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RO Demineralisers, Medium Flow

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1 RO Demineralisers, Medium Flow
Demineralisers Medium Flow. Units available Mod. 4VA0X00: Cancelled Many membranes replaced in guarantee period. Corrosion problems due to high salinity Chlorine remover filter insufficient (chlorine damages the membranes) Few pre-treatments available Low Salinity Production (m3/day) 4VA0100 2.5 4VA0200 5 4VA0300 10 4VA0400 20

2 RO Demineralisers Medium
Demineralisers Medium Production Capacity. Units available Mod. 4DAXX00: Available Equipments to process water from wells and brackish water, suitable to treat up to mg/l (low salinity) and mg/l (high salinity) of TDS, respectively. It can be mounted in a small cabinet Mod Optional production capacity increase with adittional membranes (1-4) Options: Chlorine remover filter, silex filter, iron remover filter, organic matter filter. Biocide doser, Bisulfite and water softener for boilers. Low Salinity High Salinity Production (m3/day) Membranes 4DA1100 4DA2100 4-6 1 4DA1200 4DA2200 8-12 2 4DA1300 4DA2300 14-18 3 4DA1400 4DA2400 20-22 4 Iron remover Filter Silex-antracite Filter Chlorine remover Filter Organic Matter Filter Biocide Doser Bisulfite Doser

3 RO Demineralisers Medium
Demineralisers Medium Capacity. Units available in cabinet assembled-in Mod & : Available Equipment with 2,5 m3/d ( ) and 5 m3/d ( ). Suitable for Jet-Wash centres. Optional devices for centres CAXX00 currently available Water softener is required Mod , which supplies the boiler also. Mod Mod Mod : Available Integration of Demineraliser Water Softner Equipment with 4-5 m3/d and water softener 2x40L Optional device for one bay Jet-Wash centre 4CB0500 Water softener supplies RO and boiler. Mod

4 RO Demineralisers Medium
Demineralisers Medium Capacity. Available references in cabinet assembled for Jet Wash Nowadays, we offer for 4-6m3/ day : Old references for low salinity (4DA0100) Demineralisered water reserve tank 1000 l. (platform included) Water pump to supply high pressure units. Optional: 20” filter, Duplex Water Softener for boiler and demineraliser, thermal insulation and heater.

5 RO Demineralisers Medium
Demineralisers Medium Capicity. Available references in cabinet assembled for Jet Wash Under development Mod. 4DA0300, it will be available for 4,5 m3 / day with the new technology: This model will replace the model (4DA0100) after a brief period of re-engineering. Pump for water to feed the high pressures included in the set. Optionals: Chlorine remover filter, Silex filter , Water Softner for heaters, thermal and heaters.

6 RO Demineralisers Medium
Demineralisers Middle Capacity. Available references in assembled cabinet for Jet Wash Nowadays we offer for 10 m3 / day: Mod. 4DA1200 (low salinity) & 4DA2200 (high salinity) Reserve water tank placed outside cabinet Optionals are as follows: Chlorine remover filter, Silex filter, Water softener for boiler, Iron remover filter, Biocide doser, Bisulfite doser, thermal insulating and heater (pre-treatment filters depend on water analysis). Assembled into one or two cabinets, according to required pre-tratment.

7 RO Demineralisers Medium
Models 4DAXX00. Main Features: Antiscalant doser instead of a water softener with salt. Antiscalant automatic mixture preparation. Backwash with demineralised water instead of feeding water. Advantages due to the use of antiscalant: Ecological: No brine from the water softner regeneration Logistics and easy use: no need to stack salt bags and simplicity Cheaper: antiscalant is cheaper than salt consumption Expansion of the action capacity: wide espectrum Balance in the ratio production/surface & reject/surface of the membrane compared with the old existing equipments.

8 RO Demineralisers Medium
Models 4DAXX00. Main Features: Quality of components: Programmable PLC Siemens S7-200 Centrífugal Pump Grundfos Metering Pump Prominent Stainless steel frame quality AISI-304 Piping of High salinity range in stainless steel AISI-316 Toray membranes: TMG10 (Low salinity), TM710 (High salinity) Production can be upgraded just by adding membranes to the existing equipment (no need to buy a full new system). Suitable cabinet assembly Wide range of pre-treatments available:

9 RO Demineralisers Medium
Models 4DAXX00. Balance Situation Customer How can we reach the balance between the three different interests? TAS Equipment

10 RO Demineralisers Medium
Models 4DAXX00. Anomaly a) Minor Anomaly Those that require a TAS action, but they are not critical for the equipment operation. In this case, the equipment will alert with a buzzer, being this information registered in the PLC. From this moment, the customer has 10 days to inform to Istobal TAS, so they can proceed to the repair this anomaly, during these 10 days the equipment will keep on working. After this time the equipment will stop automatically, protecting itself from severe damages. Example: Antiscalant dosing failure. b) Serious Anomaly Those that require a TAS action, but being critical for the operation of the equipment. Therefore the system will stop immediately in order to avoid irreversible and expensive damages to the customer. Ejemplo: Water shortage, so the equipment must stop in order to avoid damages in the pump.

