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The Primary Focus of the Blitz…

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0 ‘New’ Dial-in Number: +44 (0) Conference Code:

1 The Primary Focus of the Blitz…
So far you should have received: Briefing Guidelines on Sales Blitz 3 ‘Sales Blitz 3’ Tracker Overview of the ‘Focus’ need months & hotels Creative collateral & Delphi tracking guidelines for: Meetings Made Simple The GCE Toolkit Offers +2% Commission Offer Generate Demand & Convert Existing Business Have you all received and read through this ?

2 Reminder of the key messages to approach customers with …

3 Message 1: +2% Commission Payment SMALL NUMBER BIG DIFFERENCE
Sometimes the little things mean a lot… That’s why we’re giving a big thanks to our valued partners An additional 2% commission on the total value of the contract – for 1 week only New Business – contract returned/signed by 31st October 2013 Existing business – applies to option bookings only & contract must be returned/signed by 30th September 2013 1. 2. 3. Summary messages for you : Promoted only via HWW Sales teams and not advertised above the line Supporting T&C’s will provide hotels with the discretion of offering the +2% Supporting collateral / creatives in the form of static templates (flyers), proposal banners & PPT in English, French, German, Dutch, Turkish, Arabic, Italian, Spanish – available NOW

4 On-property GC&E Sales Teams Summary actions - 3rd Party/Agent Business
The +2% offer will be communicated centrally to the agents via their Account Directors (On property teams should NOT be contacting agents directly with this offer unless to convert existing bookings) For new enquiries from Agents promote the +2% with the required booking conditions NOTE: please refer to the Closed list of UK & Ireland agents that are applicable For existing Business on the books you should offer the +2% where you think it will help to close the sale DBD’s/ GC&E Managers; Advise finance of the bookings the +2% commission has been offered so they can begin to accrue for the additional commission pay-out should they ultimately confirm, track the +2% in Delphi

5 2% supporting collateral to use as appropriate
A4 Flyer A6 Postcard Proposal Banner

6 Message 2: Meetings Made Simple ‘All Inclusive package’
A product & not a campaign….the perfect solution for selling small meetings for up to 25 delegates Key selling points: Promote the all inclusive package & price making it clear & transparent to the customer Explain the flexible 24hr cancellation terms & encourage the customer to contract the business straight away Offer different price by day of week to again tactically drive those need periods Use with the enhanced “no signature” version of the Express Agreement making it easy for our customers to buy & for you to sell…

7 Message 3: Agree special offers Set up using the Marketing Flexible Toolkit …
Review and use the GCE Promotional Tool kit to define your local needs and create bespoke marketing materials using the pre-approved offer templates on the Hilton Worldwide Gallery (available in 16 languages). Templates are available for the following C+E segments: Sales Conferences, Charity Events, Gala Dinners, Weddings,  Proms / Graduations… and more. Flexible GCE templates can be accessed via OnQ > My Applications > One Voice > The Gallery > Sales and Reservations > Collateral > EMEA > Flexible Templates A user guide and recorded training session are available to download from the toolkit home page - if you have any additional questions please contact your Regional Marketing Manager

8 Use the F&B Local Marketing Tool kit to set up Xmas appropriate F&B offers
A range of Free dynamic templates are available for you to utilize for all Food & Beverage Local Marketing. The templates support a wide selection of images for Food, Beverage, Events & Sports with complimentary icons and impactful headlines including editable free text.. The templates allow for Digital Display, Print Postcards and Press advertising and support on property F&B promotions including Afternoon Tea, Christmas & New Year, Sunday Lunch, Wine & Dinner promotions, Valentine’s Day etc. The templates can be developed in over 23 local languages. The templates are available in the following locations: HiltonART > 6 F&B > Create your template (Digital Display, Print Postcards) HiltonART > 1 Hilton Brand > order collateral and advertising (Press Advertising) For Christmas please refer to the EMEA Christmas briefing pack which is available to download under HiltonART > 6 F&B Any questions regarding these templates please contact your Tag Account Manager or the Hilton Brand team.

