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Manufacturing Process. Corporate Structure Research and Development.

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1 Manufacturing Process

2 Corporate Structure

3 Research and Development

4 Production

5 Types of Production Mass Production – assembly line, interchangeable parts Craftsman – custom made –What are the advantages of each? –What are the disadvantages of each?

6 Marketing

7 Quality Control

8 Distribution

9 Open Ended Response

10 Answer a. 1. Research and Development 2. Production 3. Marketing b. 1. R & D – this division will figure out what style, materials will be used for the sneaker. They will then test the products. 2. Production – the product will be manufactured. Here cost will come into play and location of the factory. 3.Marketing – this divisions role will be to advertise the product. Will try to get people to buy their product.

11 Open Ended Response Drew wants to put oak cabinets in his new kitchen. He is deciding whether to select custom-built cabinets or mass-produced cabinets. a. Describe one advantage of selecting custom- built cabinets. b. Describe one advantage and one disadvantage of selecting mass-produced cabinets. c. Describe one way that mass-produced products are made differently than custom-built products.

12 Answer a.Custom-made: Advantage - Quality, they are made by hand usually by skilled craftsmen. These people are more likely to care about the product that comes out of their shop. Sizing is more likely to be exact since the craftsmen will take the measurements and build to size rather than buying cabinets you hope will fit.

13 Answer b.Mass-produced: Advantage - less expensive because so many are made at the same time; Dont have to worry about hiring someone to make the product; Disadvantage – quality suffers because a machine is making the cabinet rather than a human; May not be exactly what you want. c.Mass-produced products are made by machines saving time and money; Custom-built products are made by hand, adding time and money to the project.

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