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1 Comm-Tract Corp. Comm-Tract Corp. Carrier Support Services.

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1 1 Comm-Tract Corp. Comm-Tract Corp. Carrier Support Services

2 2 Mission Statement Comm-Tract Corp carrier support services are designed to meet the unique requirements of telecommunications carriers today. –Time to Market, Manage Existing Technologies, Profitably deliver Advanced Services –Offer a wide range of engineering services designed to save time and costs in network upgrades, build- outs, modifications, and regular maintenance. –Single point of contact providing all the equipment and implementation resources you need for your CO, hut, cabinet, vault or cell site. –Full-Service provider of technical ( EF & I ) services enabling rapid network deployment.

3 3 Client Focus Comm-Tract (EF&I) services provides Engineering, Furnishing and Installation to Next Generation Service Providers and Service Provider manufacturers including BLECs, CLECs, DLECs, ISPs, ASPs, etc. Fiber Optic Installation, Maintenance and Service Metro and Long haul Operations Complete testing/certifications DS1 – OC192 OTDR, PMD, BER, ORL SONET/DWDM proficient Comm-Tract (EF&I) is experienced in network technologies, commercial telecommunications, infrastructure cabling and project management. Comm-Tract provides services in five broad practice areas: Technology Staging and Testing, Infrastructure Design, Deployment Services, Documentation and Training.

4 4 Carrier Support Services Documentation & Training Deployment Assembly/Staging Project Management Program Management NOC Support Provisioning Testing, Integration & Validation Engineering & Design Support Services Quality Assurance

5 5 E F & I Services Engineering/Design of Info structure for carrier class collocations sites: Overhead ladder rack systems equipment racks, cabinets Develop standard materials lists and installation documents Estimate cost, resource and time requirements for subsequent phases Fiber optic raceway, power and grounding systems Installations of Carrier Class networking Equipment: Long haul fiber optic transmission equipment in transmission Huts and collocation sites. Testing: Dark fiber turn up and fiber testing procedures Optical T-birds, Spectrum Analyzers, O.T.D.Rs, Polarization Mode Dispersions

6 6 E F & I Timeline and Lifecycle ê Based on the detailed, site-level network design and the clients operational requirements and restrictions, develop a network implementation plan and program manage the deployment of the network. êDevelop a Detailed Network Implementation Plan, Identifying Time- Critical Milestone Events and Task Interdependencies êAchieve Consensus among all Equipment, Software & Service Providers to Comply with the Implementation Schedule and Milestone Delivery Dates êSite Survey all Network Locations to Ensure Conformance to Standards Design Criteria êModify Configurations and Red Line Documentation for those Sites which cannot be brought into Conformance with Established Design Standards êProgram Manage Network Deployment and Monitor Fulfillment of Assigned Tasks by Vendors, Service Providers, Subcontractors, the Client and Comm-Tract êInspect, Accept & Hand off Network Locations as Completed êEstimate Cost, Resource and Time Requirements for Subsequent Phases

7 7 Program Management l Primary point of contact for client l Develop a detailed implementation plan l Achieve consensus with the implementation plan and milestones l Communicate implementation plan l Manage program to implementation plan l Identify and manage risk l Manage deployment team l Cost reporting l Metrics reporting

8 8 Ê Deployment planning & management Ê Site Surveys Ê Requirements documentation & analysis Ê Testing & Staging Ê Installation Ê Documentation & training Project Management

9 9 l Perform site surveys to ensure site conformance to design standards l Identify, document and determine site specific information for all power, grounding, data cable, wire terminations, cage details, provider points of contact and facility access information. l Coordinate with space provider for necessary work approvals and meetings l Monitor day to day site work to meet project schedule l Provide conflict resolution to site specific issues l Material l Labor l Space provider issues l Perform quality assurance inspections on completed work

10 10 Survey & Detail Engineering Perform System Design Perform Site Surveys Prepare Installation Specification Package Provide Ongoing Installation Support Update all Client Drawings Submit As-Built Installation Package

