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Kick-off Meeting Tuesday August 28, 2008. MBAA Overview –Our vision –Roles and responsibilities –Cabinet introductions FY Elections and Timeline –Available.

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1 Kick-off Meeting Tuesday August 28, 2008

2 MBAA Overview –Our vision –Roles and responsibilities –Cabinet introductions FY Elections and Timeline –Available positions –Election logistics –Application timeline Q & A Agenda

3 MBAA Overview

4 What is the MBAA? Two distinct roles: –Traditional student government Represent student interests to administration Vote on matters effecting entire student body –Governing board for all clubs corporate Allocate and manage finances for all clubs Hold club leadership to accountability standards Set and communicate organizational strategy

5 Ultimate responsibility for strategy of MBAA Ultimate Responsibility for outward facing MBAA communication: –Administration, Alumni, Community, Duke University, Media, Prospective Students Responsibility for FY Section Representatives Responsibility for evaluating Vice-President Final arbiter on matters of MBAA authority Our Roles President

6 Ultimate responsibility for oversight of leadership and programming of all MBAA clubs Ultimate Responsibility for inward facing MBAA communication: –Cabinet, Clubs, Student Body Responsibility for management of MBAA cabinet Responsibility for cabinet evaluations Our Roles Vice-President

7 Responsibility for managing MBAA financial matters (in coordination with Treasurer) Responsibility for developing accountability and evaluation standards for all clubs (in coordination with the Executive Officer & Treasurer) Responsibility for conducting and facilitating weekly meetings Our Roles Shared

8 2007-2008 Cabinet Academics Admissions Career Communications Culture* Executive Officer International* Student Life* Technology Treasurer * Denotes executive officers with voting members on extended cabinet

9 Executive Director Susan Hazard Develop accountability standards for all MBAA clubs Monitor club activities and measure club performance Oversee the budget allocation process Oversee chartering of new clubs Ensure that Fuqua brand is well represented by chartered clubs

10 Academics Executive Officer Andrea Pawliczek Communicate to students important academic information Support Fuqua participation in academic competitions Promote academic and classroom standards at Fuqua Work to integrate professors in other activities at Fuqua

11 Admissions Executive Officer Erika Hamilton MBAA Liaison to Office of Admissions –Ensure brand consistency on Class Visits, Tours, Student/Prospective Pairing with Clubs, Admissions Fellows Interviews Coordinates Admissions-sponsored weekends (Weekend for Women, Minority Workshop) Manages Admissions Message Boards

12 Career Executive Officer Ben Pinsky Strategic –Prepare students for the job search MBAA Programming Assistance to/coordination with the career clubs Feedback –Provide feedback to CMC regarding student viewpoints and perspective –Assist in communication from CMC to student body regarding key activities and initiatives

13 Communications Executive Officer Vasu Rangaswami Communications/marketing support for MBAA, clubs, and students in general Filter/standards-bearer/regulator of all MBAA- sponsored communications Day-to-day MBAA Communications Operations: Mallway signs, Emails, FuquaWorld, MBAA Digest etc. Maintain and enforce school-wide communication policy Yearbook publication

14 Technology Executive Officer Kevin Chu Club/organization web spaces FuquaWorld –Calendaring –Front page advertising Communication between MBAA and Fuqua IT department Club resources –ViewsFlash polls –Web development for clubs

15 Treasurer Damian Kassack Manages MBAA Club Budget Allocates funding to clubs Deals with tricky situations Oversees Club Controllers Works with Accounting department

16 Culture Executive Officers Kim Arrington and Yosup Shim Promote Promote Team Fuqua Respect Respect and celebrate the diversity of students Initiate Initiate new events and activities Develop Develop enhanced relationships between groups Encourage Encourage individuals to pursue action

17 Leverage the diversity at Fuqua in a way that it enhances the learning and experience of the Fuqua community Understand the needs of minority groups and cater to some of their needs so that they feel more comfortable and at home at Fuqua Culture: Diversity Chair Arjun Dutt

18 Leads community service initiatives at Fuqua Oversee the MBAAs House That Fuqua Built program Identifying and organize community service events for Fuqua students Work with Sustainability Chair to reduce Fuquas impact on the environment Educate students on synergy of business, community, & the environment Culture: Service Chair Michelle Mapel

19 Identify opportunities to make Fuqua more environmentally-friendly –Recycling, water bottles, corn-based cups, etc. Collaborate with the administration, Fox center and students on promoting sustainable practices Educate the community and lend support to student initiatives Culture: Sustainability Chair Sally Harrison

20 Liaison to Other MBA Programs at Fuqua and at Other Universities Liaison to Duke University and any Schools or Organizations Associated with the University Coordinates the activities of Fuquas GPSC Representatives Culture: University Affairs Chair Paul Philpott

