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Physics I & II Preps.

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1 Physics I & II Preps


3 Modern Galileo Experiment, Picket Fence Free Fall
Photogate Ringstand to hold gate Plastic fences

4 Addition of Vectors Force Tables Slotted weights

5 Projectile Motion Track (one end elevated) and steel ball
Double photogates hooked by a pipet Paper on floor (w/carbon paper) Plum bobs

6 Newton's Second Law Tracks Plunger carts Motion sensors

7 Static and Kinetic Friction
Tracks Friction carts Pulleys Hanging weights Motion sensor

8 Uniform Circular Motion
Spinning hanging weights ( apparatus)

9 Energy of a Tossed Ball (Video Analysis)
Meter sticks taped to walls Video camera/ tripod Video processing software Basketball

10 Impulse and Momentum Tracks Carts Force probes

11 Momentum, Energy and Collisions
Collision carts Tracks Rubber bands Force probes

12 Rotational Motion Rotational Motion app ( large spinning disc)
Pulleys clamped to edge of bench Slotted weights

13 Equilibrium Metal rods ( two vert. one horiz.) Force probes x2
Metal clips and metal rings

14 Coefficient of Linear Expansion
Steam generators Metal rods and jackets Multi Meters for continuity

15 The Gas Laws Chem Gas Law’s Appar.

16 Heat of Fusion and Vaporization


18 Standing waves on strings
Wave generator String Pulley at edge of table

19 Resonance of air columns
Cenco standing wave Appt (long white box on top of cabinets) Oscilloscope Signal Generator

20 Electrical field mapping
Paper Circuit Silver pens Power supply Multimeter

21 The charge on an electron, Millikan's oil drop experiment
Millikan's Appt w/ ring stand Isopropyl Alcohol+ Distilled water - for suspending plastic beads Smaller power supply Multimeter

22 Ohm's Law Vernier Circuit Board Current voltage probes Power supply

23 Joules' Law Calorimeter Multimeter Rheostat Power supply

24 Series/parallel circuits
See Ohm’s Law setup

25 Determination of RC Time Constant
“bread boards” from Electronics Lab 0.33microF caps ‘blue’ Multimeters Power supply timer

26 Force on a current carrying conductor in a magnetic field
Triple beam balances Rheostat Ring stand Multimeter as Ammeter

27 The Magnetic Field of a Slinky
Slinky (taped stretched) Magnetic field sensor (vernier) Rheostat Power supply Multimeter as Ammeter

28 Geometric Optics Laser Polished metal convex/concave mirrors
Plane mirrors Cardboard and pins

29 Measurement of the focal length of a lens
Optical Benches ( top of cabinets) Lenses Frosted glass screen with gradations Black plate with arrow cutouts

30 Single slit and Double Slit diffraction patterns
Tracks Pasco Red Diode Laser Apparatus Large frosted glass screen

31 Polarization of Light Clip boards with polarized filters
Optical benches Vernier light sensor Ring stands and clamps

32 The Hydrogen Spectrum and the Rydeberg constant
Gas lamp sources Grating Spectrometer

33 -AC circuits and the oscilloscope
Power supplies Oscilloscopes

34 -Construction of a voltmeter and an ammeter
Power supplies Oscilloscopes

35 -Radioactivity and the Geiger Counter
Power supplies Oscilloscopes

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