9 The Countdown Continues…

10 On Property GCE Sales Teams Get prepared…
Agree who is taking part in the Sales Blitz; block time in the team’s diary Ensure the Proposal Banners are ready to be inserted as needed Agree on the logistics of where Sales Blitz is going to be conducted: Are team members going to be placing calls from their desks? Will the above-property sales team join the local on-property team? Think about how you can theme the day… Make it FUN ! Start to collate all leads that are to be included in the Sales Blitz…. PREPARATION

11 Which specific leads and customers are you going to target ?
Extract your ‘Business on the Books’ from your sales system (i.e. Delphi) and identify the key ‘customer direct’ leads to focus on converting Review BBOB activity around past ‘DEFINITE’ leads that have not booked or repeated business since AND LOS/ Turndown reports for Accounts that may have potential new business Filter by enquiry lead time …. Identify the leads that your Area VP, Regional Teams could influence and support Action

12 Also think about… Leads linked to the
Filtering your targeted bookings by ‘Arrival Date’ and prioritise those arriving in your key need months The size of business to target, relevant to your occupancy levels over these need months – filter the report Leads linked to the ‘Get In Early’ campaign Push the customer to confirm their bookings NOW - it ended 31st Aug Targeting specifics by filtering the bookings by account type or by segment e.g. Pharma, SMERF and prioritise accordingly – remember to set up special offers from your tool kit to support these

13 Above property Sales incl - ISO’s, NSO’s
HWW Sales Team Members Above property Sales incl - ISO’s, NSO’s 1. Proactively promote the +2% to your 3rd party accounts to generate new enquires 2. Support the hotel teams with converting existing 3rd party/agent BOB 3. Review the LIVE bookings from your ‘direct’ managed accounts Link with the hotel on-property sales teams to agree who will work to convert the booking and what ‘support tools’ need to be offered in order to get the contract signed UK & Ireland are selecting a ‘closed audience’ of agents that should be targeted with the ‘+2% commission offer’. These will be confirmed to you by 6th Sept 2013 A summary of all BOB by Agent has been issued to your RDOS’s with a list of the bookings Work with the on-property sales teams when identifying existing bookings to avoid duplication of offer, and agree who will continue to work to convert this business When forwarding new enquiries to the hotels make it clear the agents have been offered the +2%, so hotels can include and promote in their proposals/offers Note: For HWW Sales offices working from Sales Force – make use of the top reports to support you with extracting prospects


15 To capture all your efforts & activity over the week…
A simple manual tracking template has been created to allow individuals to record the calls made & the outcome This template is easy to complete with validation where possible to ensure that only meaningful data can be entered. Callers should complete one row for each call they make and ensure that all fields are completed where relevant Only activity recorded over the Sales Blitz dates, and submitted as part of the manual tracker, will be considered in the final consolidation of results $$$$

16 Delphi Tracking to monitor the on-going revenue impact
Delphi codes to be used in Activity Subject: +2% Commission – SB3 GC&E Toolkit Offer - TOOLKIT Meetings Made Simple - MMS13 New opportunities generated Create a ‘New’ booking as usual Attach Sales activity/ Cold Call/ Blitz ‘Lead Source’ to the booking Create a new ‘Lead Response Note’ activity Populate the activity subject line with the appropriate tracking code as listed above, then click the activity as ‘done’ and ‘OK’ to exit Existing business on the books If you choose to focus on converting an existing booking also attach Sales activity/ Cold Call/ Blitz ‘Lead Source’ to the booking Create a new ‘Lead Response Note’ activity Populate the activity subject line with the appropriate tracking code as listed above In the body of the activity please include ‘CONVERSION TOOL’, then click the activity as ‘done’ and ‘OK’ to exit. If you offer the +2% commission to a booking as well as a toolkit offer or Meetings Made Simple, then please ensure you track under the SB3 code as a priority

17 Simplified process… Submission of Results

18 Submitting your results daily…..
At the end of each day, you will be sent a simple online ‘survey link’ to submit the top line consolidated results from the sales blitz activity in your office on that day The summary information to support you in submitting this data can be found in the ‘Recap’ tab of your manual tracker.


