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Solid Waste and Recycling Water Quality and Conservation Water Districts Rich Michaud Director of Public Works City of Coral Springs.

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1 Solid Waste and Recycling Water Quality and Conservation Water Districts Rich Michaud Director of Public Works City of Coral Springs

2 Topics Waste Management Contract Solid Waste Collections Services Solid Waste Disposal Recycling Program Household Hazardous Waste Water, Sewer, and Drainage Districts

3 History of the Waste Management Contract In 1998, City went out for bid, and WM was the successful bidder and received 3 five year terms. Agreement amended in 2002 for placement of residential service on tax rolls with agreement extended to 12/31/2008. Agreement renewed in December 2008 for third 5- year term through 2013. Current rate is $233.64 per year; expected to decrease to about $227.16/yr in 2013.

4 Solid Waste Services Package Residential Service Collection of two cans of garbage at the side or back door Unlimited curbside collection of garbage 104 unlimited bulk collections per year 104 yard waste collections per year Cart Service for multi-family properties without dumpsters Free use of waste transfer stations on weekends Commercial Service Variable rate service based on volume and frequency of pick up Service methodology encourages recycling Municipal Services Free garbage collection at City Facilities Free roll off container usage for City projects Free support for Special Events (dumpsters) Free collection of single stream program recyclables from City Facilities

5 Solid Waste Disposal Garbage is hauled to Wheelabrator Waste to Energy Plants located in Pompano Beach North Plant can process up to 2,250 tons per day Approximately 81,799 tons of garbage generated in 2011 in Coral Springs No Coral Springs garbage is dumped in the land fill W-T-E plant can generate and sell enough electricity to FPL for 39,000 homes

6 Wheelabrator Plant North Broward Plant

7 History of the Recycling Program Pilot program began in 1989 with 5,400 single family homes recycling clear glass, aluminum cans and newspaper; expanded city wide in 1990. 1991 start of multi family recycling 1993 a Broward County Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) opened enabling the recycling of materials in program today. Single stream recycling began November 1, 2009.

8 Single Stream Recycling Single Stream recycling replaces a 2 sort system that was in place since 1993. Former 2 sort system - required newspapers and cardboard to be separated from plastic, aluminum, and glass. Single stream - all recyclables can be mixed together; sorting occurs at the Recycling facility.

9 New Materials: - catalogs, magazines, junk mail, office paper, soft covered books, file folders, soda cartons, cereal, and tissue boxes. Plastics: - any plastic bottle where the neck is smaller than the base, - typically #s 1 and 2. Plastics #3 are no longer in the program because of their lack of market value. Whats New and Whats Changed

10 Whats not Recyclable Non-recyclable items include: –Toys, food contaminated containers and boxes, tires, styrofoam, plastic take out trays, plastic bags, plastic wrap, pots,pans, metal utensils, scrap metal, ceramics, mirrors, or glassware. Containers should be: –reasonably clean and dry, –bottle caps should be removed, –Straws should be removed. No plastic containers –that held motor oils, pesticides, or other household chemicals are acceptable.

11 75% Recycling Goal by 2020 Consultant under contract to prepare strategic plan. Beginning in 2014 * May see separate collection of yard waste * May see a PUSH for household composting * May see separate collection of bulk material * May see mandatory commercial recycling * May see construction and demolition debris recycling * Very likely to see 64 gallon carts for recycling

12 Household Hazardous Waste Program County Program that collects Household Hazardous Waste annually in CS Typically held late January or early February from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. @ City Hall South rear parking lot. In 2012: - 908 users - 27,715 lbs of latex paint; 3,000 gallons of used motor oil; 32,479 lbs of electronics Recycle Paint Program – call Community Development at 954-344-1040.

13 Water Quality Consumer confidence report delivered by July 1 Available in Coral Works/Utilities Provides test results to meet State and Federal Law Lists agencies that regulate water supply Description of Citys Utility Division

14 Water Conservation Incentives Program City entered into an ILA with Broward County in April 2011 Includes Countywide media campaign and outreach $100 rebate for purchase of low flow toilets (22 left) Low flow faucets, aerators, showerheads (97 left) Program will end when supply is gone and resume in October Go to www.conservation for more infowww.conservation

15 Water and Sewer Districts

16 Drainage Districts

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