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…helping our customers succeed together. LCDR Michael Whitecar, MSC, USNR LT Joseph Lawrence, MSC, USN LT Marc Young, MSC, USN.

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1 …helping our customers succeed together. LCDR Michael Whitecar, MSC, USNR LT Joseph Lawrence, MSC, USN LT Marc Young, MSC, USN

2 WARNING: Naval Medicine Online (NMO) may cause you to think differently and out of the box. The NMO team assumes no risk for how you react or behave after this presentation.

3 Vision …to be the Yahoo! of Naval Medicine

4 Mission Naval Medicine Online (NMO) will provide value to our people of Naval Medicine and its beneficiaries of our services medical and business-based Internet services and information; opportunities for peer-to-peer discovery and development; and a repository of authoritative and qualitative data driven web services.

5 Naval Medicine Online …is Naval Medicines new online presence reaching out to its customers including over 2.6 million beneficiaries. …aggregates Naval Medicine business processes into a consolidated, manageable, and tailored solution. …is an effective way to aggregate information from several different sources into one convenient location. …establishes a central point of access to existing key business information and applications, as well as bringing people, processes, and content together into a collaborative environment. …provides productive, self-service tools for publishing information to improve clinical business agility through streamlining the complexity of user interfaces, business processes, and content management.

6 Who are our customers? NAVAL MEDICINE: Represented by the doctors, providers, nurses, hospital corpsman, and administrators serving under both active duty Naval and Marine corps personnel, government employees, and foreign national serving us overseas. THE WAR FIGHTER: This includes our active and reserve sailors, soldiers, and marines onboard ships and commands around the world. THE WAR FIGHTERS FAMILIES: We support over 2.6 million beneficiaries PARTNERSHIPS: This includes our sister services, government agencies (TMA, MHS), commercial services (Gartner, Health Advisory Board), and other IT initiatives. RETIREES: We must ensure that those who have served us in the past are not forgotten. TAX PAYER: ALL OF US. Our tax payers have the right to know when their money is being spent on.

7 A new way of thinking Old WayThe NMO Way Hire expensive web masters to post information on the web. Develop easy-to-use services that provide the data owners with a process to post, update, and monitor information. Develop in-house web-based tools that typically evaporate after the developer leaves. Introduce Peer-to-Peer Development that provides online tools to develop services on NMO using any web programming language. Jump into developing new services or web applications without understanding the business process behind it. Live and breath enterprise architecture. Understand what makes Naval Medicine tick and know where we fit into the process. Create new information amongst ourselves without the ability to share; look for information that is not immediately available. Through Peer-to-Peer Discovery, automatically sense information relevant to that instance of time and need. Establish contracts for personnel and resources to develop local services or create entire web sites. Use NMO services that are pre-built and customizable to the commands requirements. In need of data, establish connection sand download copies or borrow from others. Take advantage of NMOs Program of Record concept to provide authoritative, qualitative, and warranted driven data.

8 Culture change required Current PracticeThe DOT.COM Way We need class room training.Where did you go to learn Yahoo! or make reservations on Orbitz? We need web masters to post our information because the Internet is too hard. Why did Yahoo! buy Geocities? Because so many people are creating their own web sites using easy to use online tools. It is so hard to find information.What is our core business? Do our Internet strategies reflect this? Why do we have to go to so many different web sites? Because we refuse to release control…many turf battles. We have to have a corporate web site. What is Naval Medicine? Is it BUMED? Is it each individual treatment facilities? We need one presence to conduct many different processes.

