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Institute for Civic Engagement and Democracy ( i CED) Service-Learning Program.

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1 Institute for Civic Engagement and Democracy ( i CED) Service-Learning Program

2 What is Service-Learning? Service-learning is a form of experiential education in which students engage in activities that address human and community needs together with structured opportunities for reflection designed to achieve desired learning outcomes.

3 Key Characteristics of Service-Learning o Academic credit for demonstrating learning achieved through service, not just for putting in hours. o Encourages a greater understanding of social issues, civic responsibility and caring.

4 What are some benefits? Enhance learning Explore other professional fields Use service-learning as a networking tool Obtain employment Make a difference in the community Enhance your resume Obtain a personalized certificate and letter

5 Certificate

6 Letter

7 Additional Benefits Obtain scholarships Improve self esteem Make friends Have fun Challenge yourself Work with people different from yourself Become better informed about your community

8 Getting Started… Fingerprints, Fingerprints, Fingerprints!!! Fingerprinting is mandatory for ALL education majors.

9 M-DCPS Employment Standards Please review the Memo concerning employment standards before getting fingerprinted. If you have any of the discrepancies on this list it is suggested you drop the class, get fingerprinted, and take the class upon receipt of a clearance card.

10 M-DCPS Employment Standards: Memo

11 Fingerprinting The complete School of Education (SOE) Service-Learning Packet will be relayed to students via your professor. SOE Service-Learning Packets are also available at EDF1005 and EDF2085 students MUST be fingerprinted unless clearance has already been granted (white card issued).

12 Fingerprinting Location M-DCPS Downtown $71 Money Order ONLY No appointment needed Website:

13 Read Clearance Card Procedures - Make sure your address is correct - Process takes 15-20 days - Card is valid for 5 years - Contact the School of Education directly for any questions: 305-237-6653 or

14 Frequently Asked Questions Section

15 Take Form to Fingerprinting Office

16 Registration Instructions

17 Go to

18 Click here for application Complete a New Application

19 Service-Learning Log In Page Enter MDC ID and Password

20 Start a New Service-Learning Application If you have past SERVICE-LEARNING, your projects would show here.

21 Select Your Class Select Class from Schedule

22 Select Your School and Submit Hours must be completed in a Miami-Dade County Public School or Charter School classroom setting Select a M-DCPS from the list

23 Print Your Two Forms Click on link to print out your Service-Learning Contract, Hour Report and Evaluation.

24 Form 1: Service-Learning Contract

25 Deadline:

26 Hour Report & Agency Evaluation Form 2:

27 Deadline:

28 To Log Back Into the Site… Click on the same link to log back into the site

29 Service-Learning Log In Page Enter MDC ID and Password

30 To complete your service-learning project…

31 Complete the Student Survey * James H. Bright Elementary School *

32 Deadline:

33 Steps for Service-Learning o Read School of Education Packet o Get Fingerprinted o Search for a Miami-Dade County Public School o Obtain clearance card (will be sent to your home address) o Register for service-learning through online data base o Submit Service-Learning Contract to your professor o Complete hours o Submit Hour Report & Agency Evaluation form to your professor o Complete Online Student Survey

34 Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world…. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has…. --- Margaret Mead

35 Announcements: Presidents Volunteer Service Award America Reads opportunities Community Involvement Expo - September 19, 2012 TurboVote Election Poll Worker jobs available Alternative Breaks Dive into Democracy: - September – December 2012

36 Contact Information Ossie Hanauer 305.237.0631 Room 3224

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