20 Don’t forget to send in your Team Photos & we’ll publish on the dedicated live site …

21 Submitting your results at the end of the week…..
Your fully consolidated tracker only needs to be submitted once, at the end of the week. This should be ed to no later than 17:00 on Friday 20th September. NB: Only 1 tracker to be submitted per property / Sales Team- If your team members have used individual trackers then please consolidate these into one document each day prior to the submission of your results; ensuring that team member that generated the lead has their name populated in the appropriate column. (Franchise Hotels – not applicable to submit data centrally)

22 If a lead had potential beyond your Hotel – refer, refer, refer …
Proactively promote the option of referring, identifying which other hotel(s) the customer would be interested in… If the opportunity is for a single hotel or a hotel(s) within your cluster Advice the customer which hotel(s) you are referring them to and that they will hear back from that hotel/s directly. Send the opportunity to the events at the sister hotel e.g. For multi-property opportunities Simply forward the opportunity details to the relevant ‘Keep it in the Family’ address (linked to the location of the client) Track the Enquiry In your Delphi system using the ‘Property Referral/ Keep it in the Family’ Lead Source field and relevant ‘KITF’ activity code


24 Setting down goals & targets to drive success …
The revenue targets for EMEA are being finalised based on the latest BOB & Conversion numbers!!! You now need to set your specific targets linked to: Revenue value of the bookings you are going Contract to DEFINITE Revenue value linked to Demand Generation of new OPTION/ PROSPECT leads $ $

25 Hints & Tips to support your teams in making conversion & prospecting calls

26 Making effective sales conversion calls
Prepare Discover More Recognise what more you need to know? What’s needed to convert & the likelihood of conversion? What’s stopping the customer from committing? How you compare vs the competitors / destinations? Are you prepared to offer alternative solutions/ options to any barriers? Review your activity notes.. Understand why they are holding the event? Review what have you offered? Rates/package incl. any savings & tradeables What are the decision factors & decision date? Who are the Competitors & are there other destinations being considered?

27 Space has no barriers…

28 Cut through the Barriers to converting… find solutions
Keep Holding Space Price Resistance T&C’s/Legal Review how old the booking is and refer back to how many times you have extended the option? Ensure you challenge why they need to continue to hold, what’s holding them back.. Ask if they need more information from us ? Apply a little pressure - “we may not be able to continue to hold the space to you” Give them a reason to make a decision… Ensure the customer understand the value of your offer Including the Benefits ‘Value for money’ & savings Competitive advantages Bridge the gap with more than price, use the Tactical offers/campaigns Tradeables 2% commission for our 3rd party agents Ensure you are focusing on the right areas linked to priority needs We do not expect you to be a ‘legal expert‘ To assist with addendums & sections crossed out by the customer – use the ‘Guidance & Optional Clauses Document‘ Discuss & get support from your Manager Your regional legal support team are primed & ready to assist Remember to escalate as needed to your DBD, RDOS or the Account Manager

29 Demand Generation

30 Having a reason to connect with the customer
Meetings Made Simple along with the enhanced Express Agreement to drive & convert the Small Meetings Business Hotel special offers (By Cluster &/or Region) linked to individual business needs using the flexible tool kit +2% commission payments for one week only, with firm booking conditions

31 Engagement on the call – Your 30 Second Opening
Reason for contact – be specific ONE Chance Silence Add speak Avoid JUST and obviously If you build the need the customer wants to know more The more specific reason you give the customer to listen the more they engage Be specific if you sound vague the customer will switch off I want to share some information about Hilton Worldwide’s offer of extra commission, enabling you to earn 2% more for one week only… I just wanted to tell you about our offer

32 You need a powerful opening line Some examples
“You held an event in our hotel in xxx Keen to share with you an offer we are currently running which I believe will of benefit to you I know you enquired with us previously however you did choose another hotel / destination so wanted to update you on …….and check if … I am very conscious we were unable to accommodate the request last time you enquired so I’m keen to see if we can support with any new dates and update you …. Now is a good time for us to support you with your future bookings - as we have this new offer where you can make savings

33 Recognize the Buying Signals
KEEP CONTROL RATE PROCESS TIME AVAILABILITY When is the offer running until? How soon do you need to know? Do we need to talk to you to book? Is the price guaranteed? Is the offer available in other countries? When would I need to sign a contract by? When can I book my next meeting by to qualify? Can you send me the brochure? What discount can you give me? Do I have to commit now? Can you remove me from your contact list? Can you sort out my HHonors list from last month at ……?

34 Agree next steps & follow up
Issue Offer details & collateral Send a proposal Agree a good time to make further contact

35 Reach beyond to Convert the business Ask smart questions
Cut through the barriers Find Solutions Escalate Secure the business Generate new demand Have a reason to connect with the customer Ensure you have a powerful opening line Recognize buying signals Agree next steps Do: What you should say: Additional questions you could use:

36 “The great thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving.” - Oliver Wendell Holmes


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