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Office Safety Protect yourself AND other employees.

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1 Office Safety Protect yourself AND other employees

2 Electrical Equipment Electric devices add to the convenience of office workers. Electric staplers Paper shredders Computers Printers With the large amount of electrical equipment, there are many wires and cords.

3 Electrical Equipment Safety procedures Avoid extending cables and cords into pathways; if necessary, TAPE them down Do not overload electrical outlets Purchase a power strip/surge protector Do not use extension cord to increase load Place cords/power strips behind equipment Turn OFF before maintenance

4 Workstation Safety Desktop – scissors, pencils, exacto knives Place sharp objects DOWN Drawers – uncluttered Pins, thumbtacks in closed containers Chairs/Mats/Static Control Avoid leaning in chairs w/casters Mats prevent static electricity charge Worn mats may cause tripping

5 Office Equipment Safety Filing Cabinets load from bottom up, unload from top down Ladders right height, good condition, strong enough Paper cutter use as directed Copiers READ manual for clearing jams

6 Ergonomics -- study of the work environment on health of employees Comfortable temperature Diffused lighting (monitors) Adjustable keyboard (carpal tunnel syndrome) Monitor height at eye level Well-designed chair **Some experts believe a chair is the most vital component of a workstation!!**

7 Emergency Phone Numbers Medical personnel Security Police departments Fire station General emergency (911) **POST beside telephones or stored in phone memory***

8 Other Emergency Procedures First Aid Kits located conveniently & re-stocked frequently CPR classes Fires Cup warmers, space heaters, candles Fire extinguishers Evacuation Plans KNOW the various warning sounds Escape routes and procedures Individual responsibilities

9 Personal Property You are responsible for your personal property that you bring to work. Jackets Money Purses Briefcases Always use good common sense when bringing items to work.

10 Personal Property Keep personal belongings locked away in places such as… Drawers File cabinets Lockers Closets The keys to these places should be issued only to you.

11 Working Alone Sometimes you may need to stay after work late to finish work. Follow these procedures when alone… Keep a phone nearby Lock all doors Do not unlock for people you cant identify Know and expect cleaning staff Do not use elevator with someone suspicious

12 Building and Office Security Discontented workers, theft, sabotage, and fire are major concerns of a business: Do not get involved in verbal exchange Leave the work area if you feel threatened Report unusual behavior Control outsider access Control insider access Computer passwords

13 Employers AND Employees: OSHA Occupational Safety & Health Administration EPA Environmental Protection Agency Workers compensation Disability Loss of work

14 Accident Prevention Familiar with flammable products Proper equipment operation Power switch locations Positive safety attitude Knowledge & skill about job Preventive maintenance

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