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October 22, 2010; Tallinn, Estonia Cosimo Garofalo III ESTONIAN NUCLEAR POWER CONFERENCE.

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1 October 22, 2010; Tallinn, Estonia Cosimo Garofalo III ESTONIAN NUCLEAR POWER CONFERENCE

2 1. History of Cernavoda Nuclear station When started Main contractors Romanian nuclear strategy The good choice: average power capacity factor C1 from 02.12.96 to 31.12.09: 89,0% C2 from 01.10.07 to 31.12.09: 94,2%

3 2. Main facts astride of 1989 substantial stop before 1989 negotiations in 1990 contract signed in 08/91 for C1 completion the AECL-ANSALDO Consortium takes the lead main dates of C1 (Contract effectiveness: 19.08.92, 1st criticality 16.04.96, commercial operation: 02.12.96)

4 3. Slow start of C2 from mid 1997 to May 2001 Luck of funds especially from mid 1998 to mid 2000 Restoration of civil structures (foundation, concrete parts, …) Critical items (water inlet/outlet works; fuel channel installation; dousing; condenser tubing; underground piping; preservation strengthening) Detail design progress Warehousing Safety design changes

5 4. Main dates of the Contract for C2 completion Mid 2000 Main contract negotiations restart May, 18th 2001 contract signed Preparation of bidding documentation for international procurement Negotiation for funding Level 2 schedule prepared: 54 months from effectiveness

6 5. From Contract signed to Contract effective International bidding launched and concluded before end of 2002 Construction Work packages and contracts with main Construction Contractors Nuclear safety issues and interfaces Local procurement launched Construction first works Schedule level 2 refined; a concession: 48 months Contract effective on 24.03.2003

7 Construction first works Steel structures Reactor containment pre-stressing/post- tensioning Temporary power HV (110 & 400 kV) back yard Service water systems completion

8 6. The organization MT (See OC) The tri-party consensus SNN and Romanian involvement SNN is the highest contractual authority

9 7. Main dates of C2 First energization: October 2004 First criticality: 06.05.2007 Connection to the grid: 07.07.2007 Commercial operation: 30.09.07

10 8. Construction works: mechanical C. Contractors: Nucleramontaj; General Turbo; NIMB; TMUCB piping installation (BOP main systems: 2700 t, piping, fittings, supports, valves) equipment installation civil steel structures turbine installation

11 9. Construction works: electrical and I&C C. Contractors: Elcomex, AMEA Power cables 17 km MV and 290 LV I&C cables 1050 km MV cabinets (columns) 8 (95) LV cabinets (columns) X (Y)

12 10. Ansaldo Nucleare main supplies DCS MV and LV cabinets Screen house upgrading Actuated valves Chiller units

13 11. The schedule From 48 to 54 months Problems, unknowns Commissioning and power tests end on time: 54 months

14 12. Conclusions Romanian Construction Contractors Brown field Construction Ways to improve Engineering to be complete up-front Construction open top Multi-units plant

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