21 Provides support and resources for unique challenges faced by international students. Ensures that Fuqua learns from and appreciates its international students. –Cater to the needs of international students –Obtain and act upon feedback form international students about their needs at Fuqua –Build events that further enhance relationships between domestic and international students. –Ensure both academic, career, and student life needs of international students are well represented International Executive Officer Daigo Maeda

22 Work in coordination with each of the international clubs Train international students on –How to start and continue a lead from a SIP –How to reach out alumni –How to conduct an effective informational interview Work closely with the CMC to: –Enhance preparation to specific minority job fairs –Increase the number of companies open to hire international students –Increase the number of international companies hiring at Fuqua to work overseas International: Career Chair Allan Rodriguez

23 To remind students that being part of Team Fuqua is special, and that they are integral to the student experience at Duke. To ensure that the Duke MBA is inclusive of events that allow students and other members of the Duke community to connect, engage, and socialize with each other. Student Life Executive Officer Aparupa Bhattacharya

24 External and Internal –External: Fuqua Prom, 80s party, Halloween, Luau –Internal: Fuqua Fridays, Duke Sporting events, work closely with other clubs to increase attendance and meaning of events Communicate with student body more actively of upcoming events and educate the worthwhile nature of events Student Life: Social Chairs Michael Busche and Inigo Bilbao

25 To equip all incoming students with the administrative and logistical tools required for successful Fuqua experience To instill the Fuqua culture into the new class and encourage them to develop relationships with the entire Fuqua, Duke, and Durham community To challenge students to realize abundance of tremendous opportunities, stretching their personal and professional limits To communicate the importance of balancing the four key areas of Fuqua life: - Academics -Career - Leadership -Participant Student Life: FY Transition Chairs Erik Balunis, Mary Garris, and Claire Miller

26 FY Elections Overview and Timeline

27 FY Positions Section Representatives –1 per section Judicial Representatives –2 representatives for entire FY class Honor Representatives –1 per section FY Curriculum Representative –1 representative for entire FY class

28 Section Representatives Overview Information MBAA Administration SYs Professors FY Sections Leader within the school/FY class Serve as member of and provide input to MBAA Cabinet Meet with deans to discuss FY concerns/perspective Work with professors, administration on classroom issues Plan FY activities and events with fellow Section Reps Coordinate Academic Fellow and other nominations/activities

29 Section Representatives- Responsibilities Section Rep Academic Chair International Chair Leader Within the Section Section voice to the faculty, administration, and MBAA Keep section updated on latest information and key events Address any issues that arise within the section Create section cabinet to assist in the coordination/planning of section activities and events Career Chair Service Chair Social Chair Treasurer * Cabinet members also serve on MBAA cabinets

30 Section Representatives- Commitment Time commitment Weekly meeting with the MBAA cabinet (Tuesday 12-1 pm) Meetings with Dean Hemmerich (approx. once every 3 weeks) Communications/Meetings with Section Cabinets, section members, other section representatives, professors and other administrators on an as needed basis.

31 Judicial Representatives Purpose –Enforce the Honor Code through judiciary process –Run all student-body elections –Promote understanding of / respect for Fuqua Honor Code Basic Info –2 available positions –2-year term –Serve on Judicial Board (2 FYs, 2 SYs, 3 faculty) –Platform required, but no speech Required Skills –Commitment to ethical academic environment –Ability to make difficult decisions –Desire to promote academic integrity

32 Honor Representatives Purpose –Provide the link between the FY student section and the Fuqua Judicial Representatives –Principal advisors to their Section Representatives and academic instructors on honor matters in the section Basic Info –6 available positions (1 student per section) –Students running for HR may not also run for section representative or judicial representative. –Platform required, but no speech Required Skills –Commitment to Fuqua Honor Code –Desire to promote academic integrity

33 FY Curriculum Representatives Purpose –Serve as voting member* of Fuqua's Curriculum Committee –Represent student viewpoint in curriculum discussions –Sit on MBAA Academics Cabinet Basic Info –1 available position –2-year term –Attend 90-minute, bi-weekly committee meetings –Platform required, but no speech Required Skills –Desire to shape Fuquas academic future –Desire to promote student needs –Strong communication skills

34 Election Logistics Fuqua has a no campaigning policy All candidates must provide a one-page platform to be posted Candidates for Section Representative will be able to make presentations Campaigning

35 Election Logistics Timeline Sept. 9 - Platforms due at 5pm, please send to Andrea Pawliczek ( and Sebastian Heilgeist ( Sept. 10 - Platforms posted in mallway Sept. 11 - Section Rep Speeches Time: 10:30 am-12 pm Location: Classrooms A-F Sept. 11 – Sept. 13 - Voting Open (after presentations to Thursday, Sept 13 @ 6pm) Voting occurs online through a link from FuquaWorld Sept. 14 - Results announced

36 Application Logistics Applications available following the meeting Contacts: Please contact MBAA Executive Officers with specific questions Sept. 14 – Applications due at 5 pm to Kim Radford, Locker 683

37 Q & A

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