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AcuDose Medicine Cabinet

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1 AcuDose Medicine Cabinet

2 Introducing AcuDose

3 AcuDose Features: Biometric Technology- finger print technology for faster secure access Scanning of medication prior to filling/refilling the medication cabinet Better communication between pharmacy and nursing 1. Out of Stock notification 2. Refill request Large print text Able to view order on cabinet Allergy alerts show on screen

4 AcuDose Login : AcuDose ID Initial PW is abc123. New password required
Transitioning to a Universal Sign on New Employees use VUNET ID Initial PW is abc123. New password required Faster secure finger print technology After 2 fingerprint attempt will default to log in screen

5 Establishing Biometric Access AKA Fingerprint Access
Open your hand and place the top joint of your finger on the blue line of the sensor. Be sure to place your finger tip on the top of the sensor Press your finger slightly on the sensor and slide your hand at a constant speed toward your body.


7 Dispense Tab Features Patient selection Medication dispensing
Patient Information including allergy alerts Admit patient for medication administration quickly

8 Order Detail Review Screen
Allows you to review order specifics prior to removing from cabinet Order # Name of Medication Amount ordered Medication ordered by

9 3 Alert Notifications x i Allergy Alert Caution Warning
Informational Alert

10 Able to Sort Medications by Category
Quick Access to medications sort by category: PRN STAT/Now Scheduled Used for Profile Dispense Medications

11 Administration of a Medication
Select patient Choose Profile or Inventory Dispense Choose Medication Enter Quantity to be Dispensed Must count AFTER removal of medication Green=non-narcotic count Just an eyeball count Red = narcotic count Physical/Hands on Count required

12 Notifying Pharmacy of Refill & Out of Stock needs
Notify pharmacy of Refill request Level Low Notify pharmacy Out Of Stock No Medication in pocket Both will go to pharmacist cue

13 Wasting of Medications
2 Ways to Waste medications Able to waste from Dispense medication screen with administration of medication Able to waste from Return Tab after dispensing medication Dispense Tab Return Tab Document Reason for Waste

14 Returning Medications
1. Select Patient 5. 3. 2. 4. Steps to returning medications Select Patient Select medication Choose Return Enter quantity to return Count AFTER returning

15 Resolving A Discrepancy
1 Choose Discrepancy Choose Discrepancy to be resolved Click Resolve Choose discrepancy If required have witness use “user id & password or bio id” Choose or type in reason for discrepancy Select responsible person (optional not required) Choose Finished 3 2 4

16 Manually Admitted Patients Update
Mandatory Last & First Name Duck, Daffy 13 digit Account/Case Number 12 digits with a “0” in front If it is known. AcuDose will auto populate a patient id if Case # is not known Two places to find the patients account/case # Top of WIZ order Screen Patient ID band ANGEL ZTRAINSSS6N MR # ATTN: Minnie Mouse ACCT Example: of a account/case number- 12 digits add a “0”in front

17 Patient Specific Drawer Access
1 Steps to Correct if Access is Accidently “zeroed” out Med Management tab Custom inventory Generic tab * patient specific drawer Enter 9999 Display: will cause discrepancy press ok & continue Cancel & Log Out Access to patient specific drawer will be returned 2 3 4 5 9999 This number should never be “0”

18 Generating Narcotic Discrepancy Reports
Choose Admin Tab Choose Reports Choose Med Mgt Choose Controlled Substance Click generate Enter date range if known Scroll down to “medications Select dropdown and start typing name of medication (Generic or Brand) Select destination “default printer” to generate report ( will go to critical printer), may also view on screen Touch “OK” button Controlled substance

19 AcuDose Important Reminders
MUST Count narcotics AFTER Removal from draw Eyeball count of all non-narcotic count AFTER removal of medication from pocket Biometrics (Fingerprint ID): You can not fingerprint yourself

20 Forgot your ACUDOSE password
Call the HELPDESK 3-HELP or Reminder: Bio-ID (fingerprint scans) are to be reset on the unit by another Nurse or a Charge Nurse.  This is not reset thru the Help Desk.

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