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Google SketchUp John Doran CST494 Applied Computer Graphics.

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1 Google SketchUp John Doran CST494 Applied Computer Graphics

2 Project Choice Interior design of a house Research for floor plans and pictures for ideas I chose the Dogwood Ridge house plan I decided to make a few changes to original

3 Dogwood Ridge Floor Plan

4 Dogwood Elevation (front)

5 Methodology Use as many measurements from floor plan as possible to get a properly scaled model. Focus on the Great Room and Kitchen (most interesting and the most photo references.) Create model in the order: 1. Outer walls 2. Inner walls 3. Counters and Fireplace 4. Appliances and Furniture 5. Doors and Windows 6. Paint and Material Selection

6 SketchUp Tools (1) Push/Pull Tool Pulled walls and fireplace out of ground. Pulled cabinets out of walls. Pulled doors out of cabinets. Created stair case and archway in Great Room.

7 SketchUp Tools (2) Tape Measure Used to create guidelines and guide points. Offset Tool Created countertops Used also with wall thickness. Length Dialog Box Used everywhere.

8 SketchUp Tools (3) Follow Me Tool Staircase railing Fan hood in kitchen. Rotate and Move/Copy Tools Logs in the fireplace. Staircase railing posts.

9 Staircase Railing with Follow Me Tool

10 Centering Windows Using Inference Points

11 Kitchen

12 Great Room

13 Staircase

14 Birds Eye

15 Actual Photos

16 Good Features Most tools are intuitive and easy to use. Length dialog box good for exactness. Follow me Tool good for more complicated geometries. X-ray setting for face style helps check point/line placement.

17 Difficulties Difficult to tell where points are snapping Especially when the geometries are more complicated and have more edges. May not realize face is not complete until you go to paint. Navigation could be easier.

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