11 11 Engineering & Design Physical Issues l Space planning l Equipment floor layout l Cable management l Environmental control l Define all materials required per conformance to space provider standards l Develop installation processes and procedures

12 12 Engineering & Design Logical Issues l Network architecture l Equipment configurations l Equipment card assignments l IP configurations l Power planning distribution l AC and DC power l Grounding l Equipment plug-in assignments

13 13 Pre-Assembly/Staging Receipt & Inventory of Client Equipment Pre-Assembly Engineering Specification Pre-Assemble Equipment (Rack & Stack) Special Cable Manufacturing QC Inspection Pre-Configuration Test Final Inventory and QC Inspection Equipment Warehousing & Distribution to Site

14 14 Equipment Staging and Delivery l Generation breakdown of all required materials to support deployment l Schedule material deliveries per schedule for whole deployment l Receive, inventory and stock all materials in centralized secure warehousing facility l Provide inventory management of client equipment and configurations l Configure equipment with client provided IP addressing scheme l Pick and pack all materials specific to each shipment requirements l Arrange equipment shipments to sites or subcontractors l Provide periodic inventory report l Identify shortages and fill in advance of need

15 15 Deployment Services l Hardware l Facilities l Routing and switching l Cabinets l Racks l Table top l Software l Installation l Configuration l Circuits l Provisioning l Termination l People l Program managers l Engineers l Project managers l Support specialists l Warehousing l Documentation l Contracts l Finance l Subcontractors

16 16 Services: Field Installation & Test Support Structure –Area Managers –Field Supervisors –Lead Techs –Indexing Scheme per BellCore Standards Experienced in: –CO Installations –Equipment Removals –Inventory Verification Support Installation Training Center Total System Testing

17 17 Services: Quality Assurance Inspection of In-house Pre-Assembly Work Inspection of Field Installation Work On-Site Audits and report generation Verification of Corrective Action

18 18 Front line for customer support, for a wide range of issues and technologies: Ê Network Monitoring Ê Troubleshooting Ê Maintenance Ê Escalation NOC Tier 2, 3 Support

19 19 Ê Complete maintenance and operation of the customer's system. Ê Long Term Maintenance, where Comm-Tract technicians are permanently assigned to the system to perform routine maintenance and emergency repair/restoral. Ê Periodic Maintenance Services, where Comm-Tract performs pre-scheduled (monthly, quarterly, annual, etc.) maintenance and system performance evaluation. Ê One Time System Performance Evaluation and Maintenance. System test results are presented to the customer with recommendations as to system optimization and preventative measures necessary to insure peak performance. Ê Help Desk – Dispatch – Field Operations 24 x7, 365 days Support Services

20 20 Ê Technologies Optical SoftSwitch Ê Operations Ê Advanced Services VOIP Testing, Integration, Validation

21 21 Ê Turn Up Ê Testing Ê Acceptance Ê 4/5 Provisioning Ê Services Ê Frame Ê Voice Ê Internet Provisioning – T1, T3, IMA

22 22 Training êDevelop standard procedures for network operation, maintenance and support êDevelop & deliver client training in new network technologies and products êDevelop & deliver client training in standard procedures for network operation, maintenance and support êAssist the client development of an internal training program & organization

23 23 Documentation l Compile information from site surveys l Assemble and document installation processes and procedures for site work l Floor Plans l Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings l Installation notes l Equipment Lists l Method of procedure (MOP) l Quality checklists l Document inventory of installed equipment, software, circuits and facilities l Develop as-built CAD drawings and documents for each site l Revision control

24 24 Benefits Leverage Comm-Tracts Resources – Reduce Incremental Operational Expense (OPEX) – Increase Cash Flow & Profitability – Manage Existing Technology and Networks – Faster time to market Plan, deploy, turn up capacity

25 25 Summary Comm-Tract has developed a methodology to ensure the delivery of consistently successful client engagements. This methodology provides an integrated set of practices, procedures and standards for the development of optimal client solutions. Our end-to-end capabilities include design, engineering, deployment, and maintenance. We provide both internal network services in the customer premise and external network services in the field.

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