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Industrial automation

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1 Industrial automation
Blumenbecker Prag s.r.o. Industrial automation

2 BLUMENBECKER Holding worldwide
Blumenbecker firms seats Customers’ projects

3 BLUMENBECKER Holding – focusing on …

4 Blumenbecker Holding Structure

5 Blumenbecker Prag certification
PHOENIX CONTACT System Integrator SIEIMENS Solution Partner Automation System SIMATIC, Motion Control, Large Drives ROCKWELL Automation System Integrator KUKA System Integrator Partner Quality certificate DIN EN ISO

6 Rating of Blumenbecker Prag
We have gained the highest AAA evaluation from rating agencies as an appraisal of stability, reliability and worthiness Certificate of the highest worthiness in the Czech Republic from ČEKIA rating agency from SOLIDITED rating agency

7 Engineering Industrial automation
Programming of control systems (PLC, communication, visualization) Regulated drives Industrial networks Industrial robots Machine vision Projection (CAD systems) Assembly, service

8 Trade & Technical support (direct supplies)
Control technics (PLC’s, buses, modules , software…) Rectified and frequency converters of SIEMENS All electrical outfit needed in low-voltage control cabinets (relays, circuit-breakers, power units, over-current protections, surge voltage protections, terminal blocks, connectors, …) All „safety“ outfit needed in LV control cabinet (incl. project, delivery, revision) Cables for industry and office Industrial robots KUKA

9 Engineering in detail (1/3)
Industrial automation Progressive solutions of open decentralized automation systems in technological processes based on powerful PLC control systems, standard field buses and high-end visualization software means (WinCC, Genesis, RSView, InTouch etc.) PLC control systems and field buses, SW of control systems SIEMENS: PCS7 STEP 5, STEP 7 + field bus PROFIBUS DP ROCKWELL: RS LOGIX + field bus DeviceNet PHOENIX CONTACT: PC WORX + field bus INTERBUS SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC UNITY + field bus CANopen GE FANUC: LOGIC MASTER + field bus GENIUS, aj. Regulated drives Projects of DC and AC drives of all outputs with speed control based on SIEMENS frequency converters for production machines and lines Precise positioning applications driven by control system SIMOTION of SIEMENS Stuctured industrial networks Data servers, powerful PC’s, HLL programming, ETHERNET, PROFINET communication protocols

10 Engineering in detail (2/3)
Industrial robots Industrial robots KUKA (incl. consignment store), robots FANUC Work place design, delivery, programming, training of operator staff, service Machine vision Industrial cameras of well-known manufacturers (SICK, COGNEX) either individually or in cooperation with robot Projection Project documentation in EPLAN Consultancy over “safety” solution of your production machine equipment Revision reports of your machine or equipment Assembly, service Low-voltage switchboard assembly at our own projects (incl. material supplies) Service over the whole life-time of equipment at projects of our own Standby service (24 hours a day) on agreement base

11 Engineering in detail (3/3)
Our training center & test center Training: programming, operating Robots of KUKA, FANUC Work place with FRONIUS welding automat Machine vision Inductive heat applications Training center equipped with: 4 robots KUKA Industrial camera SICK Positioning turntable All equipments in a full functionality Technical support, consultancy SIEMENS Solution Partner - Automation, drives, Motion Control System Integrator Partner PHOENIX CONTACT Automation ROCKWELL Automation System Integrator KUKA Partner (SIP) FRONIUS Partner (welding) SWAC Partner (special visualization)

12 Trade in detail (1/2) All electric accessories into LV switchboards
Electric outfit alongside customer’s choice Top-class goods of renowned manufacturers (FINDER, SIEMENS, PHOENIX CONTACT, MOELLER, SCHNEIDER, MURR, WAGO …) All “safety” components (PILZ, SCHNEIDER, PHOENIX CONTACT, SIEMENS…) Control cabinet systems Cabinets of RITTAL, Germany Cabinets of DEL a.s., Czech Republic Cables Cables of all types used in an industrial or in an office environment (bus cables, PC network cables, …) Special cables used in hard and rough environments, where top quality & safety parameters are demanded (EX environment, power plants, petrochemistry etc.) Robots KUKA Supplies of either quite new or older KUKA robots Spare parts, consignment store

13 Trade in detail (2/2) Control technics + drives of SIEMENS
Control system SIMATIC S7-200,300, 400, Software STEP 7 Automation modules + PROFIBUS DP SIMOTION (hardware, software) Rectified and frequency converters SIMODRIVE, MASTERDRIVE, MICROMASTER, SINAMICS, SIMOVERT All electro outfit needed into LV switchboards Control technics of PHOENIX CONTACT PLC controllers INLINE, FC, RFC, CP PC WORX – software for PLC Metallic and FO INTERBUS I/O modules, housing IP 20, IP 65/67 Special function modules (for fast communication, temperature control, positioning, safety, motor starters, ...) All for industrial ETHERNET (MMS, MCS switches, connectors, metallic and FO cables, software) PROFINET (controllers, MMS, MCS switches, modules, software)

14 Mechanical engineering (1/2)
Project design of mechanical part of workplace (design and implementation of the workplace – 3D model, drawing documentation) Compact robot cell used for: Point and resistant welding Welding in protective atmosphere MIG/MAG, CMT Laser Welding and cutting Nanášení lepidla, pasty, tmelu apod. One-purpose machines Design and supply of workplace for inductive heat Mezi slova „stroje“ a „zařízení“ bych dal spojku „a“ nebo „nebo“ (2x). Švec

15 Mechanical engineering (example) (2/2)
Jig Alu welding - frame of motorbike VETRIX Mezi slova „stroje“ a „zařízení“ bych dal spojku „a“ nebo „nebo“ (2x). Švec

16 Our Test welding Lab & Laser welding
Our daughter company Blumenbecker Slovakia has built up a testing laboratory for welding incl. laser welding. The laboratory is located in Bratislava , Slovakia. Laser technology Welding without additional material Welding with additional material Soldering Surfacing 3D cutting with robot … Test lab equipment Laser power unit ROFIN-DY 044 output power 4,4 KW Adaptive laser head Scansonic – ALO 3 3x robot KUKA

17 Cooperation with company SoneTECH
3D Software SolidEdge ST2 3D modeling of welded parts 3D modeling of the whole set 3D modeling of weldments Generation of 2D coordinates from 3D model Computing Module MFE Software ROBOTMASTER for off-line programming Great spare of programming time Instant generation of program code for robot User-friendly update and program repair Off-line optimation of robot trajectory

18 Welding technology center
Welding consumables Accessories (cables, flares, positioners, protective equipment) Consumables MIG / MAG, TIG / WIG Power sources LORCH, KUHTREIBER, SELCO and more Autogenous technique Material separation technics The technique of compressed air Service burners and burner sets Regional representation of German company LORCH Seat: Velká Bystřice u Olomouce Contact:

19 Where we have references …
Automotive industry Industry of paper & cellulose Metallurgy Mining industry Energetics Cement industry Stock yards of powder material Facilities where the fast reading bar code is required

20 more info on our web sites
… some our References more info on our web sites

21 … from Metallurgy

22 … from Paper industry

23 … from Automotive

24 Address & Contacts Company seat Počernická PRAHA 10 Malešice Czech Republic Lines T: F: Internet Web: Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. Andrej Schvarc T:

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