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25 October 2012 Gideon Evans LV Network Monitoring Demonstrating the Possibilities.

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1 25 October 2012 Gideon Evans LV Network Monitoring Demonstrating the Possibilities

2 Introduction SSEs Low Carbon homes Can LV Network Monitoring equipment be retrofitted without taking customers off supply?

3 Understanding the LV Network Capacity –Current –MDI Information –Demand and Generation –more informed decisions Performance –Voltage Limits –Power Factor –Power Quality / Harmonics –more informed decisions Time Capacity Average Demand XX:00XX:30 Demand

4 Monitoring Equipment MDIs Measuring Current Measuring Voltage Transmission of data Installing Equipment Storage of data Calculated data Rezap Fault management

5 Measuring Current Conventional CTs –Installation would require disruptive substation works –Known choice Rogowski Sensors –Can be installed around existing cable cores –Accuracy considerations Innovations –Sentec GRIDKEY current transducer –Now on the market

6 Measuring Voltage Terminal Block Connection –Possible on modern fuse cabinets (eg Lucy Trifca) –Constrained cable routing –Need to drill holes in enclosures? Direct Busbar connection –Requires work on live busbars –Connection leads need to be routed away from operational area Innovations –Drummond G clamp –Now on the market

7 Data Aggregation Manufacturers offered integrated solutions –Current Group offered Open Grid product –GE offered a C650 Relay / RTU, designed to work with ENMAC –Selex Galileo offered their Sentec Gridkey product Early versions had limited functionality –They had difficulties with measurement of directional current and harmonics Communications –Aerial extensions were required Data Storage in the data aggregator –Issues with capacity and reliability Cabinets –Issues with size, weight, IP rating and mounting

8 Equipment Connection

9 Current Group Open Grid Harmonics Real and Reactive Power Chalvey Local s/s

10 Selex Galileo / Sentec - GridKey

11 Communications Modes of Operation –Streamed (Real Time measured data) –Half Hour (Calculated data) –Alarms (Un-solicited data) Protocol - DNP3 –For use with existing SCADA based control systems –Standardised template was needed Storage –Pi Historian

12 Further investigation Streamline installation process? (Thames Valley Vision Project) Equipment life-cycle – what should we expect from manufacturers? (Thames Valley Vision Project) Total monitoring system accuracy? Monitoring systems own energy usage?

13 Key Learning Points Live retrofitting can be done Todays equipment can monitor complex electrical parameters LV network is as unbalanced as we thought! Monitoring is a system. Comms and data storage are key features, not bolt on extras Manufacturers value access to DNO networks – help them to help you

14 Any questions? Thank you

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