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1 VII California: A Convergence of Four Efforts ATCE Forum Showcase April 3, 2005.

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1 1 VII California: A Convergence of Four Efforts ATCE Forum Showcase April 3, 2005

2 2 Four Efforts 1. Expedited VII 2. VII California for World Congress 3. Cooperative Intersection Collision Avoidance Systems (CICAS), California Style 4. World Congress Innovative Mobility Showcase (IMS) – Streets of San Francisco and SBC Park, too These efforts are slated to become the VII California testbed

3 3 1.Expedited VII Laboratory (EVIIL)

4 4 Expedited VII: A Precursor to VII California Two roadside units (RSUs) on Interstate 80 – A combined Caltrans (Headquarters and District 4), PATH and DaimlerChrysler effort – Co-located with standard traffic control cabinets between Ashby and University Exits Fits within standard 332A cabinets, with 170 controller Cabinets part of Berkeley Highway Lab Initial Application Demonstrated – RSU broadcasts location of Ashby and University exits – If car detects an infrastructure-based query Based on calculated distances, audio within car annunciates Exit ahead Countdown display in car every 50 meters until exit is passed

5 5 Current Hardware Installation PC104 computer running QNX6 real- time Operating System Denso Wireless Access in Vehicular Environment (WAVE) Radio Module (WRM) Currently no outside communication outside except WRM (no backhaul)

6 6 2. VII California and CICAS

7 7 VII California Goals For the long term – Better manage the safety and productivity of the surface transportation system; – Benefit from the synergy of public sector, auto industry, and other private sector innovations; and – Build upon California s already considerable existing infrastructure investments. For the mid term – Provide a testbed to understand the technical feasibility and institutional value of VII. – Inform future decisions for the National VII Program; – Inform future decisions for California and Bay Area System Management Programs; and – Assess real world implementations of VII infrastructure, architecture and operations.

8 8 VII California Goals CONTD For the World Congress – Demonstrate and outreach emerging VII California testbed: give notice that Caltrans, MTC and partners are committed to the concept and will objectively investigate its potential; – Gain experience in VII and use case development and deployment; and – Develop and give focus to the VII California public-private partnership.

9 9 Where is VII California? Bay Area IMS Map 40 California VII RSU Locations (101, 280, SR 82) VII California / CICAS Testbed Of 40 RSU, 20 will be on SR82: El Camino Real Candidates for at least three CICAS Intersections

10 10 Potential Use Cases (World Congress) 1. Vehicles as Traffic Probes 511 for VII 2. Travel Time Data to Vehicles 3. Incident Information to Vehicles Other Potential Use Cases in Discussion

11 11 4. Innovative Mobility Showcase Streets of San Francisco SBC Parking Lot B

12 12 Part A: The Streets of San Francisco Wireless connectivity – Circuit of interconnected RSUs along a route encompassing Moscone Center and SBC Park, including including both city streets and freeways. Applications include: – Traffic probe data – Dynamic route advisory – Intersection safety – Intermodal connectivity

13 13 Part B: SBC Park Lot B Live vehicle demonstrations where attendees can ride and drive automobiles, trucks and buses fitted with ITS technologies in a controlled environment Applications include VII: – Intelligent Intersection – Test Track Circuit Staging area with company booths - Closed circuit TV to Moscone Center, providing a virtual experience to WC attendees.

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