9 NMO TOL NKO Patient Care Naval Medicine Business Career Planning ForceNet Integration What about the others?

10 Just to name a few… Key Command List with MapQuest integration Event Calendar with web page design and registration services Search Naval Medicine claimancy using integrated Google search engine.* Naval Medicine White Pages with Distribution Lists Create custom and group tool kits Collaborate with others using File Cabinets and Online Forums Create public and private online surveys Host your own command web site Manage Projects Create Metric Dashboards Conduct online GMT

11 What do you want to do? I want to…NMO Service (examples) Post documents so others can view.File Cabinets: Store documents that you would like to share publicly or privately with other NMO users. Post information to the Internet.Web Hosting: Create a command Internet or Intranet web site with six easy steps (webmaster not required). Provide basic online General Military Training (GMT) inSession: Upload PowerPoint presentations and NMO will convert to web graphics, track attendees, and provide administration tools and reports. Track the status of projects with other users from different commands. iStatus: You can track projects, tasks, and updates with the ability to produce reports by member or entire projects that output to MS Word. Conduct an in-house survey to determine what type of holiday party the command would like to have. Survey: Using online survey tool, anyone can create a private or public survey and receive results. Post command and community of practice events.Calendar: NMO events can be private or public with web page creation and email notification.

12 Our Strategy FOCUS ON EARLY ADOPTERS: These people discover things on their own, they seek opportunities and try to make things work. We need to capitalize on this as their successes using NMO will be shared with others. USE PROGRAM OF RECORD: Program of Record systems or applications provide authoritative data and services and maintain their own funding line. We can reduce risk, reduce costs, and ensure data accuracy by leveraging on systems already built. THINK LIKE A BUSINESS: Yahoo!, eBay, and Amazon. COM are all successful because they know who their customers are and they have a bottom line. Orbitz.COM and Marriott. COM provide a service of booking airline flights and hotel rooms within 30 seconds of using their site. Why? Because they are a business and they think like a business. We must do the same! FASTER, BETTER, AND CHEAPER: We build our services like Dell builds computers. We must build and reuse independent components to quickly assemble new business processes. FREEDOM TO CHOOSE AND USE: Our customers have choices. If their choices are limited or controlled, they will go somewhere else. There are Early Adopters because they are free to choose and use. CAPTURE THE EXPERIENCE: There is a sense of gratification when we are able to satisfactorily conduct business over the web. We must capture that experience and share it with others. PROVIDE ONE FOCUS: Naval Medicine, like other organizations, is large and complex. Our customers are faced with unmanaged information and services. We need to eliminate and/or reduce the existence web infrastructures to one focus. Naval Medicine needs one location that will direct our customers to their needs. INSTITUTIONALIZE: NMO is more than a great web site…it is a service that must be integrated into existing infrastructures and services. Using Outlook Today as an example, would be a great place to add search and MedNews services. AS SEEN ON TV

13 Marketing Strategy Innovators Early Adopters Early & Late Majority Laggards OUR FOCUS: Early Adopters discover things on their own, they seek opportunities and try to make things work. We need to capitalize on this as their successes using NMO will be shared with others. Moores idea diffusion curve shows how a successful business innovation moves – from left to right – and affects ever more consumers until it finally reaches everyone. The x-axis, along the bottom, shows the different groups an idea encounters over time, while the y-axis shows how many people are in group.

14 Provide a Repository of Authoritative and Qualitative Data Driven Web Services Enable Opportunities for Peer-to-Peer Discovery and Development Road Maps Provide Medical and Business-Based Internet Services and Information Initial value provided by NMO through channels of services and informative market-driven information Automatically discover new information and connect people. Provide common development environment. Provide data feeds to other portals, systems or initiatives using XML web services. PHASE I PHASE II PHASE III Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun 03 04

15 MS Office Applications and Desktop Phase I Command Services GMTWeb HostingSurveys Dashboards Key Command List Medical Readiness Calendar Command Check In Project Management More… Personalized/Predefined Toolkits Command Services Search EnginesBookmarks White PagesNews FlashWeather More… Provide Business-Based Internet Services and Information Home Page and My NMO Naval Medicine PAO/MedNews Feeds

16 Enable Peer-to-Peer Discovery and Development Phase II NMO PRODUCTION NMO DEVELOPMENT MULTI-WEB LANGUAGE SUPPORT COMMON WEB-SERVICES (API) SUPPORT REAL TIME ONLINE PROGRAMMING ENVIRONMENT Business Rules MTF DTF Capitalize on skunk work value Develop services from virtually anywhere Share a common API using web services Develop services using a variety of web programming languages (ASP,ColdFusion,JSP,Perl) COMMAND SERVICES PERSONALIZED/ PREDEFINED TOOLKITS

