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2 Consultant Agreements It is the School or Departments responsibility to fill out the agreement, not the consultant. Please type it in PDF. Handwritten agreements and those with handwritten corrections will be returned. Forms 1420 and 1843 are not available to the general public. Logins are required to obtain the forms. Always use the latest version of the form, do not save the form to your desktop. Submit all six pages of the agreement. It will be returned if it is sent in incomplete. 2

3 Consultant Agreements Who is a consultant? – A consultant is a person who performs a service for the District. What is a consultant service? – It is a service provided by a professional. Examples are speakers, trainers, and educators. When is form 1420 used? – Any time a consultant performs an educational or professional service at your school. When is the form not used? – The form is not used for supplies, catering for food, prom or rental agreements. 3

4 Consultant Agreements Can District employees be consultants? – Employees with District wide responsibilities cannot consult for the District. – Teachers, Assistant Principals and Principals assigned to one specific school can consult at any school other than the school that they earn their paycheck from during non- work hours. Example: Mr. Jones is a teacher at Boca High and has a side business as a DJ. Mr. Jones can DJ after regular work hours at any school except Boca High. Mr. Jones cannot take a sick or vacation day to consult at a school. (See Policy on District Code of Ethics for additional information). – Substitutes, departmental employees and employees that work at numerous schools cannot consult for the District. 4

5 Signatures – Internal Funding Contracts $2,500 and under, not going to Board, do not get submitted to Purchasing. Keep a copy of the signed agreement for your records for audit purposes. Any contract over $2,500 must go to Purchasing for final signatures. Any contract with a Consultant that has exceeded the $10,000 threshold during any fiscal year will be sent for Board Approval. – Budgeted Funds All contracts regardless of the dollar amount must come to Purchasing Contracts not going to Board and that are $2,500 or under require two signatures. Form 1420 must be signed by Principal and Consultant and it is your responsibility to obtain those required signatures. Contracts over $2,500, or that need to go to Board, require you to obtain the consultant, the Principal/Director and the Area or Assistant Superintendent signatures before forwarding to Purchasing. Purchasing will send the contract to Legal if it deems necessary. Please do not get any further signatures; Purchasing will obtain them for you. 5

6 Beneficial Interest and Disclosure Form 1997 This form is page 5 of the 1420 agreement and must be submitted with the contract. Form 1997 allows the District to verify who they are doing business with and it is required by the Board. If a contract is made out to an individual; Joe Smith, then we know who we are doing business with and the form does not apply but must be submitted with N/A Individual on it. Any corporation, company, LLC or Not for Profit; Crafting made Simple, must fill out the form so we can verify who owns the business. It should be notarized as well. If the contract is with a Government Agency or State/County College or University, FAU the form does not apply but must be submitted with N/A Government Agency on it. 6

7 Additional Information There is no such thing as An Approved Vendor" list. Vendors fall under three categories – Vendors who are awarded bids to sell the District certain items or services – Non-bid awarded vendors who have been given a vendor number to allow us to generate a Purchase Order through PeopleSoft. – Vendors who have obtained a vendor badge through School Police that clears them to work at a school when children are present. Informing prospective consultants to call Purchasing so they can become an approved vendor causes confusion. If you want to use a consultant, your school can do so by filling out a 1420 agreement and follow the processing steps. Have them contact School Police for a vendor badge.

8 Vendor Badges from School Police It has never been a requirement of Purchasing to keep a copy of a vendor badge on file for each consultant agreement. School Police has stated that if a consultant is in plain view of a District employee at all times, including restroom visits, they do not need a badge. It is the sole decision of the Principal to allow a consultant on campus without a badge but it is strongly recommended by the Purchasing Department that one is issued. 8

9 Contracts going to Board Each contract going for Board Approval must have a Data Panel – A Data Panel shows the need for the services that will be provided. Example: If the service is to improve test scores in reading, your Assistant Principal can obtain the latest FCAT scores for your school through EDW. – Do not send Data Panels that identify students by name. Check the Purchasing website for a list of Consultants exceeding $10,000. Contracts for Board approval must be sent to Purchasing by the deadline listed on the Purchasing website. 9


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