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University of Kentucky Supply Cabinet Quote Analysis Date: 12/21/2009.

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1 University of Kentucky Supply Cabinet Quote Analysis Date: 12/21/2009

2 Proposed Discount Structure -2-

3 Quote Analysis -3-

4 Other Related Costs Buyout Effective 7/1/2010 –Pyxis- $1,418,986.40 –Omnicell- $ 870,041.40 Interface estimates –Pyxis- Estimated @ between $1,500-$25,000 depending upon if Pyxis can use existing files for materials –Omnicell- RX interface estimated @ $160K Facility costs –Undefined at this time but assumed to be roughly equivalent for both vendors; impact would be primarily at Good Samaritan to accommodate combination cabinets -4-

5 Omnicell Pros Technology is ahead of the competition at this time Feedback from the onsite demo was favorable and ranked higher with those who submitted a survey response Omnicell has recognized our desire to move to one platform –Given our history with Optiflex, the vendor is willing to convert all systems to the Omnicell platform resulting in improved reporting and standardizing to the more reliable –The cost of the upgrade is as follows: Cons Historical difficulties with Optiflex (open) system have resulted in damage to the vendors reputation internally –This has improved since the new rep was assigned to the account; it is unclear how much of the improvement can be attributed to the current proposals on the table Significant interface development will be required for the RX system Pricing is not favorable as currently quoted Cardinal Assist is not available until 7/1/10; possible risk if delayed No volume discount proposed for annual service expense -5-

6 Pyxis Pros Avoidance of significant interface development for the RX component Perceived to be the better long-term partner based upon cooperation during the negotiation period Came out ahead in weighted scoring as rated by key members of the selection committee Favorable price by comparison No risk associated with Cardinal Assist program Cons Currently behind in technology –Nurse link product just released –Other desired features are in development but not yet released -6-

7 Opportunities Pyxis Pre-negotiated an additional discount for infusion pumps should we decide to convert –Analysis is underway; cannot currently purchase Baxter pumps which are the standard @ Chandler –Discount = Novation, + volume discounts, +5% Potential for luminary site designation Omnicell Potential to outsource soft good inventory (braces, etc.) and billing to third party Cardinal Assist non- compete expires 7/1/10; possible short term risk of losing this service if not ready to go at experation -7-

8 Next Steps Approval will commit us to retrofitting existing Chandler to a standard vendor for both RX and supplies Finalize configuration decision for Good Samaritan –Open vs. Duo Station option –Larger footprint requirement for duo station –Facility costs associated with this change yet to be identified but should be similar regardless of vendor choice –Closed Angio cabinetry –Tissue Center currently quoted as an option Resolve buy-out amount –Pyxis quoted a deeper discount as opposed to a true-buy-out figure Finalize the recommended configuration and timeline for the rest of the PCF and existing Chandler –Determination from HITS if multiple vendors/interfaces are possible for a period of time Determine lease vs. purchase -8-

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