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Nexus Drugs Private Limited Caring for health !!

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1 Nexus Drugs Private Limited Caring for health !!
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2 Welcome to Nexus Drugs Private Limited
Your Search for Pharma Pellets of Enteric and Sustained quality ends here. We provide complete solutions for delayed and controlled release pellets. Innovation of Pharma Pellets is ongoing process in our R&D. Specialization Customized solution for your formulation Development for specialized combination Product Dosages. Our Vision Meaningful relation with end-user of Pellets and understanding our customer needs. We continuously strive to help our customers to sharpen their competitive edge by making medicines cost effective and affordable to enhance their business value. Our Strengths We have Strong Customer Base and have CRAMS with major Pharma companies. Our clients are spread around the globe.

3 About Us Innovation in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals is an ongoing process. The objective is to provide cost effective quality medicines to mitigate the sufferings of mankind. Nexus Drugs is a fast growing organization established by a team of dedicated professionals with an experience in the pharmaceutical industry with specific reference to the development and manufacture of various modified release pellets. The company’s forte is the customized development and manufacture of modified release pellets of various Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) including different combination blends in “Ready-To-Fill” in capsules. A team of qualified and experienced technical personnel, well equipped manufacturing facility and Quality Control, documentation system conforming to GMP requirements, have been instrumental in maintaining our premium position in the Pharma Industry for the manufacture of pellets.

4 Manufacturing We have the best infrastructure to manufacture products of world-class quality, conforming to GMP norms. Nexus Drugs Private Limited has adequate production capacities with specialized equipment's to meet the growing market demand. The salient features are: Eco-friendly surroundings. Unidirectional flow of materials. Production on campaign basis. Air handling units to meet class 100,000. Corridors at highest positive pressure. Purified water generation system to meet pharmacopeial requirements. Oil and moisture free compressed air. Capacity to manufacture kg batch size. Annual capacity of 600 MT.

5 Quality The Quality department at Nexus Drugs follows GLP recommendations and fulfills the requirement of Standards of the Regulatory authorities. The Lab is well equipped with latest qualified test Instruments, qualified and experienced Chemists, who believe in the mission for quality not only in our products, but at each process stage. The Quality Assurance department ensures that the products are manufactured and tested as per the requirements of GMP and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems. Our quality policy covers: Qualified Vendors Qualified Equipment's Qualified personnel Well documented training Program Validations Approved sampling and testing procedures Calibrations of monitoring and measuring equipment's Change Control and Deviation Control Safety, Health and Environment

6 Product Development Product development activities are headed by well experienced professionals having extensive knowledge on different polymers behavior and their usage in the Drug delivery systems. Nexus Drugs Private Limited has dedicated areas for product development and scale up studies before commercialization. At Nexus Drugs Private Limited Product development activity is an on-going process and statistically compare the in-vitro drug release profiles against the originator products or as per market samples, where required we develop the products as per customer specifications or in-house specifications based on literature. Commercialization takes place after successful stability studies and validations as per ICH guidelines.

7 Infrastructure Nexus Drugs Private Limited owns a state-of-the-art infrastructural set-up. With a registered office in Hyderabad, India, the manufacturing site is located in Pashamylaram, Patancheru, Medak District, A.P., India. This production facility is amongst the largest manufacturers of omeprazole pellets in India. The production plant is constructed as per the cGMP guidelines. Further, it also meets all the regulatory requirements of US FDA,WHO GMP, EDQM etc. The production unit is equipped with all types of manufacturing equipment's viz.:  Fluid bed coaters Pulvarisers Coating pans Sifters Tray dryers Homogenizer Double cone blender  Nexus Drugs Private Limited has established a countrywide sales and marketing network in India and abroad through professionally trained and highly motivated professionals. Furthermore, the manufacturing unit is well connected with efficient logistic network by air as well as sea to supply products to all places.

