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2 CONSTRUCTION PRINCIPLE: SIMPLE TO MAINTAIN/CLEAN n Simple light controls n Painted walls --- Simple color scheme Navajo White (easy to match)Navajo White (easy to match) Teale Green TrimTeale Green Trim Semi-gloss for easy clean-upSemi-gloss for easy clean-up n Linoleum flooring (where possible to get good acoustic quality). n Sound barriers between rooms.

3 CONSTRUCTION PRINCIPLE: SIMPLE TO MAINTAIN/CLEAN n Easy cleaning (self-cleaning?) restrooms with floor drains.

4 CONSTRUCTION PRINCIPLE: Energy Efficient n Passive Solar Cooling Casement or other operable windowsCasement or other operable windows Wing walls on windward side of buildingWing walls on windward side of building Thermal chimneyThermal chimney n Day-lighting where possible. Clerestory windows on north-facing rooms. n See US Department of Energy Website n Solar Panels?

5 CONSTRUCTION PRINCIPLE: Energy Efficient n Individual Room Heating/Cooling/Fan? Hotel Model allows upper story rooms toHotel Model allows upper story rooms to air condition more without freezing out the first floor. * Fan to circulate outside air on temperate days. * Are individual units less expensive to replace/repair? n Solar tubes for lighting of top floor rooms. See

6 Construction Principle: Build in Security n Security devices should be part of the planning. n Plastic Card keys can enhance security. n Possibly ID cards with Security Strip for Faculty, Staff, and Students. n Communication with Campus Safety/Security from each room.

7 Construction Principle: Technology Ready n Building should be wired at $10 per square foot with the most up-to-date wiring available at the time of construction. Wired to the current standards.

8 All Classrooms should have: n Adequate Sized White Boards! n Projector Screens on the corner of the room so they dont block the white boards. n Light sectioned to allow the lights over the screen to be turned off separate from the room lights. n Instructional Console/ Recessed Instructional Equipment Security Area for equipment. n Emergency button: campus safety security n Cabling installed for phone/internet.

9 All Classrooms should have: n Quiet Closing Doors to prevent slamming noises.

10 Lecture- 7300 sq. ft n Large Lecture Hall (1800 sq. ft) n 5 Lecture Room(s) (675 sq. ft) 45 student ( LARGE WHITE BOARD!!!) n PA program lecture room 60 capacity, with 2 neighboring 30 students rooms that can be partitioned in half: 1800ft 2 n 1 Lecture Room for 21 students for Honors Courses.

11 Lecture Rooms are needed for growth of our academic offerings! n Rooms specially designed to meet the needs of the PA program will be more suitable and allow the rooms currently in use to return to their original function. n Large Lecture hall can accommodate multiple lab sections for science courses as well as general education courses.

12 Room complex: suitable for the PA program (needs sink and locking cabinets) partition

13 Large Lecture Hall (1800 SQ.FT) n 120 student capacity plus 2 seats that accommodate students with disabilities. n Raised Lectern along the long dimension of the room. Center aisles. n *Students at long bench style table as in Physics 2000 at UCR? Larger desk? n Technology as in the Smart Room. n Storage cabinets for demonstration materials, posters, permanent white boards that slide up, etc.

14 Large Lecture Hall - Proposal Instructor area Projectionscreen 10 students DSPS Hall or exterior of building

15 Large Lecture Hall n Fixed benches or foldable tables, with movable chairs (swiveling?) to accommodate different size students. Simple chairs are less expensive. n Built in wall/flat screens. Cost? Maintenance? n Technology consultant. What does the future look like? n Least Expensive Option: Flat room, with elevated stage for professor. Swivel chairs would allow for small group collaboration among students if some rows face the back.

16 Large Lecture goals n Good Visibility for student-professor eye contact and audio-visual. n Good acoustics. n Science: sink, electricity, bench for demonstrations. n Storage.