11 RO Demineralisers Medium
Models 4DAXX00. Example of anomaly Just like a car, the models 4DA have two types of alarms to inform us about any possible failure and its seriuosness. CAR DEMINERALISER TYPE OF ALARM EXAMPLE ACTION NOT CRITICAL Windscreen wiper water shortage Amber light: to stop in a few miles Flow of demineralised water production, product dosing. Failure warning, failure record and equipment stop after 10 days. CRITICAL Motor oil shortage, brake fluid shortage Red light: immediate stop Water shortage, levels, overcurrent. To stop the equipment

12 RO Demineralisers Medium
Models 4DAXX00. Main Features: Buzzer included to alert the customer about the failures. The equipment must recognize the adverse conditions to assure a long operational life. The demineralisers are equipments overlooked by the customer (is a non productive equipment) and usually there is not a preventive maintenance of these installations. The equipment will stop only if there is an imminent risk to its operating life, avoiding irreversible and expensive damages. The customer must be informed of any anomaly (critical or not) without decreasing the business. Light Alert Buzzer

13 RO Demineralisers Medium
Demineraliser. Size. Height mm Width 480 mm It is possible to be installed in cabinet Ref (size with cabinet: Height mm x Width mm x Depth 900 mm Length mm

14 RO Demineralisers Medium
Demineraliser. Available Configuration Assembly in Plant Configuration

15 RO Demineralisers Medium
Maintenance of Demineralisers 4DAXXXX 1.- Daily maintenance To check the level of chemical product. 2.- Every week To check and to take note of pressures and flows. 3.- Every 3 months To check the condition of the filters (FS1 & FS2), if necessary they should be changed. 4.- Every 6 months To clean the small tanks of anti-scalant and backwash water.

16 RO Demineralisers Medium
Example of calculation of Antiscalant vs Water Softener Antiscalant dosage Consumption of antiscalant product: Daily need of water: 21 m3 at 70 ºHF (39,2ºHD). “High” dosage of product: 5 mg/L = 5 g/m3 Daily product consumption: 21m3 x 5 g/m3 = 105 g/day = kg/day 1 carafe 10 L = 13 kg So 1 carafe of 10 litres of antiscalant will last: 13 kg / kg/day = 124 days Water softener 2x100 litres Salt Consumption: Daily need of water: 21 m3 at 70 ºHF (39,2ºHD). Necessary regeneration of the water softener every 9 m3 Number of regenerations per day: (21m3/day) / (9m3/ regeneration) = 2.3 regenerations /day Consumption of salt per litre of resin in every regeneration: 0,2 kg/Litres of resin Consumption of salt in every regeneration: 0,2 kg/Litre of resin x 100 Litres of resin = 20 kg of salt per regeneration Salt consumption per day: 2.3 regenerations / day x 20 kg of salt/regeneration = 46 kg/day Salt consumption in the same period of time (124 days): 46 kg/day x 124 days = kg = 228 sacks of 25 kg

17 RO Demineralisers Medium
Example of calculation of Antiscalant vs Water Softener Conclusion: In 124 days of use: 5.704 Kg of salt = 1 bottle of 10 L (13 Kg) Make yourself your calculations: Price/kg Salt x kg salt = Euros spent on salt versus PVP 10 L Antiscalant carafe = 189 ,00 Eur

18 RO Demineralisers Medium
Difference between antiscalant and water softener. Antiscalant doser system + Antiscalant drum Water softener + Salt

19 RO Demineralisers Medium
Car Wash Equipment Equipment performance 5m3/day 4DA1100 – Low salinity 4DA2100 – High salinity 10m3/day 4DA1200 – Low salinity 4DA2200 – High salinity 15m3/day 4DA1300 – Low salinity 4DA2300 – High salinity 20m3/day 4DA1400 – Low salinity 4DA2400 – High salinity M-7 M-9 + accumulation tank = 5 m3 M-15 = 10 m3 M-18 = 15 m3 4TB0100 4TB0400 = 15 m3 Range: Low salinity: 0 ppm– ppm High salinity : ppm – ppm All R.O. equipments must be installed with a pretreatment stage according to the intake water quality !

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