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When I walk down Eighth Avenue, man, I see rhythms, I dont see downtown Cab Calloway.

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3 When I walk down Eighth Avenue, man, I see rhythms, I dont see downtown Cab Calloway

4 What inspires YOU?…


6 I never met a color I didnt like Dale Chihuly I love to walk along the beach and go to the ocean. And glass itself, of course, is so much like water. If you let it go on its own, it almost ends up looking like something that came from the sea Dale Chihuly

7 originality is returning to the origin Antoni Gaudi divine inspiration

8 inverted tension




12 JK Rowling


14 Paul Taylor I don't really think about dance except just before rehearsals start. I put it off. I don't live my life thinking about dance.

15 Olafur Eliasson


17 Chuck Hoberman

18 its about relationships, not about things

19 common thread

20 so.. how can YOU truly innovate, break new ground... get new inspiration… by only looking inward... …inside the paradigms of your life, within your product category, inside your belief system, within your comfort zone? You need to look beyond the obvious

21 Its just good for the soul its about creating an experience… environment…o bject… that makes people feel differently, and act differently innovation? Inspiration +

22 Its about solving for a need.. in a way that hasnt been done before…


24 liberate yourself to ask questions that will unleash your imagination

25 the secret sauce Good music comes out of people playing together, knowing what they want to do and going for it. It's really teamwork, one guy supporting the others, and it's all for one purpose… And nobody conducting, it's all up to you. It's really jazz …….that's the big secret.

26 the secret sauce + innovation

27 a story

28 Invigorate a kitchen cabinet brand with new-to-the-world, functional innovations

29 Idealreality inspiration

30 I want my cabinets to Last a long time I dont want to be Embarrassed I want to know when theres a leak I want my stored things to stay dry Once its damaged, its that way forever 35%

31 wet environments? forces of nature

32 beauty

33 © 2010


35 When times are tough, beauty and nuance matter

36 Art is a distant early warning system that can always be relied on to tell the old culture what is beginning to happen Marshall McLuhan

37 Business must now study art (and design), for the artist makes models of problems and situations that have not yet emerged in the larger matrix of society… John Kenneth Galbraith

38 Imagine…the day after tomorrow

39 MAKE yourself look for inspiration where youve never looked before When you innovate, the only risk is not going far enough MAKE yourself ask questions that others are afraid to ask

40 What inspires YOU?…


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