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HIPAA Security.

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1 HIPAA Security

2 HIPAA Security Presentation
Please review this presentation on HIPAA Security. When you are finished you will receive a sign-off sheet with instructions on returning it. If you have any questions, please contact Sheila Kline at or

3 Four Major Requirements Under HIPAA

4 1. Develop Administrative Procedures
Write Policies & procedures related to security of our systems Implement a Disaster recovery plans

5 2. Ensure Physical Safeguards
Keep Servers in a secure location Keep Offices and file cabinets locked

6 3. Implement Technical Security Services
Control Access – who are the users & security levels Audit – who can access data & who did access data

7 4. Institute Technical Security Mechanisms
User accounts and passwords Virus protection Firewalls Data transfer protocols, file encryption Secure, monitored servers (MIS department responsibilities)

8 What Are Electronic Files?
Information stored on Computers Laptops PDA’s Floppies CD’s DVD’s Zip Disks Flash Drives Reasonable measures need to occur to keep these items secure. Laptops, CDs, DVD’s, Floppies and Flash drives need to be stored in a locked area if they contain PHI.

9 What can you do to help?

10 Employee Security Rules
Do not use to communicate confidential information is NOT secure AWARDS messaging is HIPPA Compliant FAX Transmissions Use cover sheet with the DePaul disclaimer Know who you are faxing Dial the correct number or use speed-dial when possible Verify receipt of fax Keep fax machines in private areas Conversations in public places Be aware of where you are and who can hear you

11 Employee Security Rules
Be aware of who can hear your Voic messages or conversations on Speaker Phone Written Correspondence Keep confidential and secure Do not leave PHI out in the open on your desk Ensure that doors, desks and cabinets are locked If you do not have a locked area to keep PHI contact your supervisor Be aware of who can observe data you are entering or displayed on your monitor Do not leave confidential information on your computer screen Lock your computer before leaving your workspace for any length of time (ctrl+alt+delete)

12 Employee Security Rules
Do not install or download any software on your computer All software on DePaul computers must be authorized by the MIS Dept. File transfer programs can create security loop holes Data Minor programs installed inadvertently while surfing the internet can search for data on your computer. Phones Do not use speaker phone when listening to voic when PHI could be discussed Be aware of who can hear speakerphone or conference call conversations.

13 Employee Security Rules
Passwords Never give your passwords to another user Change often (every 3 months or sooner) Be creative when thinking of a password. do not store passwords near your computer. Never login and allow other staff to access databases under your user name and password. If a new staff person needs rights to a database – they need to contact the MIS Department. If a staff person does not have all the rights they need to complete their job in a database – they need to contact the MIS Department – not use another staff’s database credentials.

14 Click here to access the sign-off sheet.
If you have any questions regarding HIPAA Security, please contact Sheila Kline or Click here to access the sign-off sheet.

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