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FULTON ELEMENTARY 2011-2012 SCHOOL YEAR Art Masterpiece Orientation August 18, 2011.

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1 FULTON ELEMENTARY 2011-2012 SCHOOL YEAR Art Masterpiece Orientation August 18, 2011

2 Annual Timeline Art Masterpiece Volunteer Orientation September 6/193:15 (Refresher/Full Orientation) August 181:45 – 2:55 (Art Masterpiece Volunteer Orientation) Lesson Delivery September – OctoberLesson 1 November – DecemberLesson 2 January Lesson 3 FebruaryLesson 4 AprilLesson 5 MayLesson 6 Art to Remember Fundraiser (Fourth Grade Exception) September 30Student Art Fundraiser Creations to be completed October 19 Artwork Order Forms Sent Home October 26Orders due back from Parents December 16Orders expected for delivery to students Art Walk (dates to be confirmed) Prior to March 8 Displays completed Early MayDisplays taken down

3 Artist in Residence Mei Kuei Chan Cruise Fulton has been awarded a Arts grant to bring an Mei Kuei onto campus to educate our students on Chinese culture Mei Kueis residency will be from August 15 – September 9 She will be in the classroom for 1-7 lessons K, 1, 2 – 1 lesson 3, 5, 6 – 2 lessons 4 – 7 lessons Her lessons will cover Chinese language, customs, art (calligraphy, paper boxes), sports (yo-yo), math (abacus) As part of the programme, Fulton students will be creating twin towers out of red, white, blue paper boxes to honor the 10 th anniversary of 9-11 You can find more about Mei Kuei on her website (

4 Volunteer Guiding Principles We have 6 art lessons and one Art to Remember fundraiser creation lesson over the course of the year (Fourth grade will have 5 lessons) Grade Level Coordinators will organize a practice session before each art lesson. Make every effort to attend as you will be able to plan for your delivery, share ideas and create the art project before getting up in front of the kids Supplies for each art lesson will be in a bin by grade level. Please pick up the bin from the workroom before going to the classroom to deliver your lesson. Please return the bin in the same condition for the next class. If you are running low on supplies, restock from the cabinets. If the cabinets are running low, please contact Angie Luther. Schedule your class sessions ahead of time with your teacher Do not overlap conducts during the same time as any other art sessions at your grade level and make every effort to not overlap with other grade levels Lesson schedules will be maintained on a Fulton Art Masterpiece Calendar located at Updates should be submitted to your Grade Level coordinator. Be sure to block 1 ½ hours (15 minute setup/cleanup at the beginning/end)

5 Be sure to display the art work outside the teachers room after each lesson is completed - preferably on the bulletin board but the brick walls work as well. All art lesson creations are to be kept in a student portfolio in the teachers room after they come down from the walls. Portfolios will have covers which highlight the artists covered during the year. You should create the portfolios prior to the first art lesson. One art lesson per class will be displayed in the main hallway during the months of March and April. You will be notified which lesson from each class will be displayed during the Art Walk. This will ensure we have a wide variety of displays and also help you prepare for the yearend presentation. For example, some artwork is made into a single masterpiece which you will want to save. Classroom code of conduct Let the students do a lot of the talking. This is as much about them using their imagination and inquisitive minds as it is about them learning facts about artists and artwork. Please do not bring candy or treats to the classroom as we dont want any students to feel left out. Volunteer Guiding Principles

6 Art Flow Map Artist Joan Miro Henri Rousseau Claude Monet Faith Ringgold Leonardo DaVinci Edward Hopper Genre Abstract Post-Impressionist Renaissance Realism Quilt/Storytelling Medium (Tool) Marker Paintbrush Pencil Watercolors Crayons Paint Oil Pastels Leaf Stamping Tracing Paper Where to see Art? Museum School Hallway Library Park Mall ART MASTERPIECE Can also use other thinking maps like Bubble Maps. See Fulton Website – Curriculum for more ideas

7 Review of Art Masterpiece Website All materials you will need are located on the Fulton Art Masterpiece Website. Printouts of all materials are also located in a grade level binder in the work room The materials are organized into 7 sections – About Art Masterpiece – Volunteers – Art I Facts – Key Dates and Class Lesson Schedule – Artists and Projects – Lesson Plans – Annual Events

8 Displaying Artwork Each art lesson should be displayed in the hallway near the teachers room Create a board that can be used throughout the year Coordinate with your teacher where the artwork should be displayed (using his/her bulletin board or on the brick walls) Hang the artwork from decorated clothes pins (using fun pictures, pictures of the students, etc.) Remember to include a minimum of the childs first name and last initial One of your art lessons will need to be displayed in the main hallway for Art Walk (to be created by student led conferences on March 8)

9 Sample Name Tags Sally Jones

10 Sample Name Tags Hunter Quick Sally Jones Sally Jones Sally Jones Sally Jones

11 Portfolios You will need to create a Portfolio for each student to store their artwork and delivery back to the students at the end of the school year Portfolios will be made out of butcher paper This year we will create cover sheets for the portfolios (samples on next slide) You should create the portfolios prior to your first non- fundraiser lesson After the artwork is removed from the display, you should put the artwork in the respective students portfolio and store the portfolios in the classroom Make sure the teachers do not send the portfolios home until you have confirmed all artwork and letter to the parents is in the portfolios



14 Art Fundraiser Schedule Monday, August 22Materials Available to Start Art Masterpiece Creations Friday, September 30*Art Masterpiece Creations Completed Monday, October 3 – Tuesday, October 18 Fall Break Wednesday, October 19*Order Forms sent Home to Parents Wednesday, October 26*Orders Forms due back from Parents Friday, November 4Orders sent to Art To Remember Wednesday, December 14Orders returned to Fulton Friday, December 16Orders distributed to Students * Due to Artist in Residence, Fourth Grade will complete their Art Fundraiser Project after Fall Break to be completed by October 26 with orders due back from Parents by November 2.

15 Art Fundraiser Art to Remember (ATR) Program Highlights – 8 x 11 ½ drawing paper supplied by ATR – Use lots of bright colors, fill entire page – Use markers, crayons, water colors, paints and oil pastels – Do not use neon paint, highlighters, pale images, light colored pencils, soft strokes – Grade level leads will have examples of art projects – Have child sign (or put initials) and date the front of the artwork at least 1 from the edge of the paper (somewhere within the artwork) – Pre-printed labels with childs name will be provided and need to be adhered to the back of the artwork Do not write on back of artwork in marker or pen Collect artwork, ensure you have one picture per student – When artwork is finished, put the artwork in the students order envelope with their respective pre-printed label and place the envelopes back in your grade level bins by September 30

16 Your Next Steps Contact your teacher to schedule your first two sessions – Art Fundraiser – Lesson 1 (after your scheduled grade level planning session) Your grade coordinator will contact you to schedule the Lesson 1 planning session Review materials related to Art Fundraiser to prepare for that session – You will need to pull your own supplies the day of your Art Fundraiser session based on the medium you select for your class Ask questions – to your grade level coordinator or any of the program coordinators

17 Other Items Art Museum Membership Art Museum Lessons Drawing Bucket Kids Swap

18 Library Resources Mrs. Sanders, Librarian

19 Questions Contact your Grade Level Coordinator

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