17 Phase II PPD 6 Step Repeating Cycle 1 2 3 4 5 6 DATA INFORMATION CREATED SEARCH CATALOGED PRESENTED LEARNED AUTO SENSORY CONNECT VIA PROXY CREATE NEW DIALOG Public Email, Documents, Discussions, Internet Web Sites Searched and Cataloged by Google Pattern Recognition Processed by Autonomy New information presented through a variety of layers (i.e. NMO) Automatically bring sources together Forums, Chat, VTC, etc. Enable Peer-to-Peer Discovery and Development

18 Phase II PPD 6 Step Repeating Cycle Example 1 2 3 4 5 6 DATA INFORMATION CREATED SEARCH CATALOGED PRESENTED LEARNED AUTO SENSORY CONNECT VIA PROXY CREATE NEW DIALOG 1 2 3 123 123 ? 123 Similar information 12 4 4 1234 1234 New similar information First cycle nth cycle LEGEND: 123 Original data 4 New discovery Dialog Repeat cycle Enable Peer-to-Peer Discovery and Development


20 Introducing NMO Tool Kits NMO Tool Kits are customizable containers that hold a variety of NMO services in one logical group or sequence. NMO Tool Kits are available in two flavors: CUSTOM: These are user defined tool kits that may be tailored to your own needs. PREDEFINED: These are the same as CUSTOM, however, the originator of the tool kit is the owner and controls what the toolkit contains and who can access it through user defined DISTRIBUTION LISTS. Additionally, invited members are unable to remove or add additional services.

21 What can I do with a tool kit? GET ORGANIZED: NMO Tool Kits provide a great way to organize your NMO services into a convenient logical container. For example, you could have a toolkit to contain services relative to your office: NMO Dashboard (metrics), NMO iStatus (Project Management), and NMO File Cabinets (document management). BUILD AN INTRANET: Using a NMO Predefined toolkit, you can provide access to other NMO users who fall under a specific UIC that may contain NMO services relative to your command. CREATE A COMMUNITY OF INTEREST: Share documents, conduct online discussions (coming soon), create calendar events, or engage in a project.

22 What services are available for a tool kit? COMMAND LEVEL Conduct online GMT Track Employee Time Provide command information Create a command web site Automate your command check-in process Track Tasks INDIVIDUAL LEVEL Track Metrics Create Surveys Receive Medical News *Collaborate in online discussions Store, retrieve, and share documents *Retrieve your individual medical readiness Share Best Business Practices Keep a calendar of events *Search Naval Medicine using our new Google search engine *Release date pending

23 Are tool kits secure? NMO Tool Kits use the same security features of NMO through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and is currently testing Private Key Infrastructure (PKI). NMO Tool Kits can be public or private controlled by command UICs, NMO user types, or user defined distribution lists.

24 NMO Sample Solutions REQUIREMENTPROPOSED NMO SOLUTION P&T want to know why the medical staff consistently prescribes "secondary" drugs over P&T recommended "preferred drugs" Create a survey using NMOs Survey service A medical staff physician wants to know what actions were taken at the last meeting regarding a specific "formulary addition" request Storing notes in File Cabinets, create web pages, or start an online collaborative conversation A civilian physician, out in town, want to know what "decongestants" are on the pharmacy formulary Use NMOs Key Command List for a central repository of command information An active duty family moving just received orders to the area and wants to know if they carry his children's medications Use NMOs Key Command List and Command Check In A member of the medical suspects an ADR, seeks information on how to report Use NMOs Peer-to-Peer Development service to create an online database for ADR entry, monitoring and reporting. The chair persons for ECOMS (Executive Committee of the Medical Staff) wants to know in real time what the rates are for medication errors and or adverse drug reactions Use NMOs PPD. P&T members want to discuss proposals with medical staff members who may located hundreds of miles away in branch medical clinics Use NMOs online collaboration suite. A nurse wants to know how to report a medication error Integrate MedMARX data feeds into NMO

25 What is the next step? ENJOY! Please contact if you need additional assistance.

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