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2 Table of Contents 2 Company Overview, Mission Statement and Goals Organizations history and values Evolution of Financial Indicators Locations, Warehouses and Vehicle Fleet Partners, Market position and Employees SWOT analysis 2011 Goals Training, team-building, teaching Always on the move"

3 Company Overview 3 Founded in: 07.03.1991 Sphere of activity: Traditional trade Social Capital: 2.100.000 RON Turnover in 2010: 102.764.058 RON Number of employees in 2010: 193 Always on the move"

4 Mission Statement Our mission is to meet customer needs through professional conduct, quality products, well known brands and value added services Our motto is: Always on the move" 4 Always on the move"

5 Goals 5 Our goal is to win and strengthen our leader position on the distribution market of food and non food products through quality and professionalism, thus becoming the "partner of reference" to our customers and suppliers Always on the move"

6 Brief History 6 1991 – 1993 1991 – Start up Retail trade in a small neighborhood grocery store Always on the move"

7 Brief History Contd 7 1994 – 1999 Begin the distribution activity with suppliers KNORR and ROTHMANS By 1999 our product portfolio increases by signing distribution agrements with several suppliers From September 1999 under the DUO policy another distribution contract is signed with the strategic supplier: NIVEA Always on the move"

8 Brief History Contd 8 2001 -2003 The distribution agreement for distributing JOE IBC and JOHNSON WAX products is signed 2004 Doubled turnover from signing a distribution contract with Nestle Romania 2005 Increased turnover by 30% vs. 2004 2006 Increased turnover by 90% vs. 2005 due to obtaining the distribution of Nestle products in Ialomita and Calarasi counties in March 2006 and the capital city, Bucharest in June 2006 Always on the move"

9 Brief History Contd 9 2007 Increased turnover by 65% vs. 2006 Signed distribution agreements with Star Foods, Tnuva, Zwanenberg and Ulker The Ulker division is created in Bucharest 2008 Increased turnover by 73% vs. 2007 Signed a distribution contract for Dr. Oetker products and the division Ulker - Dr. Oetker was created Turnover doubled due to the distribution of Alexandrion, Tnuva, Zwanenberg, Pepsico products Obtained the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate for Quality Management Always on the move"

10 Brief History Contd 10 2009 Maintained turnover vs. 2008 Increased profit by 96% vs. 2008 Increased Assets by 160% vs. 2008 2010 Increased turnover by 1.5% vs. 2009 despite the economic recession Signed a distribution contract with Nestle Ice Cream Opened a new distribution area in Prahova county Trained for HACCP and ISO 22000 certificates Always on the move"

11 Brief History Contd 11 2011 Aiming for a turnover increase of 10% vs. 2010 Change the Management and Accounting Software through an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform Strengthen teams through training and team- building programs Increase the number of employees by 5% vs. 2010 Inaugurate and open our companys website & online store Always on the move"

12 Organization Values 12 Partners: Customers and Suppliers We focus our attention on listening and identifying your needs; thus, organizing ourselves to meet them Respect is mutual (the base of a relationship that ensures long term success) Team: Our Employees The engine of our business (always in direct contact with customers and suppliers) Well trained, highly motivated and commited Always on the move"

13 Organization Values Contd 13 Profitability: For customers, suppliers and us The result of joint efforts Provides development and investment The warranty for a common future Quality Marketed products and services Ongoing challenge Source of progress Recognized by customers, respected by suppliers Always on the move"

14 Evolution of financial indicators 14 Always on the move"

15 Evolution of financial indicators contd 15 Always on the move"

16 Evolution of financial indicators contd 16 Always on the move"

17 Evolution of financial indicators contd 17 Always on the move"

18 Locations 18 BUCHAREST – Work station 1 warehouse: 2.100 m 2 SLOBOZIA - Work station 1 warehouse: 800 m 2 CONSTANTA Head Office 1 warehouse: 1800 m 2 Always on the move"

19 Warehouses and Vehicle fleet 19 ConstantaBucharest Always on the move"

20 Warehouses and Vehicle fleet Contd 20 First car Always on the move"

21 Food Non-food Nestle Food Division Nestle Ice Cream Division Nestle Vending Machines Kandia Dulce (Cadbury) DR. Oetker Orkla Foods Rostar Olimpia Titan Alexandrion Grup Ficosota Sintez Star Foods De Silva Panfoods (Amigo) Beiersdorf Romania Johnson Wax Ficosota Sintez 21 Partners Always on the move"

22 Market Position 22 We are currently leaders, placing 1st in Constanta in the distribution of food products in the retail market We strive to become one of the leading distributors in the following areas: Ialomita, Calarasi, Bucharest and Prahova Skills: Capable to quickly adapt to local conditions Offer quality products and services Business ethics Market Analysis Fair prices for the products offered Dynamic, perseverent, reliable Always on the move"

23 Divisions Sales force Food NESTLE FOOD VENDING STAR FOODS Non-food NIVEA JOHNSON WAX Nestle – 8 Supervisors; 42 Agents; 4 Merchandisers Nivea – 1 Supervisor; 7 Agents Food - 1 Supervisor; 6 Agents Johnson Wax – 1 Supervisor; 4 Agents; 1 Merchandiser Vending – 1 Supervisor; 9 Fillers, 6 Tehnicians Star Foods – 1 Supervisor; 5 Agents 23 Our Team Always on the move"

24 SWOT Analysis 24 Efficient system for monitoring activity using palm-tops Online data transfers among all work sites Organization's ability to continuously adapt to market conditions Over 75% of DUOs portfolio of products are sold in FMCG, thus attacking new markets in rural areas is a challenge and a necessity The need for renewing the vehicle fleet Among our various suppliers one has a higher impact on turnover IKA will increase in coming years Always on the move" StrengthsWeaknessesOpportunitiesThreats

25 Development of Consolidation of digital distribution in Constanta, Bucharest, Prahova and Ialomita – Calarasi, and increased performance in these areas Increase the level of management skills in the organization Increase turnover by 10% in 2011 vs. 2010 sales force by training, motivating and team-building exercises Identifying new markets, distribution channels and strategic partners 25 Goals for 2011 Always on the move"

26 Training 26 Always on the move"

27 Training 27 Always on the move"

28 Team Building 28 Always on the move"

29 Teaching 29 Always on the move"

30 Thank You! Always on the move"

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