidding

21 Sourcing Event # 7321- Telephones and Accessories Bidder Name:_ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ All pricing and calculations will be verified for correctness and accuracy by the State. In the event of a discrepancy between the pricing and/or percentages on the bidder's Evaluation Model and the pricing and/or percentages on the sourcing event, the pricing on the sourcing event shall prevail. The State of Tennessee will verify all entries on the Evaluation Model submitted with the bid and correct inconsistencies between the Evaluation Model spreadsheet and the pricing and/or percentages on the sourcing event and between the Evaluation Model spreadsheet and the pricing catalog/price list submitted with the bid. LineItem DescriptionPart Number MSRP Price (Each) Percentage Bid Bid Price (Each)Quantity Extended Bid Price Category 1 IP TELEPHONES AND ACCESSORIES 0.000000 1 Multi-Line Video PhoneCP9951$0.000.000000$0.005 2 Cisco IP Unified Conference Station-CharcoalCP7937G$0.000.000000$0.0010$0.00 3 Telephone IP Unified CiscoCP7965G$0.000.000000$0.00100$0.00 4 Telephone IP Unified CiscoCP7962G$0.000.000000$0.0050$0.00 5 Telephone Expansion Module (sidecar), CiscoCP7916$0.000.000000$0.0075$0.00 6 IP Phone, Mainstream Desktop for Microsoft LyncCX600$0.000.000000$0.0020$0.00 7 Footstand, single for Cisco CP7916 moduleCP-SINGLEFOOTSTAND$0.000.000000$0.0010$0.00 8 12 Foot Charcoal Handset Cord- match CiscoCP-HANDSET-CORD-12$0.000.000000$0.0015$0.00 TOTAL Cost Category 1 $0.00 Category 2 CENTREX PHONES AND ADD-ON MODULES AND ACCESSORIES 0.000000 9Nortel Meridian Centrex Digital Mult-Line Phone-Black M5316$0.000.000000$0.0020$0.00 1022 button Add-on Module for M5316 M522$0.000.000000$0.005 11Aastra Single Line Telephone-charcoal M9116LP$0.000.000000$0.0060$0.00 12Telephone, Aastra Meridian 7 Prog M9110$0.000.000000$0.0090$0.00 13Aastra Black Telephone 2 line M9120$0.000.000000$0.0020$0.00 14Telephone, Aastra Meridian M5008$0.000.000000$0.0015$0.00 15Telephone, Aastra Meridian M9417$0.000.000000$0.0015$0.00 16Series A/C Power Adapter for Centrex Sets M5000$0.000.000000$0.0020$0.00 TOTAL Cost Category 2 $0.00

22 Evaluation Model and Bidding Category 3 CORDLESS TELEPHONES, BASIC PHONES, ANSWERING MACHINES, CONFERENCE PHONES AND ACCESSORIES 0.000000 17Basic Desk Telephone Set-Ash 2500$0.000.000000$0.0050$0.00 18Basic Wall Set-Black Telephone 2554$0.000.000000$0.0010$0.00 19Answering Machine AT7T Model 1739$0.000.000000$0.005 20Conference Phone, Wireless Soundstation 2200-07880-001$0.000.000000$0.005 21Cordless Answering Machine and Phone-ATT CL82209$0.000.000000$0.0010$0.00 TOTAL Cost Category 3 $0.00 Category 4 HEADSETS AND HEADSET ACCESSORIES 0.000000 22 Headset Blackwire USB Noice Canceling Binauural Plantronics C620$0.000.000000$0.00120$0.00 23Headset Blackwire Convertible Plantronics 435$0.000.000000$0.00200$0.00 24Headset Voyager Pro UC Bluetooth, Dual Mic. Plantronics B230$0.000.000000$0.0015$0.00 25Headset Wireless 3 in 1 convertible Plantronics CS540$0.000.000000$0.0010$0.00 26Headset Wireless Dect 6.0 convertible PC Plantronics SAVI W440$0.000.000000$0.00150$0.00 27Headset Plantronics HW251N$0.000.000000$0.0010$0.00 28Headset Binaural Plantronics HW261N$0.000.000000$0.00100$0.00 29Wireless Headset Plantronics CS70$0.000.000000$0.0020$0.00 30Wireless Headset Dect 6.0 over ear Plantronics SAVI W730$0.000.000000$0.0015$0.00 31Wireless Headset Dect 6.0 over ear Plantronics SAVI W720$0.000.000000$0.0020$0.00 32Wireless Headset Dect 6.0 Plantronics SAVI W740$0.000.000000$0.0020$0.00 33Adapter Control Hookswitch APC40$0.000.000000$0.0075$0.00 34Wireless Headset Plantronics CS530$0.000.000000$0.0010$0.00 35Wireless Headset Plantronics H251N$0.000.000000$0.0010$0.00 36Wireless Headset Plantronics H261N$0.000.000000$0.0070$0.00 TOTAL Cost Category 4 $0.00

23 Summary Pricing TOTAL Cost Category 1 $0.00 TOTAL Cost Category 2 $0.00 TOTAL Cost Category 3 $0.00 TOTAL Cost Category 4 $0.00 GRAND TOTAL Evaluated Bid Price$0.00

24 Question and Answer Event Coordinator Richard Kotler Department of General Services Central Procurement Office 312 Rosa L Parks Avenue 3 rd Floor Nashville, TN 37243 615-253-4723

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