8 Products Sl. No Product Name Strength Therapeutic Use 01.
Omeprazole Pellets 7.50%, 8.50%, 10% & 20.0% Anti Ulcerative 02. Esomeprazole Mg Pellets 8.50%, 22.0% & % 03. Lansoprazole Pellets 8.50% 04. Pantoprazole Sodium Pellets 15.0 % , & % 05. Itraconazole Pellets 22.0% & 35.0% Anti Fungal 06. Rabeprazole Sodium Pellets 8.50% & 11.20% 07. Venlafaxine HCl SR Pellets 25.0% & 30.0% Central Nervous System 08. Diltiazem HCl SR Pellets 50.0 % Anti Hypertensive 09. Domperidone SR Pellets 10.0%, 30.0% & 40.0% Anti Emetic 10. Domperidone Pellets 20.0% 11. Tamsulosin HCl CR Pellets 0.15% & 0.18% Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia 12. Metoprolol Succinate ER Pellets 44.0% Cardiac 13. Mebevarine HCl ER Pellets 48.0% Anti-Spasmodic 14. Ambroxol HCl SR Pellets 27.0% Respiratory 15. Itopride HCl SR Pellets 60.0% Anti-Emetic 16. Orlistat Pellets 50.0% Anti-Obesity 17. Duloxetine HCl Pellets 9.0% & 15.0% Anti-Depressant 18. Indomethacin SR Pellets Anti-Inflammatory,Analgesic 19. Potassium Chloride SR Pellets 84.0% Anti-nutrition 20. Trihexy Phenidyl HCl SR Pellets 3.0% Anti-Parkinson 21. Blend Pellets of Rabeprazole Sodium EC Pellets + Domperidone SR Pellets 20mg + 30mg Anti-Ulcerative + Anti Emetic 22. Blended Pellets of Pantoprazole Pellets + Domperidone SR Pellets 40mg + 30mg 23. Propanolol HCl SR Pellets 54.0% Anti-Hypertension 24. Atorvastatin Pellets 7.82%, 10.0%, 15.63% & 20.0% 25. Clopidogrel Bi Sulphate Pellets Cardiovascular,Coronary Artery 26. Diclofenac Sodium SR Pellets 33.3%, 40.0% & 50.0% Anti-Inflammatory, Analgesic 27. Ketoprofen SR Pellets 70.0%

9 Forecasting for next 5 years
Turnover [Rs.Crores] Financial Year

10 Research & Development
Intense Research and Development efforts have been a great strength of Nexus Drugs Private Limited.  The company has developed ultra-modern R&D center integrated with the production facility. The center has capabilities to support constant research. The various aspects of R&D are carried out by highly skilled scientists. To carry out research and analytic experiments, the R&D center is equipped with different types of equipment's. Some of them are: Well equipped pilot scale equipment's Fluid Bed Coater Sifter Pulverizer Coating pan

11 Research & Development
Expertise of the R& D center Process Development for existing products Modified drug release pellets with focus on 'Non-infringing Process Development' Analytical Development Development of New Products and processes This Ensures Smooth technological transfers Effective and safe environmental technology Cost reduction processes Competence in providing DMF / Tech. pack along with the "Product Development Report"

12 Value Proposition Customer requirements Contract research
A partner with process research abilities, quality driven, environmental friendly and low cost manufacturing capabilities Contract research & manufacturing Tackle high cost and low productivity of R&D Leverage on intellectual capital and lower cost of research in India Value to customer Contract Research *Note: In the pyramid shown above, for a particular level-all the benefits of the levels below it are also applicable. For example: At contract research level, all benefits mentioned against lease option are also applicable

13 contact:
Committed to Deliver … Infrastructure Customer value Process knowledge Network Human Capital End-to-end Track record Customer value Our strengths in low cost process development, commercialization, quality, reliability, efficiency will ensure value to customer Network Relationships with institutes like IICT, IIT Guwahati will ensure access to physical and intellectual capital End-to-end Our service offering varying from lease to CRAMS across varied therapeutic segments offers one stop solution Track record Successful contract R&D assignments completed with Sochinaz S.A, Biospec, Aldrich, Spec, Navnita, etc. Human capital SMS R&D team has vast experience in low cost process development Team has specialists each for process chemistry, analytical chemistry, scale-up Process knowledge SMS’ forte is low cost process development It has filed 30 process patents and 12 DMF’s till date Handled batch sizes varying from 6kg to 1000 kg Infrastructure State of the art R&D center with dedicated QA/QC block FDA approved manufacturing units THANK YOU Specific information on contract research facilities and capabilities can be furnished upon request contact:

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