17 Office 4000 sq ft. = approx. 40 n Administrative? President, Business Manager, IMC n Staff? Larger room for IDS offices. n Faculty? Typical office is 90 ft 2. Can be up to 100 ft n Should have windows (if possible).

18 What office needs should be accommodated in Phase III: n Faculty offices Clustered if possible, but optimize number of offices (90-100 sq. ft.).Clustered if possible, but optimize number of offices (90-100 sq. ft.). n Administrative offices PresidentPresident Administrative assistantAdministrative assistant Meeting room (see Other)Meeting room (see Other) Secured storage for HR materials and other confidential materials. (see Other)Secured storage for HR materials and other confidential materials. (see Other) Business/Operations ManagerBusiness/Operations Manager

19 Office needs should include: n IMC Tech Office 187 sq.ft. n 2 Tech Support Office(s) 143 sq. ft. n IDS Offices (shared open space with movable cubicles/dividers)

20 Sample Office Cluster Area for copy machine, desks for students.

21 Library Function Space (3640 ft 2 ) n HHPS Secured Archives – square footage? 250 ft 2 no window needed. Table for document review. n Jaegar Study Area/Archive (800 ft 2 ) with Student Study Rooms for group study with Student Study Rooms for group study n Cultural Resource Room (700 ft 2 ) n Science/Health Resource Room (680 ft 2 ) n Server (400 ft 2 ) see IMC PHASE III proposal n Faculty Resource Center (390 sq. ft) see IMC PHASE III proposal Convergence Center

22 Server for IMC 390 sq. ft. n Should be adjacent to KRCC Broadcast Center.

23 Cultural Resource Room and Science/Health Resource Room n Should have false floor to be ready for many computers for student use. n Need locking display cabinets along all walls. n White boards and LCD projector for information literacy training.

24 Jaegar area about 800 ft 2 must be 2 nd or 3 rd floor. n Jaegar Reading Area/Archive/Overlook- Square footage? About 800 ft 2. Student Study Rooms for group studies with white boards and outlets for computers. Open viewing into the study rooms from the hallway to allow for supervision.

25 Jaegar Study Area Window For viewing Area with Display cases Along the wall Study room Adjunct Office?

26 AVTV- 800 sq.ft n KRCC Broadcast Center 280 sq.ft n Instructional Media Center (AV Resource Room) (820 ft 2 ) see IMC PHASE III proposal, 420 ft 2 falls in the other category as it is storage. n Editing Room 120 sq. ft.

27 Instructional Media Center aka AV Delivery Office n Should be on first floor of building between the Multipurpose room and Large lecture hall. n Should have access to the road at the back of the building with a driveway for deliveries. n Should have easy access to building elevators (through a back door?)

28 Other -17,000 sq.ft n Multipurpose room with food service area. n Storage- Basement? n External ramp for wheelchairs bridging this building and the existing Humanities building. n 2 AV videoconferencing rooms for IMC (420 ft 2 ) see IMC PHASE III proposal.

29 Multipurpose room- 5,000 to 7,000 SQ.FT? n Multipurpose room attached to food service area. n Folding tables for eating, storage closets in room for folded tables. n Small Stage for functions n Folding Bleachers, out of walls. n Divided food service area with access to covered patio (overlooking Jaeger?), so a function can take place in the main dining room leaving a smaller food service area for students.

30 Needs to be met by Multipurpose Room n Food Service and indoor eating area. n Area for award ceremonies, student orientations and other functions. n Area for students activities and study in groups between classes (indoors during bad weather).

31 Other:Astronomical Observatory n 5 meter diameter, 8 meter height on roof of building. n Video-recording with feed into adjacent classroom with LCD projector.

32 Other Considerations? n Locking storage cabinets for instructor use (as in science labs) rather than so many carts. Computer underneath desk in front, LCD. n BIG whiteboards!!! n Decentralized restrooms? Some Single Unisex Restrooms near office clusters.

33 Web Site- Facilities Planning Manual n ties/refs/fac_pln_mnl.htm

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